Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring break 2010 --PART 1

let me just say that this was the absolute best spring break i have ever had!

saturday..hung out with anthony (twon) and ..drats i forgot her name. sunday spent a little while with nick...he showed me a music site online i can find music and can get it for free...and then learned that yes frostwire is free...so i downloaded that too so now i can actually have new music on my mp3...what a novel idea! ...and from here the adventures begin!!

well i get to bed after experiencing the power go out in the dorm building...0730. i crawl in bed and fall asleep. wake up to pounding on my door...its maintenance to work on the shower. i let em in and shut my door, crawl back in bed, fall asleep. i woke up after two missed calls from michael (a friend from rotc)...so i call him back and he said he'd be by soon to pick me up. after he picks me up we head to brian head for me to finally experience snowboarding! it was 50 degrees outside..beautiful day. so i wear a short sleeve short, snow gloves, beanie, goggles, show pants, and of course the board boots. let me just say that after being a fast learner and hitting the slopes real fast...i got the hang of it. after getting the hang of it...i fell in love with the sport! learned as much as i could about it...had a complete blast! we even hot the bigger slopes...i did some jumps, crash landed many times of course but laughed and enjoyed the entire thing. i had a sun burn mixed with snow burn from about two inches abouve my wrist to about an inch above my elbow...plus the great goggle tan lines. priceless. after getting back to the dorms i looked up equipment and am really eyeing certain things to buy up later. well im trying to make sure i have a ride to vegas for tuesday and call up another buddy from rotc...he's down in mesquite and the decision is made for him to pick me up monday night, stay the night with him down at his family's place in mesquite and spend all day with him and then we head to vegas. picks me up and fell asleep watching flushed away at his place.

wake up and we head down the street to a buddy of his and we load up a single person powered parachute. head up to a cliff and his friend tried to take off with it but ended up snapping some of the parachute cords. head back and we take the double seaters out to a field, prep em, load up, and take off...it was amazing! after that was over we headed to lunch (mexican) and it was yummy. head to the house to change into golf appropriate attire and then head to falcon ridge. (the guy i was with, kagen-pronounced cajun-has free reign of the golf course since he dad was the one that designed the course...ya. apparently its a hobby for his dad to do that.) since the holes were busy we headed to play some pool...watched some tv...and then finally headed out to hole 6 to start out. so i had a hard time at first...honestly i did. sadly the typical golf teaching moment to teach how to swing was done...but thats cause honestly nothing else was working. once that was done i did really well and took pointers with better understanding. i did fairly well....ok actually i did better than kagen which is sad lol. after that we stopped to see what movies were playing, grabbed dinner, and then went back to the theater and watched the book of eli (which if you havent seen, its a really good movie with a twist at the end but just makes it that much better). after that, head back to his house, take a shower, get dressed for the airport, check in online and print off my boarding passes...hop in the truck with kagen and we head to vegas. we get to the airport and park...we had a hard time finding my airline...asked for some directions to get there...apparently its quite the walk from where we were. my only luggage was two carry ons- a backpack and a duffle-tote thing. we were looking in terminal 1...we had to go out, walk quite a ways, and then find terminal 2. we finally got there and as i walk up to security we say bye and he leaves. you know those new security scanners that you stand still and place your hands above your head? they had those...just for this particular terminal...weird. anyways, i made it through no problemo and once i found a seat at my gate i call grant up (ill prolly bounce back and forth between grant and woody from habit so try not to get lost). we talk for quite a while and i start my mp3 up after hanging up. brushed teeth, downed the meds, and boarded the plane.

