Friday, February 19, 2010

a lovely week (recap)

ok. i know its been a while. im sorry. i honestly have been so busy, busy, busy ..(or when not busy, trying to catch up on the lost sleep) that i just havent had the time to sit down and share everything. this one will be a general overview of the past week. (if i can even remember everything!)

had classes and then i was supposed to get ready for the superhero dance institute was putting together. (grant will henceforth be referred to as what i call him and what the world knows him by...woody). woody and i were supposed to be going together. so he came over to help me figure out what in the world im going to wear. i have no superhero outfits. tragic, i know. anyways, so we throw stuff was awesome. then we get a shirt from his "big bro" (sigma chi) and we head to woody's place. he was gonna be wolverine. he pulled it off...even without the crazy sideburns/beard thing he does. after getting ready, we head over to the institute since he is on the committee to help setup. we head to the sig chi house (thats prolly the longest youll ever see me say the frat name from now on), meet two of the guys. going to pause here and say that the guys were mormon, watching the olypmics (ice dancing specifically), and one was sorting casings from a tumbler...yup. after that we grabbed arby's and went to the sig house to eat...watching ice dancing of course. ...did anyone else notice the russians' outfits? the girl was wearing a skirt. nothing abnormal there right? well the top? it was a blazer on backwards. kid you not. it didnt fit right the way she had it on and there were legit pockets on it...on the front of the blazer which was on her back...awkward. after that we headed to the dance. why in the world did i not go to an institute dance before this?! it was Awesome! granted woody and i were tired so we didnt stay that long but we did get a dance or two in between socializing with the other superheros. headed back to his place cause we had planned on watching a movie at his place again. i changed into some of his gym shorts rather then stay in tights and daisy dukes (it was part of the costume k?) the movie was "all about steve" and i thought for sure i would fall asleep since i was so tired, but he and i both stayed awake for the whole thing. when it was over it was a little past 1 in the morning...

he asked if i wanted him to take me back to my place...i told him i wouldnt get to sleep for another 2 hours if i got back to my place and i would get more sleep if i stayed at his place and crashed on the couch again. (we share the couch so no its not like he gets the bed and i get the couch). we both fell asleep fairly soon after. we both wake up later and just lay there talking about stuff. mom 8 in the morning...on a saturday. what was she thinking?! lol. i ignore it and we keep talking and drifting in and out of sleep. finally around a little later in the morning he makes breakfast and i call mom back. breakfast was yummy and we got ready for sledding like he had planned earlier that week. there is this place up the canyon that is an awesome place to go sledding and such. this was no hill. this was like a small mountain. the sleds? he had rented two of the new airboards (inflated and steerable) from the outdoor rec center at school...first time down? we both wiped out completely. he flipped headfirst down the hill...i proceeded to fly through the air, hit my knee and flip onto my back and slide down the hill on my was AWESOME! we had tons of fun up there sledding, wrestling, snowball fights, and exploring of the already made igloos. it didnt even occur to me that i was standing on a good..oh..6-10ft of snow (depending on where it was). ya. sweetness...we were up there for hours...headed to my place, got some hot chocolate, and then we each got ready at our own places to go see a ballet. my roomie carlie was in it and i had gotten a ticket to see it while woody had gotten a ticket earlier cause a sig brother was in it and he was going to support him. the roomies, woody, and i all sat together. the roomies and i headed to dq for some ice some food and ice cream time was time for bed.

i hurt from my crash down the hill. i hadnt even thought about the fact that ive had more gentle car accidents and my back hurts from those and that just maybe i should take aspirin (which technically im allergic too..ugh) and my hot pad and just be still. i was out cold and when i did wake up i couldnt sit took a while (around 4 pm) to finally get up and out of bed. got ready for the fireside which starts at 6...a nice man in a pick-up heading to the fireside picked me up and drove me the rest of the way (woody was busy as a greeter). i found him and we sat together. met some of his friends and then we headed to ward prayer. he made sure i had a ride before he left since i had to stay behind to rehearse with the RS for the bishop rap. (to be expounded on later). said a proper goodbye and after getting back to the dorms, it was bed time.

after classes, woody and i ran some errands...even ended up driving his truck cause he had to get a school vehicle for the trip he was gonna take. later he and i worked on hw in the library before he had a meeting...briefly saw some of the sig guys...after his meeting he had to leave for SLC so we said goodbye and i asked that he just let me know they got there safe. i headed back to my room after getting a bunch of hw done (amazing that i get more work done hanging out with someone then when i was actually "with" someone). its nice. he let me know they got there in one piece...i went to bed.

classes. chilled until a friend took me out to ice cream as ordered by sgt lasson in rotc upon finding out i was single. yup professors do that. we went to maggie moo' was yummy. mint ice cream with marshmellows and oreo chunks in it...yup. delicioso. we caught up since we hadnt really talked much in a while. ...speaking of which condie still owes me a lunch. hm.. anyways. got back and woody told me he was leaving SLC and if i was still awake when he got back would like to stop by and say when he got back in town he came by and we chilled in my room for a bit (the roomies were in the other room and my door was open thank you). talked, listened to music, and just silently enjoyed some moments. at one *cough* moment mols walks in and woody and i end up mols puts it? "i ruin all romantic moments." thanks mols. you didnt ruin anything was funny. tam? he's heard some of your songs. and after listening to some of my music, listening to me talk, seeing things in my room, and even seeing some words i type when i text..he came out and said "you really are a southern girl." he also wanted to borrow my cheri magill cd so he could make a copy since he liked what he heard in that ringtone i made from one of her songs. (he has let it ring and ring when i call him just so he can listen to it) ...i think that means its a hit. after another hour or more of trying to say never happens...we just cant say bye...its weird. he finally gets out the door and leaves...he forgot the cd...i wish i could say i planned that so i would see him again, but no..we both just forgot about the cd. off to bed.

