Saturday, April 24, 2010

my exciting monday

k truth? yes its saturday morning. today is the 24th....and yes its 435 as i start tying this entry. two songs plating over and over and over for the last hour and prolly until i finish writing tonight. ill blame the songs on woody ;) he mentioned em to me today...too bad they had already been on my mind for a while. definitely good songs in general and well...for him and me. he even said so himself. the songs are: gimmie that girl- joe nichols and then- brad paisley. good stuff. sunday i make it to my ward!! i know...first time in a while. normally i miss my ward and just go to church with woody...well i get to sacrament with mols and jane...we sit down but not too long after that i just cant make it. i feel sick and head to the bathroom. nothing comes up but i sit there and then go lay on the couch in the hall. mols comes to check on me and brings me my phone and cheerios (the ones id gotten from woody...even tho it made me feel like a lil kid to have cheerios in church). after a bit i felt sick again...while falling asleep over the toilet i text jane to have sis whittaker, my HT, and the bishop to see me after sacrament. sis whittaker helped me out of the bathroom and we got set up for a blessing in the kitchen in a nice cushy chair. i was then presented with a 3 liter jug of apple cider to go home with after the blessing. the girls drove me home and i proceeded to sleep much of the day away.

monday rolls around and i go to my classes and make an appointment with the urologist for tuesday afternoon. pain is bearable and i go through more stuff to throw out and sort...etc.

then life gets interesting....