my flight left at 0245 and ill put it this way...i wasnt past song 5 and when i woke up my battery was flashing at me and was playing song 101...i shut it off and looked outside...it was beautiful! ...blue sky, blue water, and an gorgeous green island right there...landed at oahu, changed to another gate and saw the open part of the airport with the garden and such there in the middle of the airport...got to my gate and changed my seat to a left side window as directed by woody. sat and talked to some people that were heading to the same place but were just on the flight before me. they were from canada and we were talking about how this is my spring break and talked about my school...which brought up utah. they talked about visiting sites on oahu...like byu-hawaii and then the temple. i asked if they were members...no they werent but he had been a religion teacher and was interested in other religions and loved learning more about other religions...(perfect set-up huh?). he explained how the temple grounds were gorgeous and that he had wanted to go inside and upon finding out he couldnt, he asked why...he said they explained it and i sat there nodding my head....so he then asked if i was mormon and i said yes i was...so he started asking me questions and he and his wife had to board their flight so i was like if youre interested in learning more here are some sites you can trust and handed him a sticky note with info on it and told him he can open up a phonebook and find the number of a church near him back home and could get ahold of the missionaries that way...(slick)...he thanked me and i never saw them again...got on my flight, only an hour, and i landed on kauai...(the island they filmed jurassic park, pirates of the caribbean, and many more things). i was way excited and when i saw woodys parents i knew he was close by...sure enough he was standing off to the side with the camera and we found out later that i since i was practically running the pictures all came out blurry....i then got a lei (fake and blue but itll last longer than real flowers). gave him a big hug...said hello to his parents. we got in the car and on the way to the condo we stopped to pick up some coconuts off the side of the road. once at the condo i changed into a bathing suit and a dress and we headed east. along the way we would stop and take pictures...more like woody would take the pics (since i disabled my phone so i would only be reached if i wanted to be). our first real stop was at kee beach...beautiful! there was even a monk seal cub sunning itself on the beach that had been roped off so no one could mess with him. on the way back east we stopped at the maniniholo dry cave where we all got to explore the cave...we went back as far as possible but the gab gets smaller and smaller the further you go. i had an urge just to scream in the dark recess of the cave to see what people would do...so i did. grant even knew it was coming and he jumped...lets just say i have some lungs and know how to scream! it was funny...next stop was the waikanaloa wet cave...pretty cool looking and hasnt really been explored...stop to see some waterfalls and the taro fields. the sites and such are just beyond words. also...there are chickens everywhere. its illegal to kill the wild ones...so there are chickens everywhere you go. hens, roosters, and chicks just wander the island. unfortunately i dont remember what we did after that...if we just went to the condo and stayed there or if we went more east and then headed back to our place...anyway it was a nice first day. sleeping arrangements get decided on-i get the mattress from the fold out couch. its laid on the floor and we put sheets and a blanket on it. add a pillow and the woody puts the couch cushions back on the couch and he sleeps on the couch. he and i have the living room and his parents have the bedroom. every night he tucks me in makes sure im all situated for bed before he crawls in his bed.

after waking up, woody and i went walking down the beach in bathing suits...took lots of pictures and found lots of cool stuff!! there was a baby squid that had washed up on the beach, a couple of crabs i got to chase, a little hut made from driftwood, elephant leaves, and bark that was just sitting there on the beach, and a hawaiian guy came up and began net fishing off the shore. it was cool to watch him. headed back to the condo and met up with his parents...a guy sitting with them noticed the hibiscus in my hair and asked if it was in the right ear. (in hawaii there is a meaning as to when a flower is on a certain side). i looked at him and said that yes it was in the right ear but looked at woody. his parents even gave him an odd look lol...so the next time he put a flower in my hair he put it over the proper ear...(right side= single, available. left side= taken, married). ...its in the left side now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

happy Pi day!

yes it is march 14th...or 3.14. thereby it is Pi day!! (which just made me think of the math teachers all had shirts made that said Pi-rates....pictures included (groan)...

its been a long week...but at the same time the time has flown by!

for the weather? it snowed sunday. it snowed tuesday. it snowed wednesday. it snowed saturday. im so ready for a nice warm beach...rather just warmth in general.

classes, goodnight from woody. things have been way busy for him this week. sooo....i had some plans for him..hehe.
last time i had been over to his place i had seen that he had a crock-pot. i knew what times he got home at night (way to late for him to feel like making dinner..and often too busy to grab dinner). you know where this is going huh? wheels were turning and i plannned getting over to his place, making him dinner in the crock-pot and then vamooshing before he got back and he would have a warm, ready to eat meal when he got back.

well....here's how it actually went.
i asked a friend if i could borrow his jeep. he agreed to let me borrow while he was in one of his classes...so upon having the steering wheel in my hands i headed to woodys place to figure out if he already had some of the ingredients i would need for dinner....mom had emailed me some recipes i could do in the crock-pot...and one of the recipes, he had all the ingredients except for the meat...so i head to lin's grocery store (think kroger or food lion for those back east). i grab some meat and was gonna grab a few last things for the break trip...get to the check out and apparently my cards were acting up so it didnt work. (dang it...why didnt i just write a check? ugh! ...of course now i think of that...) so i had this gift card from ..well someone in the family for christmas and it would only take 5 bucks from it...well they bagged the stuff and i drove to the bank. apparently there is nothing they could do...because its a minor's account?!?! so i drive back to lin's and the only thing i can walk out the door with is the meat. at least i could get that. well i take the meat to woodys...put it in the fridge and drove to campus to pick the guy up that i was borrowing the jeep from. drove him to his place and since woody wanted to come over and see me i just headed to the dorms and parked. went and ate dinner...met woody...we chilled for a bit and then after he left for his next class i went to his place. got there and thought id left the recipe at the dorm. drove back. not there. i get back in the jeep and there it was in the drivers seat....ugh.

