Sunday, August 15, 2010

adventures in a small town ER...cont is the second part to the hospital story where was i? ...oh yes. arriving at the hospital. so they sit me on a bed in the ER and ask what had been going on since i left them the other day...and then proceed to try to get some blood outa me and start me on an iv. im tired, im sick, and once again in my life my body is refusing to cooperate for the nurses and doctors. they poked me all over the place...blew out two veins and end up calling an off-duty ER nurse to come in to see if she can get it. at that point i was ready to say just stab something and get the blood...but they had to worry about getting an iv in as well so that wouldnt have worked. by the time they were done i had something like 15ish holes in me and was falling asleep. my white blood cell count was through the roof still, i was severely dehydrated, and my spleen and liver were dangerously swollen...i was put into an overnight room and was being given potassium chloride on a fast drip...after the drip starting hurting from the potassium, it was changed and i fell asleep...the bag was changed in the morning and i was given another whole bag of potassium chloride. would be my case on top of this...once im full of fluids my period starts...ugh.

i lay in bed entertaining myself by wondering if people in the trailer park ever watched the people in the hospital like they were rats...then my train of thought would know that little voice in our head? not like a psychotic one, but like the one we all have...thats how we decide things, how we actually keep sane. anyways...i compared how even when we talk to ourselves...there are those people that move their lips or even gesture when talking to themselves when alone...and the differences you often see between men and women when you notice this.. dont fall in one of these categories.

women are more prone to talk to themselves i feel...we are the sort that have to work things out, plan how things should go, rehearse it, etc...i dont think that guys as a general rule talk to themselves out loud when thinking about things...anyways i had a whole point to that when i sat in the hospital but ive lost that train of thought...what i do remember is when i would get up to go to the bathroom i would unplug the monitor thing and kind of dance with it to the bathroom and when i would come out of the bathroom...i would peek out the door, look around and hum the mission impossible theme song...(yes i did just admit to that) but i had to amuse myself somehow!

i find it sad that because im a teenager they have to give me an ultrasound...yes there was more than one purpose to it but still...this time tho at least it was the traditional belly and gel ultrasound....thankfully nothing was found out of place that we didnt already know about tho several organs were swollen (liver and spleen) and other then that all seemed to look pretty good.

the hospital food was terrible and i swear if another hospital tries to force me to eat rubbery jello one more something! lol...i was gonna say throw up but thatll only keep you in the pin longer so i wont do that lol...ill figure something out tho. well...anyways...i end up going back to the ranch later that day and end up working the next day (just not in the kitchen). im weak, im tired and im told i cant ride horses or lift anything heavy because my liver and spleen were so swollen that i could bust em at anytime and they didnt want me doing anything that could do that...and personally i didnt wanna die so i listened.

thankfully im alive and well now...and sadly that was what it took to turn my summer put a smile on my face and definitely prepare me for the return to utah...i couldnt wait and honestly now that im grateful for the experience but i wouldnt go back to the ranch to work.