Thursday, April 15, 2010

mucinex-D is a miracle drug

thank goodness im in the "18 or over" category. seriously. life is so much better being "legal." (yes of course that poses the question legal for what...but who cares right?) anyways, ive had this head cold/allergy combo that has been kicking my butt for the last two weeks or so. at first it was a sore throat, probably from post nasal drip (yum). anyways...the throat got to feeling better after a short while thankfully but then it moved into my ears and nose. sinus cold. perfect. i had sworn id bought sudafed last semester and couldnt have used it all already but i couldnt find it. so today upon asking a friend if i could borrow his car and putting gas in it i went to walmart....and i got a box of mucinex-D. i had been trying to decide if i wanted mucinex or sudafed more and then to find out i can get a combo? perfecto!!! (speaking of which.....i need some more...)

i have begun the process of throwing out junk i have here in cedar (youd be so proud mom). i seriously just have stuff here that i look at and think...what was i thinking?! anyways im throwing things out. everything from papers and such to possibly some clothes. i think about this as i look at the mess of a room i sit in right now...but honestly? when i go through stuff its definitely not neat and orderly. i try to go through one section at a time but never quite works that way. ah well.

so apparently the whole finishing school in school years? its still gonna happen. i was talking to lee, my horsemanship prof, and asked about the practicum on the requirements to get the equine studies associates...the practicum? what is that you ask? well pretty much i can get college credit for working on the ranch this summer. ya....that awesome...ill go and start the paperwork for that tomorrow morning but i just have to keep a journal over the summer and have the bosses confirm stuff at the end of the summer so this is seriously the best major ever!

sidenote: can i just say that im gonna sit here for a sec and applaud myself. washed the hair, put product in it and but it in two side braids...(i look like such a little kid like this). went to class like this and of course this is the day lee takes pics of us out on the trail. as soon as class is out, i take the hair down to get a "wind-blown" look. get back and seriously have to not smell like horse, change, and put some form of make-up on and run across campus to get to a dinner all in a matter of 15 mins. i made it. with a few minutes to spare. BAM!!

anyways...i need to clean up some before woody stops by for another surprise adventure (he never tells me what we are going to do until we do it...which honestly? i like. i like the little things. the little surprises. so who knows whatll happen, but its guaranteed to be fun and lovely as per the norm). so later...ive got someone to attend to ;)