i get to his place and get straight to work browning the meat. dinner gets all made and is cooking away so i sit to do some of my math test review. ...not in the mood for that. so i head to the bathroom with the rags i had brought...and yes i cleaned the bathroom. i know, i know. first off i get in cleaning moods and this was one of them. second i knew it needed it. third he would appreciate it...he has no time to sit and scrub the bathroom like i did. fourth...i wanted to do. he never asked me to...in fact he told me not to..oh well. i would stop now and then check on dinner (btw it was bbq pork...yum!) and then go back to cleaning....by the time the bathroom was done...dinner was almost ready. so i got back to the dreaded math. he came home and we started to eat...the bathroom was mentioned...he looked over. you should have seen his face! lol.

now ill have you know i never did any of this for my mom voluntarily sadly. i never did this for boyfriends past. never did this for the ex-fiance ever. .......this felt right. i had thought it up. i had done it and i had wanted to every step of the way. it wasnt for my sake i would make him dinner. it was all for him. so that he would have a good warm meal when he came home and so he could have leftovers for the next night. i wanted to do all this. not to be rewarded but for the sake of doing it. im not sure ive ever truly wanted to serve so much for someone for the sheer sake of doing it. because it feels so right. so natural...and that in itself is not like me i dont think. (can i frankly say i think he brings the absolute best out of me? even feeling hormonal i havent snapped at people...i just havent had it in my heart to do that..) here's a thought..his spirit and actions bring out my best and bring me even closer to the spirit. k ill get off my box now...

so he does some things around the place and i clean up the dishes (i even openly admitted i enjoy doing the dishes..weird.) shouldve seen the look i got after saying that out loud...lol. well i leave and (dont tell the owner of the jeep..lol) but i drove around town for a bit just for the sake of soaking in the pleasantness of the sub in the back...is was nice to have some bass for a bit...but i got to his place..he got in and i drove me back to my place. i want to state here that forwardness is nice at times. to be always forward and somewhat pushy about it...i dislike. severely. im sure punching him in the face crossed my mind...sadly i didnt do it. (now that wouldve been a great story!) promptly walked away from him and got in the dorms.

all week i just enjoyed the day as it was and enjoyed the small amount of time i had with woody. enjoyed my classes and the weather even tho its severely bi-polar. i began packing for warm weather...i stayed up late. thursday night was adventure night with woody...oh fun times. laughing is so natural...tag teaming again to get things done. get back to my dorm and bed time for sure.

horsemanship? i didnt get my trusty steed...someone else had beaten me to the puch but i did get the saddle i wanted. apparently this one will do just about anything for carrots...including pushing things out of his way to follow me out the gate...i had to be the boss (as usual lol) to walk him back in...and i made him back up and didnt touch him to do it. ah well...he was a good horse. i think my trusty steed is gonna be retired real soon tho...he's so thin and old. the professor was looking him over...looking at the lean haunches...sad.

mom says i gotta start looking for storage units to store stuff in when i head off to work...not in the mood to do that just yet. even if there is only 4? more weeks of school left. crazy!! i also need to figure out who im gonna room with...im staying in cedar hall and i can pick my room, bed and roommates...its just that all the friends are moving out of the dorms to get apartments or moving up to eccles (like apartments only on campus and part of suu housing). true its cheaper to live off campus...i just dont believe the parents want me off campus. and there is really no point to moving to eccles to pay more money when ill still be on a meal plan. oh well.

woody left friday for st george to get to vegas so he could fly to hawaii...and john bytheway came to suu to speak. heck yes! he was way good as usual. oh the jokes....ill have to put em up later...the institute building was packed to see him. (yes im sure i was not the only one to skip class to see him). whats that one story of the one that sat and listened to Jesus Christ instead of doing chores? i feel my skipping class was justified lol. went and took the biology test and then just chilled in the room. ...ended up falling asleep watching gone with the wind (which i had decided i was gonna watch for the first time ever over the weekend) at 8 friday night...woke up at 5 something and stayed awake til oh....almost seven in the morning? ya. thanks lovely time change. it was funny cause twon had locked himself out of the room he was supposed to be taking care of and had to climb up, pop the screen out, open the window and climb through it. (now i know why they climb on the rock wall so much...man im slow). anyways the window is on the second floor...its snowing and well...it took a good 40 mins for him to get up and in the window.

found a lovely cereal mix...ive got peach fruit cups and had some cereal (like honey bunches of outs...its all gone now tho)...pour that on the cereal and add milk...viola! its yummy.