classes. history class we discussed the civil war. the question was asked of the class "what do you think of when you think of the south/north." the responses? let me just say there was not a positive, nice one. if we were to be asked what we thought of when we thought of the west...i can honestly say i know the response wouldnt be that bad. ugh. whatever. they just dont know. oh and the fact that my professors precious texas wouldnt be around if it hadnt been for the volunteer state...aka tennesee. hmph. anyways...woody is super busy. the bishop rap is tonight and so i go buy some school sweatpants from the bookstore and borrow a hat from a friend and have the ultimate gangster getup. ...too bad it had snowed and im sagging. ...ya. so i head to the library to get some stuff done before i head to dinner...i love getting odd looks when im ghetto-ed up. i was wearing red k.e.d. knock-offs, black school embellished baggy sweatpants, green boys basketball shorts, volleyball shorts, tanktop, a wifebeater, a big and tall white tee, a red bandanna around my head with a flatbill, gangster hat with some serious bling for earrings. hair in a bun smushed between the hat and bandanna. and yes i was doing the legit serious sagging with holding the pants up by the crotch (it was necessary with the snow and ice anyways but they dont have to know that). oh ya, you know everyone was jealous of my ghetto-ness. headed to church looking like that...i had completely forgotten that they had said come in church clothes so you can change in and out for your performance. ours was the best of course. once i get a copy of the rap ill put it up here and on fb. i had tons of fun like that. got back to the dorms and find out...i lost my tcard...which is how i get in the dorms, in my room, and how i eat... its kinda important. so i find a friend and end up with him and another of his friends to take me to the church and try and get my key cause i thought i had left it there. (by this time i had taken the huge shirt off and was just wearing everything else i told you about earlier). it wasnt there. drats. then i find out we are heading to walmart. ...ill skip the illicit, illegal acts commited (i mean...nothing happened). i was not involved. fyi. get back to the dorms and woody shows up. he asks if i want to go on a short adventure with him...i was in an adventurous mood and said yes id like to go. so he picks me up and we head over to the gym building parking lot...let me just say- one. he can drive. no fears and you know me and cars. i was laughing...all is well with him. ok ya i just said that but w/e. two. that was super duper fun! drifting and turning in his truck on the was all fresh snow so it was sweet! we did donuts and such...and coming from the south? thats something i havent done. it was so much fun and i thoroughly enjoyed the short adventure. got back to the dorms and he walked me up to my room again. said the usual extended, hard to do goodbye and once he got on the elevator i ran to my he walked by i opened my window and whistled at him...we had a nice little convo acting like we had never met was nice (oddly) lol. so he finally leaves and i head down the hall to give the guy his hat back. well since illicit things were being done, i text ahead of time to let 'em know its cool and its me knocking. i walk in and hand the hat over, but i dont leave. one thing after another and...i relapse. ya i know. i kick myself for it. thanks k? (its just a reminder that its not something i want in my life. i have better things and better people and that is what i want). at one certain point i know its getting to me and the roomies tell me they are shutting and locking the door..and since i have no key i would be locked out. after another certain benchmark i know that im losing my mind but at that point i didnt care. so after 5 i was certainly gone. thats all i will say about the state i was in. i remember everything. i know i fell asleep on the chairs and that i was moved to the floor to sleep.

the roomies text me saying they are leavin for class and that if i want in the room i should get my butt back to the room. i did just that, popped a bag of popcorn for the munchies (not that kind of munchy thanks). walked to the library where kenz was who said she had my tcard. went straight to rotc and chilled there for a few hours and then headed back to the room to finally clean up. finally got some food in my stomach...i had been pouring dry fruity dino flakes in my mug and eating em out of there dry...not doing so much for me...after eating at the caf i came back and took a nice hour nap til horsemanship. kev picked me up and we headed to class. i got my loyal steed...he's loyal only cause i bring carrots...but still. grabbed the tiny saddle i had discovered and all we did we ride trail at a was bitter out there. its usually at least a good 10 degrees colder out there at the farm cause there are no hills blocking the wind like on campus. ...sidenote-there was this amazing black gelding that this girl has up for sale. looks like a fresian/draft mix...or maybe just a large fresian (16.3 hands)...handsome looking thing, good natured and was drooling. anyways, class over. i get back to the dorms and i call up woody...he was across campus and was about to go shopping for stuff for the sig thing tonight and asks if i wanna come with...i do, so he comes and gets me. im so glad he doesnt mind muddy, mucky boots and me smelling like a horse...especially when he holds my hand, kisses it, and its still dirty from the horses and smells like em...we head to the grocery store and get some stuff and then since i have never had pita he grabs some but there is no pita we shall have to save the trying new foods for another day once he finds some pita bread. as we head to his place he asks what im doing next weekend...ends up that he and i are heading to st george for a violist's performance (president oaks daughter) next friday. and then also it appears next saturday he and i are having a dinner date...we are making dinner together and are gonna watch a movie...sounds like fun! and then while im sitting at the kitchen table we get talking about guns and he asks if i like shooting. ......*duh!* "yes i do like shooting" he points out the full box of skeet sitting there and a mostly full box of shells and says "well we'll have to go do that sometime"...heck yes! im super excited. i seriously cant wait. doing all this stuff is gonna be a blast and i so look forward to doing stuff with him. as i write all of this, im simply killing time til i get a message from him saying the sig chi thing is over and they're all heading to denny's. he invited me along as well as one our mutual friends so that if things were busy with the guys still she and i could chill together and i wouldnt be alone. if the denny's run doesnt happen, he said he'd still stop by...either way? win-win situation. maybe this time the cd wont be forgotten ;) no guarantee though...well goodnight.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

my cheeks hurt from smiling

i know its been a while since ive updated this...ive honestly just been so busy with ...well having fun that i havent had a moment to really even get on my computer that much!

ill pick up where my amazing time left off...
after getting back from grants place i got on the computer, tried to nap, and just chilled in my room. i knew i had nothing else planned for the day so no stress. i go to dinner and then grant texts me...short story to that is, he picks me up to get quarters so i could do my laundry...he was gonna do his at the laundromat but when i found out its cheaper to do it in the dorms, i invited him over to do his laundry with me. so he did. while that was going on we sat in the study room...him doing some homework, me coloring a coloring book. yup. we both had little sleep to be running on and he started falling asleep while i made him some popcorn, gave him the bag of mixed nuts i had gotten for my bday...his laundry was done but i had a few more loads...(found one of his socks still in the washer so he told me to throw it in with my stuff, so i did). i was after midnight when he left...and i still had his sock. (i had actually remembered i had it before he left, but since he didnt ask for it, i kept it as a reason i would have to see him again) ...i smart lol. he got home safe, i finished my laundry, and went to bed.

