Monday, April 26, 2010

the pregnant crack addict in the corner

first off.
i can move! not to say i couldnt before, but i can walk upright, run, jump, climb, dance, cough, hiccup, etc all without pain. its a lovely thing to be sure. granted i have a searing headache almost 24/7 and aspirin and water doesnt help much with it but i think thats because the antibiotics tell me to avoid all light...sunglasses are definitely helpful.

sheri dew came and spoke saturday morning...i got there late and was assisted down the stairs and to my seat since i was still a bit ify walking and doing stairs that day...(yes i got tired going down the stairs. it happens ok? needless to stay climbing back up em was not fun). sat front and center...and when i say that i mean second row, center aisle seat. ya. way cool and good speech.
after that, grabbed some breakfast with woody and then later that afternoon (after ensuring i was drugged) headed to a lunch thing up in enoch(?) for the engineering majors. an hour drive to a ranch...beautiful. i only had a bite of the yummy buffalo burger (i cant stuff hurts). ok. so there was this bull....his hips? taller than me. this guy was gigundo! i could curl up in a ball and prolly would have fit in his skull. way huge bull. had a curly haired forehead...all white. slapping the bull was suggested to several one did it. prolly cause even if the guy made it through the fence...after just a few times of running into the metal railing, im sure the bull wouldve gotten through too. "go ahead...itll give the biggest adrenaline rush ever. plus there's a clinic in panguitch. we've been there before"

there was this one game...woody called it "golf" ...not the way ive ever played golf lol. two balls on a string with a thing you try to catch them on for points...anyways it was fun. a ladies man of a little kid running around...sigh. ill broach that topic later.there was a cute brindle boxer pup running around....ah to have a boxer. i like em...definitely want natural ears...and if possible a natural tail would be nice too. though...i definitely like the mini schnauzer we have back home. she's a sweetheart...the only lady in the family with a beautiful full mustache and beard. all black (though she's what...5? and already graying out) and spunky...natural ears and just a great dog. ...alright so not too long ago i decided that when i have a ranch i want rhodesian ridgebacks for my ranch dog. hands down. say im out on a ride or something...this dog was bred to run alongside horses for miles and miles and miles. bonus? they were bred to fight lions...thats a dog i want at my side if i ever run into trouble on the trail or anything that could cause problems...mountain lions, bears, etc. plus a great family dog...great with kids and just good dogs. idk. just a breed i want lol.

k so enough tangents...story time...hehehe
so sunday...oh boy. didnt get to my ward...went with woody. let me pause here and say that my belly is still swollen from surgery, the CO2, bruising, and such...aka i have a prego looking belly. i have needle marks and bruising around it from the IVs and blood tests. i look like a crack addict. here i am sitting in the front of the church with woody looking like a pregnant crack addict. great. oh it gets better lol...announcement time from the church...announcing of the newly moved in members
"we would like to welcome rachel ann woodbury!"
...let me pause here for everyone. my name is rachel ann. woody's last name is woodbury. awkward. so when he hears rachel ann he looks at me and im looking at him and do a fast swivel to see if anyone stands up. when he hears woodbury he looks to see who the new girl is......too bad no one stood up...ya. weird. so i get to relief society and the girl that gave a talk during sacrament sits next to me and asks if im woodys sister or im the girlfriend. *pause* ...i ask if she asked because of the announcement in sacrament. she said yes and i laughed and explained the whole rachel ann woodbury thing...needless to say she laughed and thought that was a little weird.
later he was walking with me to my room and he goes "you know my last girlfriend went crazy...and here you are already changing your last name!"
"it wasnt me i swear!"
"man...i havent even proposed and youre already changing it...i dont know if i can do this! *big grin*.."
.....(for the record even though no one stood up in church i swear it was not me)
we walk a little further and he stops me.
"you know what tho? rachel ann woodbury rolls off the tongue really well...*smile*..."

oh. well...can i just say real fast that im gonna miss him over the summer? majorly. ugh. plans have already been made for a camping trip once i get back in town. i cant wait. cant wait to be back. cant wait to see him..which...
...people ask when the wedding is...when im getting a ring...that i better send them an invite... i wish they would chill. i wanna smack em and be like..."im not worried about it. i dont think about it...why do you care?" i guess cause its utah that has something to do with it but ...guys..i just got out of a 15 month relationship just 3 months ago. i was engaged. i had the ring on the finger. obviously that fell through. im in no rush to get married or engaged for that matter. guaranteed i wont be married before 20 and yes, i live in utah and yes im fine with that.
...and i guess from this topic i can jump to one i said i would cover earlier: kids. love em to death. ive mentioned the maternal instinct..i love playin with them. i have no problems with spit-up, throw-up, diapers...been there done it all. lets say i see no kids but i hear em...the attention (of listening) goes to the kids or babies. a cry or scream elicits a glance to make sure everything is ok...thats just how i am. honestly? cant wait til i have my own. (they better be little cause after this last surgery i refuse to have a c-section. its the maternal thing again...i have to be well so that i can protect for them). there will also be no epidurals. not happening. sorry. youre not sticking a needle in my spine. with the news my uterus is in a weird place plus just a deep secret fear that i cant or wont be able to have kids...*shiver* mom says mine is just like hers...near the spine and she had 4 kids so it eases the fear a lot but still... and ok so yes, i was one of the girls that had at least one name picked out years ago... k for the first time publicly i will reveal them lol. (sorry im in a weird mood). girl: lily margaret -margaret comes from my grandma edwards...something for her since i looked up to her as a little girl even if i didnt see her much. boy: aiden james -first name is definitely available to change but honest to goodness the name james grabbed my attention a few years ago and its just stuck around.

k...subject change. finally got my stuff from the ex. didnt get everything of course. got my clothes but yearbook. it was interesting for woody to be standing there next to me when i opened up the box...anywats (and yes i meant to put a t instead of a y thank you).

packing is coming along nicely...everything is going to 4 different places: home, colorado, woodys place (including the bike), and DI (or trash). ...lots to sort through and get done. studying? hate it. 2 finals tomorrow, 1 wednesday, and 2 thursday. oh! oh! so tomorrow, heading to st george...gonna hit up the jolley ranchwear store thats going outa business! cant wait lol. on to the birthday dinner (happy birfday bridget!!) then driving the truck back to cedar solo.

checking out of the dorms thursday morning...leaving cedar thursday afternoon to go to st george. las vegas friday to fly home...home just in time for my sisters bday...cant wait. i told woody "drats! i wont be able to pick up my sister when i get home!" (doc's orders of no lifting anything over 25lbs for the next 2 weeks). his response..."wait, how old is she?"
"she's turning 10...*laugh*.."
"isnt that a good thing?! she's prolly almost as big as you!"
"well ya, she's almost as tall as me...but she's only like 60 some lbs..."
...he just shook his head lol.

ok. this is ridiculously long enough...sorry. lots of rambling this time. peace!