well gone with the wind is over...not like how i thought it would be...not a terrible movie tho. oh well. oh! and dear mother nature has stopped by...just in time for bathing suits and paradise...at least its here i spose. now on to dance, clean, eat some food, do laundry, and pack. and im thinking i may have found a few free sources to get me to vegas by tuesday afternoon which is plenty of time to go through all the airport stuff...wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a realization

first...this blog is my journaling. sure i could use pen and paper and have a book to write in...but thats reserved for much more personal things and thoughts. this? its easy and i dont mind doing journaling this way. whether people read it all or not...or even care doesnt really bug me. this is what works for me.

second...so im walking behind this one girl through the snow. she's someone i see often and its always in the same style clothes it seems. so here are some pet peeves...(just fyi).

muffin tops-its obvious its the wrong size and that goes for bras too
skanky points- pull the pants up or push the string down...pull the shirt up so the ta-tas dont freeze and booty shorts are not for winter time or showing off the who-ha or tramp stamp
make-up lines-on faces or anywhere else people deem its necessary to apply it
a pound of make-up on a face...or eyes for that matter. (i understand there are times to glam up or you wanna wear more...i do that too...however, when its caked onto a face? thats ridiculous and no you dont look good).
not being able to walk in heels-if you cant do it and you gallumph when you walk or have hunched shoulders...please. take the heels off or go somewhere and practice the proper way to walk in them.
large women that wear mini-skirts and short-shorts-its not attractive. youre embarrassing yourself and well im sorry. its just plain gross.
hair in the sink or stuck to shower walls-sadly this comes to play daily living with roommates. i understand some people shed more then others, however, once done curling, combing, brushing, or cleaning hair it would be considerate of you to others and to the plumbing if you put the hair in the trash.
interrupting while talking-a couple of times is ok if its me personally youre interrupting. if it is a habit or a consistent thing please shut your mouth when im talking. i WILL get mad.
talking bad about where i come from-im from the south. yes there are many stereotypes. im sure i fit in quite a few but to me its where im from, what i love, and just a part of me. diss the south and i feel you diss me. now, i am a jokester and take teasing and jokes in stride and can give them right back if im so inclined. if you are dead serious about what youre saying, ill blow it off at first. if you keep going and i cant leave? itll get to me. i may not show it but itll rub raw for a while.
talking bad about my family-if anyone is to mock or diss my family it will be me. no one else will be tolerated to seriously diss anything about them. if you wanna joke or tease thats fine as long as you dont cross certain lines. ive accepted guys comments on my mom (in fact i tell her what they say and we have a good laugh about it). regarding siblings? my brother is my brother and as annoying as he is...im the only one allowed to beat him up. im the only one allowed to pin him until he calms down. my sister? yes she's different. she's also the only thing that kept me going for years. she has quirks. we all do but when people comment on hers or ask whats wrong with her give me a second to find inner peace before i tell you a word. my older siblings?theyre cool. do i know much about each of them? no. they create laughs and such. they give guidance and are there if i need them. cant get any better then that. so my stepdad looks like hitler...and i have blonde hair and blue eyes...it all works out. my father? if i say something, i say something. youre not allowed to. cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents? dont say a word. capiche?
not listening to me when i know what im talking about-im sure i could take this piece to heart a little more, but this is one of those things that really bugs me unless i force myself to not let it. in general im well rounded on many different topics. if you ask for help, especially something i know a lot about please dont blow me off. its courtesy.
manners-there are certain words that have special purpose when in the presence of others such as: please, thank you, excuse me...use them. if someone is behind you, hold the door open. when someone sneezes say SOMETHING.
grammar and punctuation-now if someone were to read this, they would probably have something to say about my punctuation skills...well if you ever read a proper paper or something of mine i promise it looks nothing like this. my grandmother and 10th grade english teacher would likely have heart attacks if they saw this. ramsay taught me much and my mother pounded grammar into my head even after i left for college is sinking in now. however, there are those in the world that use the wrong word, too many or too few commas, put the apostrophe in the wrong place, use the wrong there, they're, their, you're, your, etc, spell things tragically wrong, speak grammatically incorrect, have hideous handwriting (by no means saying mine is perfect script), or many other things.

i, by no means intend to point out individuals by this post and that these are my personal thoughts and feelings. i am also no angel and am sure i do things that perturb others. for that i apologize. i know i have made some of these mistakes listed in the past and am human and may make some of them again. if i do? forgive me. we all make mistakes. if you feel i do some of my own pet peeves to others, again im sorry. im sure you do it too.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

my hot date

friday night was amazing! i had such a good time and so much was done and said. i thoroughly enjoyed my time and im very glad i went...

on the drive back from st george i realized there are some things that were just special and lovely and that they were moments for us...so you wont get much or you wont get details but hopefully the way ill tell it will suffice for you. (it will have to regardless).