tuesday. mom calls to wake me up cause i asked her to...kinda. didnt get out of bed anyways. what got me out of bed though is a crime. the fire alarm went off again. UGH! only the second floor. again. none of the roommates were here so i threw on my boots, grabbed the fleece and headed downstairs. none of us even went outside. we sat on the first floor lounge. nothing wrong with that. there is no fire. this is actually the 4th time its gone off in the last few days...(the other times i wasnt in the dorms). thought about going to institute just as i snow boots, shorts, tanktop, and fleece. didnt though. after the maintenance guys announced that the system was inoperable...they said we were able to go back to our rooms. so up we went, and since i was very awake now...i decided i would get ready for class. scrunched the hair and put some stuff knew i looked good in on...all modest of course and included my magenta cowgirl boots. i didnt even think to do it cause i would see grant on campus (because i never Do see him on campus). funny though cause i walked down to the rotc rooms which are in the basement of the engineering one there so i left. as i was walking out, grant was just pulling in to the engineering building parking lot. so i stopped and talked to him for a second...reminded him that i still had his sock (he said i could use it as insurance to see him later) why hadnt i thought of that? talk for a bit, have a goodbye hug and he leaves to do his thing while i head over to institute to work on some homework and sign the contract for the ranch. finished with that...mailed the contract back out. that evening, im talking to grant and he stops by...mols was walking in the same time as him so she let him in and followed her up to our room (yes the roomies have seen him). he comes in, i give him his sock, we talk about ringtones, hw, stuff. after a little while he leaves. shortly after that i get a call from him. he says he has a task for me but i have to agree to it before he can tell me what it is. i agree to whatever it is and then he says he wants me to find a ringtone that I thinks fits me and that i like and to send it to him so that he can put it as my ringtone. (what he doesnt know is that i also found one as his song for my phone). anyways...didnt find it that night. bedtime.

wednesday. i had an idea for the ringtone. there is this song by cheri magill called typical girl and ive always loved it...thought it fit me well and most people dont know it. (i found the cd at the temple bookstore next to the temple after christy's wedding) lol. now im even more glad i went ;) so i upload the song, make it into a ringtone and send it to him. he likes it. yes! well during biology a friend who has skipped the class for what...3 weeks? finally comes again. he sits next to me. finds out im single. (i wish i could record peoples faces here when i say im single...its that good.) class was hilarious. im in a hyper mood. somehow cars are brought up. he asks what im doing after class...
me: nothing...why?
him: wanna go around town to all the dealerships and drool over sexy cars after class?
me: SURE!!
so we do lol...after stopping to look at motorcycles. now let me stop here to somewhat tell you what i was wearing. an awesome shirt...and a chevy hat and wavy hair in a side pony tail...yup. so we cruise around town looking at camaros and the 2010 mustang. discuss the bullitt, engines, body, mpg, tail fins, everything lol. yup. i hold my own. :) he takes me back to the dorms and drop me off. i finish off my huge box of nerds. eat dinner. head to church. we get the lyrics printed up for the rap next week. grant was doing homework and asked if i would stop by if i wasnt i did. short of that story? while he was doing his calculus homework, i redid his powerpoint presentation cause his flashdrive had corrupted the one he had put on there. i didnt mind. short and simple. when he was done in there i walked with him back to his truck and he drove me to the dorms and once again walked me to my bedroom...a nice long hug. then bed.

(there is a pause here as he comes over to watch the olympics with me) k im back...

Monday, February 15, 2010

what a perfect time consists of :)

got ready for the fireside last night since (lol ill call him grant for now) was back from reno and we had said we would save a seat for the other...depending on who got there first. i got there first and saved him a spot on the bench...a ton of girls decided to it on the same bench as at that point i was just trying to save enough room for "grant." he showed up just in time and we sat and listened to the was a different type of talk...she sang and played the guitar and it was amazing. so talented and gave me the goosebumps...that good. i told grant that he could come to the ward prayer with he did. that being over he and i walked into the gym (as all churches have)...talked about his trip to reno, his shoes (dont ask), guys, dates. he asked if i wanted to play a game or do something he drove me to my dorm, parked his truck, and came inside with me. head to my room and grab some of mols' games...operation and jenga.

head to the lounge...we play operation first...laughs were numerous. time for jenga. honestly i dont do well with this game so i hoped for the best...45 mins later the same game was still going! we were laughing so hard, making fun of each other...all in all marvelous times...he got the last 30ish mins of the game on his phone...and who was the one that lost? ...him :) was an epic back and forth game...we had literally gotten it to the point were there were no more pieces you could have taken out...either it was a single piece per layer or it was the two side pieces...he flicked the piece out and it stayed for 2 seconds...and then it came crashing down...towards me! at the point when it fell it was taller then him sitting in the chair...crazy!

we put the games up and then watched the incredibles with some other people in the lounge. thats always a good movie. well movie gets over and its ...midnight-ish? everyone that watched the movie just sites and chills...talking or looking through stuff on laptops...we watch the shorts and then the movie and the player and most of the other people left. grant and i are still in the lounge looking up stuff on my comp. laughing over videos...finding each other on facebook and looking at pics. i think every hour he was like...well i need to go home and get to bed...all of which didnt happen that hour...then the infomercials came on....the first one was that ab thingamabob...funny to watch...and then....the fein multipurpose tool. we were both astounded by this tool and i was sitting thinking i wished i had had that tool last summer while working and thinking how handy that would be...grant? he really wanted it lol. he's a handyman and renovator and such...he knew that tool would be amazing to yes, we talked about this mulitporpose tool and watched the entire infomercial. after it was over we finally turned the off tv and he walked me to my room. he handed me my comp while i handed his suit coat he had laid on my bed earlier. hugged, said bye and he left. i get ready for bed and then i get a text from im hungry. i laughed and text back...that convo ended in him driving back to the dorms and picking me up (at 430ish in the morning). took me back to his apartment so he could make some pancakes for us to eat.

