Sunday, April 11, 2010

im a hick because....

so its official. im classified as a hick.

~i grew up in tennessee
~i grew up no more than 17 miles from the kentucky border
~directions to my house consisted of "pass the beer box, then the dump and pappy's beer place...go down the hill and when you see the school bus sign, start slowing out for stray dogs and random kids in the street
~when a dog down the street is named after a tractor (kubota and kb...short for kubota's brother)
~when the neighbors duck thinks its a dog
~i wear boots more than shoes or flip-flops...and by boots i mean all 4 different pairs and in all weather
~my nicknames include- "tennessee" or "boots"
~i say and write the word "yall"
~i have an accent
~i supposedly got the burn on my arm from touching the copper pipes on my moonshine still
~ive eaten squirrel, deer, and snapping turtle
~i enjoy eating squirrel, deer, and snapping turtle
~for my eighth birthday i got a bow and arrows
~i own many firearms and have the phone number of the firing range in my phone
~ i have a john deere blanket
~i wear a chevy truck hat and a fox racing shirt at the same time
~i asked for a toolbox for my truck bed for christmas
~i have a horseshoe hanging on my wall along with a horse calendar and posters
~i have a map of local BLM land with mustang herds on it on my wall
~i get excited when i hear the budweiser clydesdales are coming to town
~i get excited when i think about going to cal ranch to look for wrangler jeans
~i own little boy flannel button up shirts
~i wanted to go the monster truck show in provo on valentines day
~my dream was to work on a ranch
~my favorite class involves dirt, horse hair, and pain
~ive changed my major to agriculture
~i hate it when my work boots get cleaned
~i go to dinner in muck and mud, covered in horse hair, and smelling horrible and afterwards? my boyfriend will still kiss me and hold my hand
~my first car was actually a truck
~i use the word trompin' (which means explorin' and walkin' through the woods)
~i cut off the "g" in words
~my grandparents live in " polecat holla"
~its a big deal to get gussied up
~ive been to dollywood (and didnt feel outa place)
~i love wings, pork rinds, mashed 'taters and gravy, fried foods, and fresh fish from the pond
~lock b is the place to go...shooting AND muddin'
~ive worn confederate flags to school
~i had a cb radio in my truck...and have had a trucker nickname for the road
~ive actually been boot scootin boogie-ing
~i can sing along to hank williams jr, johnny cash, cw mccall, and johnny horton
~i got excited when in history class, TVA popped up on the screen
~ive changed my oil and filter in my truck
~ive done the dukes of hazzard slide across the hood move
~hey yall watch this heralded free entertainment
~i own several belt buckles
~i know what chiggers are
~ive sat on a back porch and shot targets from the chair
~mom and i discuss guns and ammo over the phone at dinner time
~i had "custom" pedal extenders on my truck, knives hidden in the cab, and parachute cord hanging from the rearview mirror
~bbq/pulled pork is a great meal
~smokin barns are a common sight in the fall
~i own camo
~i love going barefoot
~i cried for my truck when i totaled it
~i know how nascar got started
~ive whittled a wooden spoon
**im bummed that i didnt make it to the mule day festival back home
**ive had a knife strapped to my thigh before
**ive participated in hatchet throws and have earned the title of "hatchet queen"
**shotguns are typical christmas presents
**ive gone outside to grab things for dinner
**i almost brought mom a live copperhead to her for mothers day
**i know the woods like the back of my hand
**ive owned a duct tape wallet
**ive carried duct tape in my purse (i carry every the purse)
**duct tape is a staple for travel (...for life actually)
**sweet tea. 'nuff said

...and im sure i could think of more...or people could think of more for me but i think this is long enough. as i hear more i may add them in.

**are additions