woody had slept all day so we left a little later then we had wanted to. (we had been planning on playing glow golf happy gilmore style (and that was mandatory). its a nice, oh 45 min drive?, to st george from cedar. for it being so close, the weather is so much nicer. on average about 10-15 degrees warmer since its further south but also because its 3000ft lower in elevation. we had some nice conversations on the way down...we talked about some things. (i admitted why i had text him that first night..thankfully didnt think it was weird). he asked if i was glad i had followed the prompting and my answer was a resounding and immediate yes.. we got to his house...met (in order) the two dogs, his dad, his sister, his mom, and briefly saw his brother. we changed to get ready for the concert (jenny oaks baker, the violinist..and president oaks' daughter) into nicer clothes than jeans. chatted some with his dad...his mom also came to the concert. it was at the heritage center i believe on dixie campus. it was a spectacular performance! she is so talented..graduate of julliard. when woody was on his mission in virginia he had been in the same ward as her and her family...so after the performance was over his mom got some of her cd's for her to sign and then handed them to us to since she had to get home to take care of things. when we got to her...they chatted some. when that was done, we headed back to the house. while woody was changing back to street clothes, i chatted with his mom some and then woody gave me a tour of his room and told me the plans they had for his room. (they built the house from the ground up and built it like how they wanted it...its a spectacular home).
woody had brought some laundry since he was coming home...(i wish i could do that...dear mom, you live too far away). once the next load was in the washer we got on his motorcycle (after borrowing a jacket from his mom) and grabbing gloves and putting helmets on...its not required in utah but he had a helmet and i had the full-blown cover the head type..(im at a loss for words now k?) we went on his favorite night ride...you go through this..gap i guess you would call it and then you come over this rise and you see the lights of st george stretched out in front of you. there is the place to pull off so we did and got off the bike. he wanted to take me to see the "ocean" so we head down this trail. we climb up these rocks and cross this bridge and head to the edge of the cliffs. he told me what we had to do to see this "ocean" and when he told me...i could already see the ocean. in order to see it you lay down on your back and hang your head (up-side down) over the edge of the cliff...the lights from the city look like stars and the stars in the sky are reflections of the "stars" in the "ocean." it was way cool...he got up and helped me to my feet and when i stood up...i could picture the ocean better right side up...weird i know. oh well. so while we were up there we looked out over the city...its such a nice town. you remember when i went to iceberg after the temple trip? well i had sent a text to woody a while back saying i had gone to glacier...and yes i had the cup with me which has its name on it...so he makes fun of me for that. so forever onward iceberg shall be called glacier. we could see the temple lights...so amazing. i said that the temple could be the moon in the sea of stars. so we headed back down the rocks...across the bridge...hopped on the bike again and decided to head over to the D on the hill. we crossed town and got to this parking area half-way up the hill. we climbed the rest of the way and went to the top of the D...then we looked out over the city again...it really is beautiful. apparently the temple lights go out at 11 at night...there werent on anymore...they are building an international airport in st george....ah. i cant wait. that will be so much better than driving to vegas...even if vegas will prolly be cheaper. he told me there was more town on the other side of the hill so we climbed to the top, crossed the top, and looked out again. went back to the D and then tried to find a way down without killing ourselves (not to mention the D was blinding us...it lights up). we get back down in one piece and get back on the bike and head back to the house. by now his parents and sister have left to drive to vegas to hop on a plane to get to hawaii...oh ya. way jealous.
we get back, he works on laundry and we decide to hop in the hot tub...we had planned on it..just not at his parents house. we get in our bathing suits and head out to the back patio...uncover the hot tub and climb in....ahhhh. it felt amazing! so we sat in there and just talked. told stories and experiences. played never have i ever...once again losing. we got out of the hot tub to work on laundry and cause we had turned into prunes. headed inside to change loads and then we changed out of the bathing suits and scrounged for food. ok technically didnt have to scrounge...its 3 in the morning and we have two bowls of apple sauce and some chips with salsa and cream cheese...yum! i love mixing it like that. laundry gets done...we pack up and head back to cedar. before we leave town we stop at maverick and he grabs a fruit drink to keep him awake...we crank the country music and sing...all the way home. we get back to his place, bring everything inside, talk about the hawaii trip and look at ticket prices...(since he had invited me to join them)...i mull it over...i really wanna go but mom doesnt want me to...rather she doesnt want me spending the money to get out there. we decide no movie (i mean it is almost 6 in the morning). we fall straight to sleep and well i didnt wake up til noon i think? then we lay there talking again while drifting in and out of sleep until a little after 2 when he absolutely had to get up to get ready for the formal he was attending that night..while he got ready i slept some more...then we had some breakfast..only cereal this time. nothing fancy. we walked outside...and it was hot for cedar! it was amazing..he drove me home, walked me to the door, said goodbye and left.