while we wait for pancakes, we talk about some of the stuff in his room, his mission, trips...we share stories and about the competition he was at in reno...a lot of things were talked about. we eat the pancakes...they were yummy...he restrings his guitar while i try to make a four-leaf clover out of the old the first time but the second time was better. look through some pics on his computer...look at the photographs on his watching was suggested and so then we had to pick one out...Oscar (with Sylvester Stallone) was finally chosen. ill pause here to say, i trust him. he's a great guy and at no point did i worry or have a lurking feeling of worry or warning. so he sets the movie up, i plop down on the couch and he throws a blanket to me, sits down next to me and the movie starts. ...eventually we both fall asleep watching the movie and cuddling. the sun was already coming up and my alarm on my phone had gone off at the time it would to go to class (good thing no school yesterday). wake up and fall back asleep still cuddling. when we are both awake we just lay there talking for hours until he remembers he has other things to do. he drives me back to my place and walks me to my bedroom (not just the door of the dorm building). talk another minute or two, hug, and then he leaves and i walk in my room.

while not technically a was the best time of my life. the most fun, the most laughs, everything... sidenote (when im in the truck with him...i dont get worked up about being in a vehicle. i dont tense up, i dont worry. its a lovely respite for me.)

i hope for many more times like this :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

a 24 hr tale

i am currently listening to my amazing sound system shake the walls and floor of my entire dorm suite....gotta love the subs + tweeters.

so a lot has happened in the last 24 hours....and this will only include the last 24 hours. be prepared to be awed. (ok not really but its an interesting time).

i woke up at 1.30 yesterday afternoon. had a bowl of cereal since i had missed the school brunch. threw baby powder in the hair to make it not look so greasy (blondes can do this...not recommended for darker colors). straightened the hair up and then put it half up in a clip, threw a dress on, heels, makeup, purse. hopped in the car with mols, ginny, and tyler to head over to the was a multi-ward temple trip. we split for the ride down to st. george and people that have recommends go in for baptisms...i wander the grounds, take some pictures, and head to the visitors center. pretty amazing. there was a brand new exhibit-the mormon tabernacle had clothing and conductor's wands (one of which was made from a fallen tree from the sacred grove). well once everyone was done and ready to go, our ward headed to this restaurant called Iceberg. i wish i could upload pics from my phone...the shakes are ginormous! a mini? think like 7in tall....and a regular? they fill the mini, stick it in a bigger cup and then fill that up and have 3in visible above the top rim of the second cup. HUGE! they have three columns of flavors and i choose clue why but it was yummy. the tables? there were booths along the walls but in the center was this huge wavy U-shaped table that had stools. pull up a stool and hang with was cool. well mols only wanted a shake from here...but she wanted a burger from in-n-out. so we went on an adventure to find this infamous in-n-out. when we finally found was what i would consider packed. ...not so. it was calm for in-n-out on a saturday night. holy crap! that was crazy! apparently thats the place to be and since its the only one around for 200miles it gets popular. they have THE best fries ever. everything is so fresh and yummy...the place was super clean and the workers were super happy...weird. i wonder...nah.

so we get back to cedar and i change into baggy basketball shorts and a tank top and just chill in the room. well i get a message asking if i wanna see a movie...well since it seems the party feel through for camping instead i agree....throw on my fleece jacket, plaid keds, and mols homemade valentines day crown...with my shake from iceberg still. so since nothing that interests us at the theater is going to start anytime soon, we head to blockbuster or whatever its called here. we wander forever trying to figure out what we wanna super hyper....remember ive only been awake for about 9 hours and had practically nothing but sugar...we mock movies and ask the workers if they have a few movies...they dont. blast! so then we see this trailer for District we grab that movie and head to his place to grab the dvd player so we can hook it up to the tv in the dorm lounge. once its hooked up in the dorm lounge some friends come in and watch the movie with we get half way through the movie when we realize...oh! there ARE subtitles for for the alien speech...drats. so we fix it and watch the last half of the movie with the subtitles...then once its over...we decide to watch the entire first half again just so we can see what they said...ya. good movie though. i really liked it.

so while the movie was going on i was texting two people...i know rude, but the guy that i was watching the movie with...well actually the group are just friends and arent that peeved by it. anyways so the friend that was in reno had just gotten back in town and he told me that after the fireside if i wanted to hang out then he would like to do that...and that he has "a little vday surprise" for stoked. the other person i was texting was the one that had invited me to the party that was supposed to be going on that night. well he said it was back on if i was up for after saying bye to the movie friend i headed to the back of the parking lot to meet him in the alley...already sounds bad doesnt it...stupid stupid me. i walked with him back to his place and found out that by then all the other partiers had headed home...great. get to his of guys. and all the roomies are not home. you would think i would just turn around and leave. nope. im stupid and stubborn. figured i got this...ill be cool and ill be in control of anything that happens to me. fail. when he walks into the kitchen he goes...k all i got to drink is water and beer. peeeerrrrfect. glad id brought my water bottle. so i finish my water bottle and we chill on separate couches watching war of the worlds. interesting movie....bad ending. had some interesting convos during the a mustang is in the movie..
i was that a '67?
him- nah thats a '69 shelby...GT
me- arent all shelby's GTs? (man im good...)
then we talk about his truck and all he was doing to it before it gotten taken away, starters on the cars in the movie, and philosophical ideas that would arise from this movie...anyways he downs three beers and falls asleep. i should have pulled a houdini and scrammed but i didnt wanna have to explain to the cops my state and why i was walking home at 5 in the morning...anyway...i text a friend in the morning to play a concerned roomie thats wondering where i am and if im going to church. thats the break i need to get out of there. he calls a buddy to come on over and celebrate his bday (yup valentines day...along with mi madre's bday today) and then he walks me back towards the dorms. run into bday boy on the way there...i know him and he has that look of "what the..." but i keep walking. i get back in the dorms and explain to carlie what had happened last night after i answered yes, i had just gotten home ...i take a shower and then head to brunch.

and here is the end of my 24hr tale. and i have yet to clean my room, do laundry, sleep, and read my overdue library books...sigh. good thing i have no school gonna need a day just to relax from my weekend cause i still have many hours in this day and no clue what it holds. peace.

