Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a new type of adventure

**i now know that people do in fact read this blog. its nice but at the same time? can be intimidating. but? well im just gonna keep writing like i have been. maybe a few less punctuation and spelling mistakes (no guarantees), but how this blog is gonna go, should be the same**

woke up to my usual morning text before 8 today and...promptly fell back asleep. woke up, got ready for the day...thought about wearing shorts...didnt. time frame? 12. i went to class. (it was warm and sunny outside). 1250. copied my notes in the student services center. 1255. grabbed some lunch. 115. walked outside. (it was cloudy, windy, and freezing). 130. raindrops are felt. 145. it started raining lightly. 150. it started raining harder. 153. it was sleeting. and by 155...it was snowing. gotta love cedar city...ugh.

my surprise in the day started when woody and two of his brothers came and ate dinner with me tonight. as we're grabbing some salad, woody says that he had talked to his dad and that he had mentioned something about a blog and his mom crying when she read a certain entry. i froze. i didnt want to hear anymore. my first thoughts were that they had said something about what i had written and ruining...well something. throughout dinner i sat and thought about what he had said...what kind of cry was it? is it the post i think it is? what do they think of it? whats woody gonna say when he finds out?

when i head to the library to work on some psych notes i stop at the computer to check my blog out real fast...sure enough it was the post i thought it was...i reread it prolly two or three times and ya know what? i cried when i read it...every single time. i see woody when he gets out of the chapter meeting and after he left i text him telling him that i had reread it and that i too had cried.

the roomies and i go to walmart...we all needed stuff. laughs and such were numerous...talked to madre. oh! speaking of madre i talked to my boss this morning...she was asking when i would be getting to the ranch, how i was getting there etc. told her all of that and asked if it was alright that woody stay the night since we would get to the ranch in the evening...and im not gonna kick him out the next day. we'll explore the ranch...he wants to go riding if possible...and he can leave the friday that i start working. i hadnt been back long from walmart when woody called saying he would be over in a few minutes...

as soon as he walks in the door he tells me that he wants to read the post. he told me that he had talked to his mom and she had told him that he should read it...plus combined with me telling him i had cried when i had read my own post...he really wanted to read it. the look of horror on my face did nothing to stop him. i tried going.."no, you dont wanna read it...really. its ok. you dont need to. no honestly its nothing...no...dont do it. no..you..no..really. its stupid...you dont wanna..." needless to say that didnt work. him: "i could always get the link from my parents...how did they find out you had a blog before i even did?" ;) so i scroll to the post and try walking out of the room...that didnt happen. he grabbed me and sat me down on his lap while he began to read...

he pauses half-way through the second paragraph. he look at me and asks if i have something to say before he reads anymore. if not, then he will wait to read it later when i want him to read it. i literally sat there forever after he said that. i didnt look at him, i didnt say anything. i sat and asked myself if it was the right time...thats when i realized ever since he had mentioned my blog that i hadnt been scared of saying anything...i was ready. i felt calm...assured...at peace...and ready. granted it took a few times to start up to say what was coming but once i knew it was alright to say it...i said it. "ive been falling in love with you." looking back i wanna say i was scared for his response but honestly? i wasnt scared. not at all. i just sat there. a slight pause between the two of us and his response came...quiet, but self-assured. "good because ive been falling for you for a long time. ... you know? its kinda weird to say it, but...it feels so right" (didnt say anything but man...that was so true. it does feel right). pause here to say that when i write things in a churchy way that i dont want to come off as "oh, its meant to be." do i believe in that policy? eh...im not sure. its just interesting to lay out everything and then to backtrack and see all the connections...example. i got woodys number because last minute, kayla was leaving town early and couldnt take me to the airport the next day for me to get home on christmas break. (he took me to the airport the next day. she brought it up today...and she was right. i wouldnt have even had his number if it wasnt for that).

the colorado trip was talked about...found out his mom is offering to let us use her car instead of his truck...(since i was the one paying for gas? thank you. seriously). we'll leave earrrly wednesday morning, hit moab on the way up, grand junction, and be in parshall by dinner time. it will be perfect. a great trip with a great guy. i cant wait for the trip, but it sucks even more now to have to leave woody behind in cedar this summer. he told me though that we will still be dating in the fall when i get back...that we'll see how this all works out.

now that he's been in my head by way of reading my blog, he says "now i see from what way youre coming from." in fact one question he had for me was "so if i gained 60 lbs of belly and such, you would still love me?" "yes" i said. "ill always love you." a few minutes later i bust out laughing...he asks what was so funny and i said well i was just picturing you as the fat old man with the gut and... well thats a healthy boy! ...laughter exploded from both of us and well...it was priceless.

he doesnt believe ive ever been a bad cook...just ask my mom. im baaaaddd. unless im cooking for him..its weird. speaking of madre again...got my flight itinerary for heading home and flying back after exams are done...itll be weird to be home. and storage. drats. i need to find a place to store my bike for the summer along with some things that im not taking to colorado but want for next school year...any ideas? cheap climate controlled storage units anyone? help or suggestions greatly wanted. also i signed the contract and paid the deposit on the apartments i will be living in next semester...not too shabby for all the amenitites plus in walking distance? works just fine for me. anyways its waaayyy past my bed time so off to bed.

short story to my long post? it has now been said face to face...i love him. and he loves me. :) we got this.