walked into my room, called the bank to sort some things out and figure out how much money i have. bought tickets to hawaii. (i had actually decided i was going if i had the money, cause i could die tomorrow. i could be paralyzed tomorrow. ive never seen the pacific and so have never been to hawaii. thats something on my bucket list (yes i have one) and im going to live somewhat in the moment and enjoy my spring break. (mom- im not going to cancun. im not going to florida or texas or cali to party it up which i could do much more easily. im going with someone i trust and i am careful. ill come home in one piece just as happy and whole as when i left. the fact that im going with woody is just a small part..(dont take that wrong cause thats a plus) its an opportunity to go and if it was the same deal and just a group of girls id go then too) got cleaned up, had dinner in the dining hall and ran into the gals kenz and kay. they said they were planning on seeing alice in wonderland and since they each owe me movie tickets and i knew woody was outa town i planned on going with them. we were gonna go to the new theater by walmart but all the tickets were sold out so we headed to the old one on the outskirts of town...and then sat for 45 mins in the lobby cause we were so early. saw shurtz while i was there...he was leaving while we were standing in line to have the tickets ripped. it was a group of us...what maybe 12 people? and why in the world did we not go to this theater in the first place? freak! it bigger inside plus the chairs are way more comfy and they move!
the movie was good...it had a story line unlike the original version. i have never liked alice in wonderland, but this was likable. it wasnt creepy or disturbing people...chill out. well while the movie was going on woody had text me cause he wanted to say goodnight in person, but the movie took too long and he need to catch some sleep...for some reason i ended up staying up til oh..4ish in the morning that night? set the alarm to wake up for church.
i didnt even hear the sucker til..well never. i woke up at noon...got some semblance of ready for the day and walked with painters tape in hand to find woody's truck. found it and taped a caramel to the underside of the drivers door handle...(thought that would be a nice surprise). walking back i ran into a stray yorkie...such a sweetheart she was. well anyways i just kinda walked around for a bit (i love my comfy gladiator heels...honestly most comfy heels i own). the entire time i was talking to mi madre....that ended up being a straight 3 hour convo. i like talking to mom. i do miss her and its just nice chatting. since ive grown up (compared to what i used to be) we have gotten along sooo much better then we used to. for that im grateful. head to dinner and wouldnt you know it...everyone has vanilla ice cream with the blueberry crisp for dessert and when i go to get the same...the ice cream machine doesnt work. ugh. oh well. walk to church...johanna had saved me a seat (woody couldnt make it...sig chi thing). it was a CES broadcast and it was good. stood and socialized for a bit and made it just in time to ward prayer for the prayer and food....too bad it was donuts. gross! so i just had a cup of apple juice...talked with one of the sisters and rode back with kay and kenz (dont you love how names keep getting shorter and shorter?) anyways, i get a call from woody and he wanted to stop by real fast before he had another meeting...so he did. he called and when i went downstairs to let him in, he had snuck in with a group and so while i was in the entry lobby...he was standing in my room. i walk in and get a nice hug from him. he shows me the sites online for me to use a shuttle to get to vegas, we talk about the hawaii trip, about what i was wearing...(sidenote: he doesnt call me hot or sexy...im cute, beautiful, look amazing...etc and its lovely.) so i had an idea to make dinner for him...like crockpot wise so he could get a good meal since he's gonna be crazy busy this week. he couldnt believe i wanted to do that....but i do! lol. so he'll have a nice homecooked meal for when he gets home one night this week. im super excited to do that too...lol. im also super excited to go to hawaii.
so a little earlier tonight, quinn was in the jane and carlies room and said quite loudly "how do i get you out so i can get me in?" ...that was an epic thats what she said comment...just wanted to share that lol ;) ...well molly and car are asleep...jane just went to bed...and im sitting here talking to aaron...reminiscing i spose. also plans are being made for him to head out on a day off to visit while im alone in cedar over spring break. on that note...matt leaves for afghan saturday. i hope my friend doesnt come home in a bodybag...sigh. oh the stress of having military friends in front lines...guess ill just have to pray a little harder before i fall asleep...and with that..its bedtime. goodnight...or rather good morning. sweet dreams.