Friday, February 12, 2010

fire alarms, singing grams, and epic olympics

not much worthy of mention for thursday...except that i did miss that math test and did not attend a single class that day. yup. thats right. i slept through all my classes except for the one i missed a few minutes of and then and there decided i had other things that had to be done before horsemanship. (i guess that counts as a class but...i dont really).

i asked a friend if i could borrow his car to run a few quick errands...he said yes. so i got the keys from him and found his small task when its a common car and a college campus. (yes i know technically i shouldnt drive. my luck plus the fact that im no longer covered by any vehicular insurance...and i know exactly who is going to freak out about im sorry but i still trust my driving over anyone else's.) id brought a pillow with me so i could sit higher in the situated...and then remembered id forgotten the check i was gonna take to the bank. drove to the dorm, ran in, got the check, ran out and drove to smith's cause they have my bank inside. took care of that and then i was gonna try and find an el cheapo pair of boots for horsemanship...i succeed with the first pair i picked up. laredo boots for $8. im awesome once again. got the car back to him in time to go where he needed to go.

my horsemanship class was really good for me. kevin was a little late picking me up so we had to find the horses...i found mine hiding behind a feeding trough while everyone else passed him by. i had grabbed some carrots and gave one to him after i walked up and haltered him. took him back, cleaned him up, cleaned the hooves (this class is the first place ive ever cared for hooves), tacked him up and we all headed to the arena. for most of the class we trotted. here comes my dilemma-being short, i simply grabbed a saddle that i could reach that i could tell would have short enough luck i had grabbed a huge seat. so learning to keep heels down while trotting is something im working on...especially when i have to deal with other horses in a foul mood and trying to make sure i kept my horse away from them, a large seat that i have to deal with, and posting properly...timing i have no problem with for posting (the instructor even said so. he says he can tell im a great rider i just have to fix and polish a few things...phew). the result of the class? i have bruises the size of fists on the inside of my knees...excruciating. and i honestly think they are swollen...and what did i want to do? go practice the next day...yup. call me crazy but i enjoy it. as i turned my horse back out to the pasture another horse actually walked up to be talked to and petted....lovely feeling it is. well after class kevin had to feed the cattle and horses out at his place so i went with him and just stood in the pasture with the horses til they decided they wanted to walk up to me...had all three which is definitely an accomplishment. get back to the dorms and go straight to dinner covered in muck, hair, dirt, and slobber im sure.

talked to the guy friend thats in reno...hes there for a national construction management competition. went to sleep. and now the story gets interesting.

my alarm goes off for me to go to my 8 o'clock class. i hop out of bed prolly twice to shut it up before finally shutting it off. mom called to make sure i was out of bed and gonna go to class (i swear thats not a usual thing). i fall back asleep. i then wake up to the loudest thing ive ever heard in my life. the fire alarm is going off. there is a siren right outside my door which is open...(its not the typical dorm setup but its hard to explain...just know that i have to walk through two doors to get to the dorm hallway from my room). this thing is way loud and way obnoxious. i threw some windbreakers over the shorts i had, grabbed a scarf and jacket and put my snow boots on...we walked out into the hall and everyone on the floor was wondering if it was real or just a drill...we headed down the stairs and out the door and stood in front of the building. i noticed i wasnt the only one to be dragged out of bed by the alarms...there we others in shorts, barefoot, and one even in legit pajamas with button up top and everything. let me explain how loud this alarm is. now the alarm was only going off on the 2nd floor (my floor). for only one floor's alarms and with doors and windows shut...we could hear it outside and across a parking lot. when the police got there (the firemen never came because their sensors hadnt detected anything so it wasnt up to them apparently) they finally got the entire alarm system to go off...for about 5 seconds. within the 5 seconds the fire systems went off on the outside of the building including the strobe lights...and was probably heard loud and clear a block away. you remember when in elementary school the alarms would go off and you didnt need to cover your ears? my ears are still ringing many hours later and it was painful to hear it. well after the entire system stopped freaking guessed it. the 2nd floor alarms were still going off. so a friend and i decided to go get breakfast dressed as we were (she was the one in the legit pjs and barefoot). when we came back, the alarms were off and we were allowed back inside.

now the mystery is...why did only the 2nd floor alarms go off? we may never know. but at least we know that they have to fix it so the entire building evacuates instead of a single floor inthe building (ya...we were the only floor to exit the building).

went and took my biology test. think i did pretty well. went to history. went and took my math test (a make-up one). came back to the dorm and waited for my singing gram. ...knock knock. i open the door and there is a circle of guys outside my they make me stand in the middle of them and they sing...very well i might little calendar girl. and one of the guys i knew from rotc last semester...weird. it was super cute, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and people would peer down the hall to see what was going on. so i walk back in, tell the friend thanks for the song and that it was awesome...

eat dinner with mols and head back to the dorms and set the tvs up for the olympics....watched the entire thing...let me just stop here for a second and say that it was an interesting opening ceremony. anyone else notice the punk rock, violin playing, kilt wearing, tattooed men wearing tap shoes? and the guys with sparklers attached to their shoes? or the kid they found in the circus to fly around? or the poet from youtube? or the epic fail (technical difficulties) of raising the cauldron for the torch? man. in all seriousness the best parts were the "aboriginal people" and watching the athletes walk in...ya. that was the best parts. after it was over mols and i went to walmart...then headed to taco a text inviting me to a party tomorrow. we shall see if i want to go...and if i do? i wont do a thing i dont want to do. lol...maybe ill be the DD. such a good me. ...and the party will be after the temple trip (ok rather a trip to the visitor center and grounds but itll be nice to get to st george and see the temple)...and THAT will be after i clean my room and participate in the chalk day...woohoo!

i knew i kept my sidewalk chalk around for some good reason.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

we be rapping it out in church...yo

i was talking to a billion (ok not really a billion, more like 6) people on facebook and other assorted ways last night...but i felt i was missing something. i wasnt a thing, it was a person. i picked up my phone trying to figure out who it was i felt i needed to talk to...i felt the name and text him (no youre not getting a name yet). well i have never just randomly text him and it was late...but he answered. learned he was leaving town early the next morning. we just text back and forth for hours...i think til what 2? in the morning...sounds about right...finished up my math homework about 330 and after taking some pills to knock me out, fell asleep around 4.

well the alarm finally got me out of bed...made myself a bowl of cereal, got ready for class

...(pause while i talk to him right this moment)... ok im back.

