Thursday, May 20, 2010

why yes i HAVE fallen off the face of the earth

first off.
im in colorado working on a dude ranch. my days include long hours and lots of moving around. is it my preferred choice of jobs on the ranch? nope. not even close. do i get college credit? why yes thank...that would make it better. plus the scenery...the guests for the most part...the weddings. no...not mine. chill out. there are several wedding going on this summer and one has a neat surprise...but so that i dont jinx it im not gonna reveal what it is. ill tell you after the fact with pictures to prove it most definitely if it does in fact happen....mysterious huh?

after exams i moved outa my dorm with the help of woody (and yes thats where the stuff i didnt throw away or take with me to CO is at...). because of stupid shuttles, woody drove me to the vegas airport (and no im not complaining about the additional time spent with him. not even close lol) barely made the flight (i used my medical excuses as reason to get a wheelchair and to make the flight lol). go to tennessee and its hot and humid. yuck. rain rain rain...yall heard about it. well the cumberland river in clarksville rose higher than than what hit nashville...interstates were shut down, etc. make it to the airport to leave tn and fly into vegas...woody picks me up and he and i stroll the strip for the afternoon. we walked that sucker 2.5 times...and it was HOT. we get back to st george and the next day drive to cedar and pack my stuff in the vue. after we were all ready we stopped in moab to see the delicate arch (gorgeous and quite fun i must say!) oh the adventures driving through really was fun and i have proof that a certain someone sings while driving :) we pull into the ranch late that night and go to bed. next day we just chill and i unpack cause i have to work the next day. (i had tons of surprises from woody and one of them? the belt buckle i havent taken off yet. i love it! thank you!) he got some in the vue for the drive back... (if he found them lol).

work work work. thats how life has been since i got here...which isnt bad. it keeps my mind off of things and i dont mind the constant moving (until my feet hurt though). my job is crew. i "housekeep" the cabins and waitress some meals (depending on the day) and do laundry. sadly my busiest day is sunday which makes this summer hard for me. i really needed that and ugh. on that topic im not the only LDS member here. a kids wrangler and the head wrangler and his wife are LDS and i absolutely adore the head wrangler and his wife. great people. most of the crew is here and more to come later today and next week.

next week tammy and chad will be here helping with opening week and itll be great to see them. which......everyone that knows tammy usually says that i look like her and have the same facial expressions and sound like her sometimes in my voice...lolfor the ease of being me i dont introduce myself as the sister of just rachel. but...i have no problem with claiming her as family ;)

it has rained. it has hailed. it has snowed. it has been hot and sunny. it has been cold and windy. welcome to the bar lazy j folks! my daily wear includes some for of boots (either cowboy or rubber). my now favorite carhartt jeans and i button up shirt tucked into the pants with a nice belt buckle and either my cowboy hat baseball cap. my hands are constantly dirty and showers are required daily.

honestly i shower in the bunkhouse (better water pressure and more hot water). spare time is spent in the bunkhouse with everyone and long nights usually consist of many quotes, lots of laughs, raiding fridges, and a beer fridge being empty and sometimes a few hours at the local watering hole. multiple movies are watched in a night. bears are avoided when walking around places at night.

no cell phone signal. definitely no wi-fi. just clear skies, fun people, beautiful scenery, smell of horses, starry nights, blue jeans, and boots. those are things i enjoy out here.

my last trip to the PI (the local watering hole) involved me getting 2 phone numbers lol. im hoping the guy and his family can get me up on some of their horses and teach me how to barrel race (on barrel racing horses) and rope. i get time of some days and a whole day off on others so im hoping that i can fit that in this summer cause i sure would enjoy that.

well farewell til later. my ride has to be back to waitress dinner. enjoy this...and know that im still alive in lil old parshall, CO.

quote is appropriate to repeat:
"whats cookin good lookin?!"
and i am not referred to as "shorty" or "shortstack"