Friday, March 5, 2010

a tale to tell...and all before mols finishes the shower

well the test run for the horses? didnt happen. they were a bit preoccupied burying one of them (spook). apparently he had something akin to a stroke? anyways...that just means monday was pretty uneventful. woody came to say goodnight i believe...yes. (see i just do so much now i cant remember what i do on a day to day basis!) oh! now i remember. so i hung out with t*mills a bit watching him skateboard in his room...he wanted me to try. i did after taking the cowgirl boots off...still didnt work out for me too well. he wanted me to go swimming with the group but i declined. woody came over for a bit and said goodnight. headed to the kitchen to find anthony cooking! it was a delicious steak, bacon, egg burrito. then after that he made spicy shrimp...that stuff was hot!...but very yummy. headed down the hall and walked in to find individuals playing beer pong. (i officially claim i know nothing of illicit activities on campus or walmart). sat in there just watching. some people left, i helped clean up a little bit. went and watched the food network channel with him upon leaving that room...and fell asleep sometime after that. upon waking up in the morning i got ready for my classes.

i asked a friend to borrow the car to pick up a prescription at walmart. it was such a nice day, i was wearing shorts and tee with wavy hair (this is important later). i head to the bank and then to walmart. so i drop off the order and head straight to the spray paint...(i miss doing my projects ok? i wish i had my spray paint here and my plexi-glass). from there i move to home wiring, and then to the ammo aisle. country much? so i call mom to announce my hick-ness...she laughs and then i realize...there are racks for $3 and $5 clothes. so i take a look. sadly the shirts that caught my eye? boys button up shirts. i grab 4 plus a girls' top. grab the pills and head back. since i got back late i didnt go to psych class.
kevin up and he said we could go ride. so he picks me up. since they pretty much buried spook where he lie, they had to let the other horses out in the main pasture. ...which meant a good 20 mins of chasing them around trying to get them where we could pen em in the feeding corral... took FOREVER! finally happened and we brushed em up and hopped on bareback...no blankets. now the one i ride is spider (brother to spook). well he is also old and therefore very bony. not pleasant. after a while kevin and i traded horses and let me just say rita? she was heaven after being on spider. much younger and fatter. nice long ride and we decided that for the double date that we would trailer the horses out to three peaks. we get back, put the horses back out, and leave.
i go to dinner as is...including the very dirty pants and muck. woody had left early tuesday morning for vegas for more recruiting for the school so no goodnight in person (he had fun in vegas with the guys tho).

woke up, got ready for classes. biology class is a class that usually makes me laugh (weird huh?). its cause of the professor, i swear. (insert convo later when i get the gumption to get up and get it from where i copied it down). end up going with the car dealership guy to the gas station cause i need quarters for laundry...i buy a lighter to get a roll of quarters....(i know, but you never know and plus it was just right there!) i get the roll....its a roll of mint america samoa quarters...from the gas station. crazy! from there we go to walmart...to a bike shop on south main...to another bike shop just a few doors away. (btw? i drove from walmart to the bike shop). oh ya :) i get back and work on some hw and such, take a shower, and head to dinner. well they had put all the food up except for the cereal...so a bowl of lucky charms for dinner it was...ah well. get back and start sorting out laundry. let me just say that those washers were full. woody came over once he got back in town and just hung out with me while i took care of folding stuff from the dryer. helped me carry it all back and then we said our goodbyes. since i was hungry i had two cups (i have no bowl) of cereal while watching the sound of music with some friends in the lounge. put all the clothes away, made the bed, and crashed to a grinding halt once my head hit the pillow.

woke up early today, got ready...i was planning on doing a little something extra to look cute today until i looked out the window. it was starting to flurry...well the top stayed the same (one of the flannel tops from walmart) and just traded the cowgirl boots for my winter boots. put waterproof mascara and a hat on and marched onward to institute. after institute i watched as the snow was not falling anymore, but rather zooming sideways! i couldnt see across the street (its only two lanes people!) it was a blizzard for a good hour. i was afraid i would be blown away! and a hat? only works when snow is falling straight down...not sideways. so i proceeded to cross the road and the parking lot without bumping into anything. had a rib sandwich for lunch with mashed potatoes and gravy...and sweet tea...cough. made my way through the several inch white drifts and then worked on fixing the hair and layering on a jacket and scarf. managed to still be cute...phew! went to psych class...learned a lot about freud, you, me, and things that arent even true. while i was heading back to the dorms i text woody and he called saying i needed to come over to the rotunda quick...so i did. it was funny watching the pledges sing and such. i only had a little bit before kevin would pick me up for class but i went with woody to the sig house to drop some things off and then park back on campus. ...walking on campus and holding hands in public...big step. :) woody stops to chat with one of the guys running for political office on campus and then after that we run into a friend (who was happy to see us together) lol. ah well. i was already late as it was and said bye and changed shoes for class and grabbed my winter coat, gloves, and a beanie. got my trusty steed, didnt get my saddle...trail ride at a walk and some very interesting convos (again will be added later). get back to campus, change shoes, go to dinner...get back to the room and catch up with some songs, talk to madre. watch some csi and ncis and debate whether i should shower now or in the morning...well since its already 215 in the morning...i think ill just take a shower now.

id love to tell you whats on my plate for tomorrow but ill let that be a surprise for after the fact ;) not to mention the fact that woody just text me so im off...to either shower now or in a little bit...fin.