went to math class, came back to my room and took a nap til my history class at called and woke me up...half slept talked to her until she let me go back to sleep...alarm woke me up, went to history and sat with kayla and kenzie as usual.....then my phone buzzes and buzzes and buzzes and buzzes....i figure its my alarm going off on vibrate so i ignore it...then i wonder if its really a phone call, so i look at it...and its the guy from last night he's supposed to be on his way to reno...why in the world is he calling me...since i cant really leave the room to talk to him i text him asking whats up...he just asks that i call him back when i get a second. he tells me his service is going in and out so if he doesnt answer to just text him and he'll get back to me when he has signal.

class gets out and so i call him, no answer. i go buy mom a card for her bday and he calls me...we chitchat for little bit. he loses signal. he calls back and says...."i have a question for you"....i think my heart stopped...
me- ok...what is it?
him- so theres this thing the institute is doing...
me- uh huh...
him- would uh, would you mind if i sent you a singing gram like friday?
me- (pause) ...if you feel you should or you want to send me one, then i will accept it
him- ok! ill have to know when a good time to send it is and where to send them. k well im about to lose service so ill talk to you later k?
me- k...bye
him- bye

from then on the day only got better and better. classes went well, i had something to look forward to this weekend, and i was smiling from ear to ear. he and i text back and forth most of the afternoon and evening, and then he called me after church cause he had "a funny story" to tell me. told me more about what he's doing in reno and when he'll be back. we have a deal set up...who ever gets to the firesides first saves the other a seat (that way we get to see each other every fireside).

and during enrichment...we are working on a making a rap about the bishop or the bishopric...we shall see how this goes...and yes. we will be using my mad break dancing skills (or lack thereof lol)

justin and i have been texting for the last few mins...things are all good and in a year or two who knows...maybe we can meet up for lunch and catch up...its like a nice closure in a way...the public explosion unsettled me and now that he and i talked last night and tonight, i know i can move on a lot easier now. things will always be there...memories and such but now i think i can look back without it hurting much and eventually it wont hurt at all. i know he did this for my sake as well as his. he got me to where i am today and im extraordinarily grateful to him for that. we had differences and with us each going our separate way, we will each be happier in the long run. seems we are both already noticeably happier. i wish him the best. i wish him happiness. i wish for great days and nights to the both of us. ill always be here as a friend to you justin. just dont ask for too much, too soon. thank you for everything and ill see you around someday. good luck.

on another note, i have a friend. someone who's always been there for me through the good and bad. yes, he was once a boyfriend, but i broke it off. he's been a great friend and guide and source of laughter and many eye rolls (from sarcasm and stupid stuff) since. he and i have stayed in touch since he joined the navy...where he went from basic, to chicago, to san diego...he is deploying in a little while and is on leave to see family...ive asked him to come see me in utah before he ships out cause as tough as i know he is...i still worry my friend will come home in a body bag. its not an easy job...he is a navy corpsman. he runs with the marines...and patches them up. so he says he and a buddy will come down next weekend after some time back in clarksville...we shall see how much he and his buddy destroy in cedar before they leave...jk...kinda lol.

anyways i have a math test to review for, a biology test to try and study for and then bed....hopefully i dont miss the test at 8 in the morning...later

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 hours of sleep is....annoying

well, the saints won. pretty nice game. good commercials. then and there while i was watching the game, i decided no matter what, im throwing a super bowl party...ill make the food and get the chips, drinks and such. it was super annoying not having anything to eat...the guys all left at half time to get mickey d's and i went to get a bowl of cereal...and then i found out my milk had gone horribly horribly bad....went to bed late as per the norm now. i did do my math hw and was going to go to my class in the morning...but the alarm not getting me out of bed killed that idea. luckily tho, i did wake up in time for history (as im the official note taker for that class) i have to be there lol.

well after biology class, kevin picked me after i took a baggie of carrots from the cafeteria. we headed over to the farm to go ride cause i wanted to be on a horse. well the pasture was gross from melted snow and muck...finally caught spider (the one i ride) and brushed him out...all the while im brushing him, he's trying to steal the carrots out of my back pocket...silly horse. then as im brushing his neck spider would hug me and slobber all over my jacket...

well finally both horses are caught, cleaned, and tacked, we head for a long ride.

now let me stop here to tell you what i was wearing at this point...rubber and leather l.l.bean fleece lined boots covered in muck and snow, jeans, a tie-dye tank top, a wife beater, a nice fleece jacket, pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and a red viscose scarf with hair in a bun. sexy.

spider was a butt on the we danced in circles til he decided to listen. i think most of the ride we ended up trotting (which i enjoyed but kevin? not so much) i just laughed at him not riding properly and kept trotting. we were going to cross main street but once again spider freaked out and this time i wasnt gonna push it so we headed back. gave the last of the carrots to spider and rita (the qh kevin rides) and it was funny...i call the horses and they come to me, not the people that own and care for them :) yup. im just that good lol.

he took me home, tried to kiss me goodbye and i was like..."no. bye" then i went straight to dinner smelling of horse and muck...(and with hay, horse hair, dirt, and slobber all over me) and ended up sitting with a guy that used to live upstairs for dinner. had a nice little chat, found out he had been kicked out of the dorms and slowed down partying. i asked if he still had my number and if he even remembered the name...he knew the name, but had lost the number so i gave it to him and said to ever let me know if he was gonna go party and if he wanted to take me...(we will see how that goes). headed back to the dorms, and eventually after watching some tv went to bed.

set the alarm to go to class...that was another epic fail. missed math. missed institute. slept til 1...and i have psych class at 1...perfect. so i throw some clothes on grab my stuff and walk to class. (i actually enjoy that class). this is like the 5th day in a row ive slept so long. i dont know whats wrong with me...and no im NOT growing. its starting to snow again and in a matter of 2 mins the flakes went from teeny tiny to as big as my thumb. its funny to be walking around and blowing snowflakes off your nose and having em land on your eyelashes...

run into kayla and eliza on the way into the dorms, they mention a haircut so i agree to come...(my hair hasnt been cut since march of last year i think). so we head to the beauty college, theres a wait so we head to walmart (walmart IS always the answer). they grab some stuff and we head back. for $4 i got a shampoo and a cut...about 2 inches gone and some layers now. we head back...i head upstairs to blowdry the hair and then im sitting there going...crap. i havent gotten mom's present i text a friend and ask him what he's he picks me up, takes me to deseret books and then we stop at panda express for some food, head back to the dorms to eat it...and i get a text.

