Wednesday, April 28, 2010

st george bday party dos

i waddle. no i havent always waddled...i realized this let me explain. i believe it was because i was wearing jeans yesterday...which was the first day i had done such a thing since the surgery...the waddling was so that i didnt rub against the zipper and button. needless to say woody thought it fit perfectly with the whole prego belly thing. ...glad he got a kick out of it. so the result of this realization? im not wearing pants until i have to. skirts, dresses, and shorts only.

two exams yesterday...wish i could say they went stellar. that would be a lie. math exam? not even going to say a word about it. history exam? i was late and still finished confidently before others...just a regular test over the WWII-Vietnam era...not bad at all. got ready for the day, went with woody to his place...he made the pancakes this time...yes he can cook and yes its good and yummy. to give you an idea of how my stomach has shrunk lately...two pancakes (small-med size) plus a cup of juice and i was stuffed. i finished it all like a good girl since i knew finishing the juice would not be good with my dehydration record...ah well. stopped by the sig house on the way to st george to drop off a screw driver so one of the guys could break into his car. i was asked why i was barefoot "i have tennessee foot" ..."whats that?" "walk around barefoot" "...oh" (i think i single handedly just ruined all the work of unhickafying the south and tennessee specifically with that convo).

we stopped at a gas station on the way to st george and as we're sitting there a guy wearing a face mask and goggles driving something similar to a rhino parks in front of the store...the vehicle was registered like a car people. license plate...etc. now that was a new one. oh...and the noses on the new dodges? i approve. it kinda reminds me of a shark nose...angles forward with a slight hump right behind it. speaking of my roomie carlie had to write a story in was a world domination expo was what it turned out to be. it was her plan to take over the world and each roomie had a part. guess what i was?! ...the slave. lol. so the other day she added a part to it...the shanda!! what is a shanda you ask? it is a shark-panda hybrid! also known as the park. incredibly cute and dangerous. (from what we know anyways-one has never been successfully born at our facilities). this is what ive lived with for the last year...and sadly? im not staying with them next year...

drop my laundry off at his parents house (hey his sheets were in there too) and we head to jolleys ranchwear outlet...everything was going. they were shutting down by saturday. prices listed were not what they were going for. there was a rack of $1 shirts and shorts. all the womens jeans that had been $60 that had gone for $15 were gone sadly. boots were thin and few between. two MHT premium felt hats left. $1 baseball caps. what did i get you ask? over $200 boulet boots got all the way down to $75. for giggles i tried on one of the MHT felt hats. lo and behold it fit! kid you not. this thing is a $200 it for $70. and yes i looked at the $1 baseball caps. there on the pile was a trucker hat with carhartt on it. ...yes. i thought about getting it. upon telling woody that he says, "you still surprise me sometimes." woody didnt get out of the store without buying anything either lol...he got some cowboy up cowboy boots (they look good on him if i do say so myself) and some work boots that he finds exceptionally comfy and again lol look good. after damaging our bank accounts we went looking for a birthday card for bridget...found a great one but there was this one we didnt get. "look! i got you a scratch and sniff card! ...scratch here. *scratch...nothing. open the card* smells like a birthday card doesnt it?" ...nice.

got a call from madre after woody and i got back...she read me some bits from the email from dad. lets just say...i need to finish school fast and make lots of money and not spend anything. i need the scholarships and may change from the apartments i applied for to a sister apartment by the same people thats a little cheaper though its twice the distance from the school...i can count how many times ive seen or heard my mom cry on one hand and well...this added to it. i wish i was home for her...again i can count on one hand how many times "i love you" has been said between her and as the phone call ends i say "i love you mom" ..."i love you too baby." i lost it. i was glad i had walked into the garage cause i lost it. tears down the face...dried my face off, dried the eyelashes and walked back in...on with the night

dinner? straight from home moms kitchen it seems. no joke...the pasta dish? really similar to one of my favorite dishes mom does (spaghetti a la carbanara). noodles, bacon, spinich, olives, egg, parmesan, olive oil, garlic....both were equally delicious. garlic bread...yum. and then there it was...tomatoes and mozzarella with basil on top. im not quite sure what was put on it...i just know it was good. i had seconds. again something we would make back home...(and i admit that before we left i ate like half the box of it that was in the fridge...i was craving it ok?) the cake? the best part was just trying to light the candles...they melted super fast and literally drowned themselves and got wax all over the was priceless. lots of laughs and such going around the table. afterwards i finished up my laundry while my blog was being read by certain individuals at the table ;) and then a certain blog was shown to least this time that evening i could hold the tears at that point where they didnt fall down the cheeks...

woody was driving the motorcycle back to cedar since it had warmed up enough consistently that he was willing to have it out of storage...that meant i had the truck. now i follow people well. i dont lose em cause of how i drive plus i pick vehicles out and i dont lose em even if they are ahead of me. i dont like being behind motorcycles so the order of just stay behind me? ugh. oh plus im driving with brights on the whole time so we dont have to worry about being pulled over by the crazy cops again. i had drivers ed....ive seen the pics...the videos. im sorry...i do not want that to happen to woody. i mean i know he pays attention and watches out for everyone else on the road but still....i could not stand to see something happen to him...on top of that? last spring..i was driving towards town and say something i wont ever forget. there was an accident...happened as i got close and *shudder* i saw him die. a guy on a motorcycle t-boned a car at 60+ mph. shoes fly. people trying to save him. all because the car didnt see him and turned in front of him. and once on the freeway im supposed to follow him but there was no consistency in the speed lol...ah home safe. thats what matters right?