Monday, March 1, 2010

stake conference and onions...

so denny's didnt happen thursday night but he did come over and say goodnight...and yes the cd was remembered this time lol.

class and then met up with woody in the tbird circle by the pool table and when he was done with what he was doing he and i walked back to my place for a short nap before my next class...i think i got more sleep then him but then i headed to bio class and he went off to do what he needed to. he had an activity that night so it was girl time...went to dinner and sat with some friends and head to the gymnastics meet vs boise state in the centrum...unfortunately we lost (by one point). it was a rough night for our girls and wouldve won for sure if they had been on their game...good job though! so after that i just chilled at my place...figured id work on the nails and just watch a movie on the comp...apparently i was in a weird movie funk and ended up watching a low-budget/ homemade movie online called "fuel." (i use letmewatchthis.com) i wont ruin the movie for ya in case you ever get in a movie funk. ..it wasnt a bad movie but...well its an interesting plot line. then after that one i watched "the boy in the striped pyjamas"...it was a good movie but yes the end is sad...but no i didnt cry. after that i got ready for bed and watched an episode of "burn notice." sleep.

woody stopped by on the way to his place...napped again...and then he took off to go study for a mid-term. i pretty well just chilled the rest of the day until i get a call from him asking if i wanted to come to the basketball game that he and some sig bros were at...so i did. we won that game! go boys! i headed back to my place and he headed to an activity. plans for a movie after that. ...he came by, picked me up, and we watched the x-men wolverine movie...fell asleep after that.

neither of us had set an alarm and so we missed some of the stake conference but we finally got there and heard ...elder gong? speak a little bit and what he said was really good. he talked about love. falling in love. falling out of love and how the gospel and its principles can play a huge role in that and how relationships are made easier through outlook and attitude. great messages. woody and i headed back to my place to grab some things (toothbrush, garlic clove, and hair dryer...odd mix i know) and then headed to the grocery store (a sin we know but we wanted to cook dinner). he hadnt been able to find beer brats in cedar...i found them lol (brush the shoulder). so we get back and put the stuff away before his home teacher comes over. laundry time...with an interesting convo about how we tell others after we do stupid stuff (like he fact that i pushed on a pull door) ...and then i explained that i prefer snapping turtle to squirrel for a meal. talked about how when you sit and hear what i did as a kid i really am a southern kid.
example: my eighth bday i got a bow and arrows...i have a .22, a .38, a 9mm, and a .45. ive been taught to draw from a holster. ive been timed for drawing, timed for a shot from a relaxed state, and double tapping. tromping is a word in my vocabulary (and for those that dont know) its like exploring and going through the woods. i drove a truck and changed my own oil and filter on my truck. ive got connections to get you legit moonshine (and thats how nascar started). i ride horses, know where the good muddin spots are, know where the tobacco barns are and dont freak out when a barn is smoking (to me its normal). i get down and dirty but i clean up real well. i can have as much or as little of an accent as you want. dixie is something serious back home and not a region in utah. i have a horseshoe hanging in my room and i have a blanket on my bed with john deere on it. barefoot walks were common for me...and going through the woods like that was done several times. i know when to stay out of the woods (hunting season) and when at the grandparents? sitting on the back porch was not a rocking chair, but rather a table in which to sit and shoot the targets behind the barn. heading to the pond to feed the fish or playing on the swings are the highlights of the day. and i could go on and on...but i think you get the picture.
after that we start working on dinner. we made brats and cooked up some onions with butter and a clove of garlic...delicious! ok...so the amount of meat i get from the dining hall is nothing like what i got when i was back home....and we always had meat at dinner so when he ate 1.5 brats....well i ate 2.5. i just think its funny. yay onion and garlic breath...hence why i had brought the toothbrush. headed to the fireside...got great seats and listened to elder gong and his wife speak...ward prayer and then back to his place. tag team-he works on the windows while i clan the kitchen...(yes i like cooking and i love good food but honestly? i love cleaning a kitchen up...like dishes? ya i like doing that...weird i know). plans are made to go glow golfing after watching happy gilmore...(and rules will be we have to putt like happy...this should be interesting)... got back to my place and bed time...

it was a good weekend.

called madre after i woke up and now i also have the local radio stations programmed on my stereo (finally). told mom she should mail me a roll of oreos...guess thats just something i miss lol. i was my dessert after dinner pretty much every night....ah well. i got class in a few so im off to get ready for the day...which today has the feel of an interesting day...hope it is (im in an adventurous, energy burning mood)...maybe ill try and go ride later. see how rita does bareback for a test run before the double date...sounds good. peace.