...a text from justin. just writing his name still gives me the fuzzies and makes my heart pound...sigh. well he and i text for a bit. i go from annoyed, to bawling in my room, to chill. ...and then mols hears me crying through a shut door...she comes in after a while and stands there after she shut the door behind her. she stares at me. ...i turn my music off and she asks what happened. i tell her and she just stands and listens. when im all done, she asks where my mug is and she takes it off to go make me double hot chocolate...delicious and best roommate ever. just her listening makes things better...she always knows what to say and i know she and many others are there for me. always.

math homework and books to read before i have to turn em back in this weekend. speaking of this i found out the harlem globetrotters were going to perform at my school tonight, so i was gonna grab tickets. too bad im flat broke. so didnt get to see em. argh. so then im looking at this site and i see all the stuff going on in utah in the next few days....and there is a ufc thing in SLC this weekend...interesting and would be cool to go see....until...i saw IT. monster truck show!!! in SLC this weekend!! way to get there...or buy tickets. ah well.

ill be here for the weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

off to get twinkies and kill zombies!!

first delete button is acting if anything is wonky on here...sorry.

also im sorry this is super long...i have a feeling most of my blogs will be long so sorry...

last night was an interesting night.
after eating dinner, i straighten my hair and put on some makeup to go to the gymnastics competition against kent state (we won of course). headed back to the dorms with kayla and kenzie and then went up to my room...carlie and molly had also gone to the comp and got back at the same time i did. we all wanted popcorn so we all got a bag and headed to the kitchen. well since the 2nd floor was dark cause people were watching a movie we headed upstairs and watched the movie while eating popcorn over the rail (and dropping an occasional piece below us on people on the couch). as i was eating my bag, this girl walks into the lounge/kitchen area and introduced us to her brother and her cousin...(they were cute). so the entire time im eating my popcorn, trying not to drop anymore on people and eyeing this cousin of hers. the movie that was on was zombieland and it was towards the end.

so as we're watching the movie carlie goes "oh!! we didnt get the twinkies! ...i dont want popcorn, i want to go get some twinkies! can we go get some tonight please?" so unfortunately i had to leave the cute guy upstairs and go to the gas station to get granted just getting to the car was another adventure. so as we head down the hall to the elevator, we run into nick...he wants to get twinkies too. now nick....he is super freaking tall. me standing next to him, i come up to his lower ribcage...ya. lol and he is on the baseball team and has no problems with picking us up and moving us if we are in the way or something. so molly calls shotgun in the doesnt have to be outside to call it. so molly, nick, and i are shoving and fighting to get out of the elevator first, then through the door to the entryway and i run to the wrong door....ugh. so molly and nick are fighting for shotgun out the door. ....but then they have to find the car cause if one beats the other they can lock the door and claim the seat. molly sees the car first and runs for it...nick takes like 5 strides and catches up...i see a scuffle over shotgun...and molly on the outside of the car. she and i get the back and we head to maverick.

im sure the poor cashier there sees lots of college kids late at night (its after 10). the stack of beer cases was taller then me. nick handed molly a case and ...well it was just priceless. molly called shotgun and beat nick to the car and locked herself in. poor giant nick is scrunched in the back seat and im just laughing at him the entire time back to the dorms. in the elevator, nick tries to steal the twinkies from carlie and she freaked out...priceless.

so we get back in our room and then i head back to the lounge to see if the cousin was still there....he wasnt but i sat and watched shawn of the dead (i think there was a theme of movies last night). then some commotion in the hall and we run out to see what it is. the hall is full of smoke...and someone says someone set off a smoke bomb....doesnt smell like a fire so its believable. well its trippy and so we decide to run through it...and then the RA walks out to see the smoke....its so hard to breathe the stuff and it kinda hurts the lungs and throat...katie (the RA) tells us to get in our rooms and shut the doors...there is dust all over the floor and its hard to see and breathe to get to my room. so i get in and shut the door...catch up on some tv, and after a while the vacuuming stops (they had to clean up the dust and hoped it would suck the smoke out of the air) so i head out to the one there.

i spot a spotlight outside and some car just sitting in the parking lot with lights on. well i head outside for a late night walk....its almost midnight now. i walk out the front door right in front of the guys in the car outside....and i hear bass. i seriously consider turning around to ask them what kind of subs they have in the car.....but i dont. i walk alone in the the cold and snow...i head back to the dorm and look around. still no cousin. walk back in the room and mess around on fb. ...walk into carlie's room to see what her and mols are watching...and there are guys in there! nick and rich...oh dear. and they're watching nacho libre!! awesome! only im burning up and hyper...but i chill and watch it and eat some red vines compliments of mols.

oh!! sidenote- please watch "im self smarted" will make things so much clearer for us. wait lets see if i can put it up...

and now you know...books will kill ya!

went for a walk later...think it was like 2 in the morning...carlie disappeared upstairs...i watched more tv to fall asleep to...and then miss church in the morning...its snowing again and i kinda wish it would stick...but its not that cold so its not too bad.

and now its superbowl afternoon...and i have church and a fireside to go to...but i wanna see the game! ugh...decisions, decisions...and i wouldnt mind if the colts won but then i also like the underdog...ive finally gotten around to cleaning my room...and now? time for more cleaning and music listening...and then off to church choir at least...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a calm night

