Thursday, April 15, 2010

a headlight, dinner, and stolen yogurt

yesterday was a non-stop action packed day until we got to st george...thankfully my psych class was cancelled today so class? psh. nothing until 4 and then im go go go again cause as soon as im outa horsemanship i have to rush back here and then change for the rotc dinner tonight and then get there....

so anyways...yesterday. woke up and my suspicions were confirmed...mother nature stopped by in the middle of the night. she's such a dear isnt she? take care of that and then cramps hit me. perfect. i hadnt had any in a while so it was definitely painful. threw on a hoodie and warmed a hot pack and wrapped it around my belly since i had a meeting with my college advisor. got my classes sorted out and registered for next semester. i grabbed some breakfast and headed to the health clinic. my prescription is almost out and so i wanted to take care of that before summer time. i was just gonna make an appt but they had time and took care of me on the spot. once that was done headed to rotc to make sure of the attire for the evening from judy. yes its church attire aka semi-formal. i stayed and chatted about the usual...(horsemanship). she's in the same class only on an earlier day so i can kind of know what to expect on the quizzes. head back to the dorms to change items and cool off (i was burning up) and grab my stuff for history class.

once class was over, copied the notes and headed to lunch. only had a bowl of sticky rice with salt and a cup of water. called mom on the way back to the dorms and well...i kinda snapped at her a few times. i was trying to ask of there were other foods that had potassium in them besides foods i cant eat and foods they dont serve in the dining hall. sadly they dont have potassium in the vitamins i take as it is like i thought they did. i miss my greens aka collard greens, turnip greens, the entire year of foods at the dining hall i could count on one hand how many times they have served those types of greens. anywats...a body knows what it needs...i could tell i needed aspirin, potassium, and water. i wont get into me snapping. it felt weird gonna blame that on the period and stupid hormones. i needed laundry done so i sorted super fast and just did two big loads and headed straight to biology with jane and carlie showed up soon after that. great class as usual but i booked it back to the dorms to move laundry from washer to the dryer and after that sat and planned out the next two of school on paper...if all goes well i can graduate in two years...which means i can be done with all of college and graduate with a bachelors within 3 years of starting college. super excited about that!! called madre up and apologized and told her my news...and she wants me to double major or pick up a minor right since i cut a whole year out of my schooling.....what?! sounds good BUT i was getting out of school early...sorry. i would rather not extend it longer then i want to.

ran and checked the dryers....colors and whites werent dry yet but i pulled the towels and jeans out and jumped in the shower. got out, threw some clothes on and got the clothes out of the dryer, brought em to my room, grabbed what i wanted from the bag, got dressed and at this point have about 10 mins until woody picks me up...crap. blow dry the hair, lotion, shoes, threw on a little bit of makeup and ran out to woody and his truck after yes, leaving my room a disaster area. we put some air in the tires, got some gas and hit the road towards st he and i had talked about me getting a skirt...more than likely a white pencil skirt. i have a black one hips are just not built for the skirt anymore. we stopped at kohls to have a look at clothes. nothing there. we went to target...looked, saw a dress and a white pencil skirt...sadly the skirt didnt fit right but the dress? perfect! then decision time the dress or head somewhere else and if we dont find what we're looking for then come back to target and hope the dress was still there (it was the only one of its size left). well woody said we could get it, and if we find something better we could bring it back...sounded good to me so thats what we did. we get to the register and before i could even open my wallet, he paid for it...apparently this was my very late birthday present. "im not missing you birthday again. not next year, or the year after, or the next, or the next...." hm... well we headed to ross to see if we could find something else....found a nice black and white skirt there and we get to the checkout. its rung up and well...since he got distracted by a nickel on the floor i beat him to the punch and paid for this one. apparently he was supposed to buy that one cause he says he owes my now...(silly boy no you dont. you dont owe me a thing. i promise.) oh drats..that reminds me i was supposed to leave the lotion in his truck. call him spoiled or me the spoiler but his hands crack and well i have a tendency to just do pack lotion that isnt girly smelling and massage his hands (ya ya i know...oh well)

we get to house, greeted by the dogs and sit down to a delicious dinner. seriously...its rather refreshing to sit down to a family dinner. the dining hall is nice and usually serves good stuff but i miss sitting around the table with a family. it was nice. the food was yummy and the company? sincere and inclusive. after dinner, cleaned up a bit and headed to the grandparents house down the street...oddly enough? grandpa reminded me of mine in illinois...even said the exact line grampa says "oh im easy to get along with." apparently i didnt blush? it was cute ok. im used to "old" people. ive got a story or two that would curl your hair tho *shudder.* thats probably why it was difficult to make me blush. its odd to think that i didnt even think of my paternal grandparents...guess it kinda makes since tho...theyve been gone for several years at the latest.

so anyways, we get back...chit chat, talk rifles..etc. you know the norm. lol. so we head back to cedar and we hadnt even made it out of st george and two cop cars hit their lights to pull us over. we just laugh cause we know what its about...the left front light has a short in it and usually is out unless you hit the cover. so anyways...the usual registration and id deal...came back super fast and this time with his buddy up by my window and asked if there were any weapons in the car...uh ya. there was a 12 gauge in the back seat with no ammo present...he asks again..."no handguns?" cause i see you dont have a concealed carry permit and looks like you have a handgun case in the back seat too....
w: "oh, no thats the cleaning kit for the shotgun."
cop: "ok, well have a nice night"

we continue on our way. we hit the freeway and after a little ways a highway patrolman sitting in the middle lane pulls out after we pass by. (you know where this is going dont ya). so he takes a while deciding if its worth it and then finally catches up to us...we pull into the right lane. he's right on our butt. he hits the lights. we laugh and groan at the same time. its already midnight and at this point just want to make it home before 1 in the morning. . we pull over and he comes up to my window...same spiel over again...we told him we had just been pulled over in st george and were just on our way home from his brothers birthday.
cop: "did he give you a ticket?"
w: "no.."
cop: "k. dont go anywhere. ill be right back with your stuff after i check it all out"
w: (after the cop walks away) "at this rate if we get pulled over every 10 mins, we'll be lucky to be home before 2.....this has to go in the blog!!"
i just laugh at him...cop comes back. woody got a warning out of it and we went on our merry way. finally got back. he walks me up to my door and "those magnets" (he quotes me now...great lol. i dont mind...its funny) made it hard for him to leave. i swear i tried kicking him out (sorta). i like him being here but i know he needs the sleep...he finally leaves and i crawl in bed.

wake up? room is a disaster...ok so its still a disaster but as soon as i woke up i went to grab one of my yogurts in the fridge from down the hall....i had put my name on each one and such...but where two were supposed to be, there was only one. i had bought 3-vanilla, banana cream pie, and key lime pie. i had already eaten the banana one...wanna guess which one was stolen? my key lime pie. of course. ugh. i eat my yogurt and have simply only sat here and written this ridiculously long post. great. im gonna grab some lunch and then get ready for the dinner tonight even though i have horsemanship first...i got this.

hm...maybe ill clean my room up. now theres an idea....anywats...