i dance while getting ready to go out to eat and see Dear John. i put the crown on and walk out the door. we go to costa vida for dinner. the guy making my taco sings me a song. there is a guy in line i know...i wave and say hi...oh-he's on a date...bad. sit and eat. go to the theater-sold out. buy tickets for later showing. drive to walmart to kill time. buy candy for the movie. try on shoes. read a magazine. head to the dorms. meet eliza's date. we all head to the theater. friends of eliza and her date are seeing the movie at the same time. we all (7) sit in the third row. ive never been so close to a theater screen like that. i cry. i hand my sour gummy worms to kenzie to put them in her purse. she eats them all. i cry and cry and cry. movie finishes. we all leave. head back to the dorms. get changed into pajamas. head down to the girls' room. chit chat til eliza gets back. find out he tried to kiss her 3 times and each time, she would hug him or deny his advances. poor guy, he's prolly really confused. help eliza with laundry (more like talk while she does everything). tell her some of my life story from the past two years...that goes till 330 in the morning. all the while, i miss things. i miss justin. i miss my best friend. and i sit and realize...i have friends...but i dont have a best friend. justin was that best friend and i want to have that again...with someone. but i know i cant go a long time without a best friend. a friend can really only do so much for me. i want a best friend again. but i dont want a broken heart again. the little things remind me of him...of us. and then i wonder...has he done that yet with his new girlfriend? what do they do? blah, blah, blah...etc, etc, etc. its torture. is pain to see her name. torture to see his. i want to forget. i want to fully move on and im stuck right now. i dont want him as he is right now. i want his heart broken like he did to mine, but then i dont want him to hurt ever. i want him happy, safe and whole. but then my prayers of him finding a guidance, a light, something to find the gospel again and truly accept it this time, go against that since when he is at his best is not when he will seek answers. either that or i hope he accepts it in the next life if not this one. i sit and wonder if he renamed his fish i got him (her name was rachel and she is gorgeous). and then i wonder that if he the fish's name ashley now? stupid silly things. its always been the little things that i loved. the little things that made me smile. now its the little things that make me feel sick. the little things that make me wonder or worry. its not my place to care anymore but i do and i probably always will. and then i wonder...does he still care? does he wonder about me? is there a fond memory he thinks of? does he talk about the good times? i do. almost all the time. its been over 2 weeks? i should be farther then this. i have my ups and downs. and this is how the night of my 19th birthday every night of late. and then i wonder...does he remember its my birthday?

Friday, February 5, 2010

the start of 19 is this?

can i start my bday over? please? (i am going to be blunt in my have been forewarned.) i did my math homework last night...set my the scriptures...and then went to sleep praying as usual. my alarm does not go off. i miss my math class. i was just gonna get ready for the day and such when i go to the bathroom and get the first present. dearest mother nature had stopped by...argh!! how come the weather or something didnt slow her down? this is ridiculous...i have the luck of a fly trying to cross the interstate. doesnt happen. i also have been blessed with cramps that are near debilitating. i can barely walk sometimes. this day better start moving on the up and up...

its supposed to snow/rain today. snow is fine. rain? no thanks. its been overcast all day...cold and windy. yes i wore my queen crown i have...yes i wore my magenta cowboy boots (that were brown from horsemanship class yesterday). i also figured i would have some real fruit today. (with MY luck i should have died). maybe there is something for me lol. i ate a whole orange..besides that one piece that hit the floor...i was perfectly fine, except since i didnt take the body got drowsy anyways (from the fruit i think) and so...made bio class interesting.

the girlys are planning on possibly dinner out tonight and then on to see dear john in theaters tonight. oh! speaking of the girlys, i was eating lunch with them today and kayla goes..."im not mature...i mean, wait...crap." ...shortly after, kenzie was stretching and had a black coat on...kayla proceeded to grab the jacket and flap the sides...
kenzie: "what are you doing?"
kayla: "it reminded me of wings so i was flapping them for you..."
ah...such entertaining friends.

well im tired, i shall temporarily take to crown off, take a nap, and see how the rest of the night unfolds. ill fill ya in later ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

birthday. now 19...(and yes i did type 18 at first). feel different? actually, yes. im a day and a year older all at once. ya thisll prolly get published before the 5th, but right now i dont care all that much. where i am in the us, i was born 2 hours ago. im sitting here, my back hurts. i blame the car accidents i have accumulated over my life time and i see this as a perfect time to look back over my 19 years and remember them all.

1. dad totalled the car we were in on the way to the grandparents. spike was in my lap. i had no seatbelt on. as i went forward, the scriptures came out of the back window sill and landed on my prone back. (the word of God has never hit me as hard as that day).

2. mom hit a deer on the way home. yes i had the seatbelt this time

hm...these next few are kinda jumbled. they were all really close together.

3. lets see...i had moms car, (she doesnt know this...well at least not the truth). i rear-ended the guy in front of me...did nothing to his, he said all was good so i took off. that was valentines day last year..her bday. see why i lied?

4. about a week later i was almost to school when a guy in a brand new pickup rear-ended me...karma i guess. i was fine. hooray for sturdy metal bumpers. i let him go. in memory of the kind sir that did the same for me.

5. i totalled my truck...a mere week after graduation. it was fantastic. i meet some lovely good samaritans and EMTs. i also ran into a few docs from the poison ivy from that wreck too...and when they had to take the staple out of my head two weeks later. took out some trees and have a bump on the head and scars on the arm and an ankle that acts up now and then from that lovely day. but thanks to those sturdy metal bumpers im still here and in one piece.

6. a week before i leave for college a co-worker asked me to drive his car home for him. justin (my then bf) was gonna pick me up from work that day so he followed me to the guys house. ...he totalled the car i was in. yes that was him. (no most people dont know that). the car in front of me slammed the breaks. i had time and justin slowed down. the car hit the gas again and so did me in the car and justin in his truck. again the brakes were applied in front of me and i stopped again...justin didnt. i ended up hitting the car in front of me. (did i mention i was wearing the EXACT same outfit i had totalled my truck in?) well i was able to drive the car to the co-workers house and justin took me to his house, where he promptly burned my tie-dye shirt. (no more tie-dye shirts for me).

7. home for christmas and justin was taking me home (at this point he was fiance). we were stopped and he wanted to take a shortcut...(its a fun road). well this car on the bypass didnt stop and rear-ended us. totalled his car. (we were within 500 feet of where justin had rear-ended me). all that happened to justins truck was a bent tailpipe and a dented bumper.

8. just about a week ago my friends (the dears) didnt want me to walk to church in the dark and cold alone so one offered to drive. when she remembered she had a meeting, she let her roommate borrow her car. now there is ice and snow on the road. the driver was from vegas. BAD mix. we didnt get 100 feet and we were in the gutter on the side of the road with a guy pulling us out and some guys pushing the front end out. well thankfully the car was ok, just a scratched and dented bumper. the friend from alaska drove us back from church.

do you see why i dont like to drive or sit in the front seat? i hate it. id rather walk. or bike. or just get a horse and use that as my mode of transportation. ...sigh. i wish. ah well. goodnight. and happy birthday to me.

the start of a blogger

welcome. this should be an experience for me...and an interesting view into my life on a regular basis... (and i often use several periods as punctuation)

to catch up to my current state i will cover a lot right now.
im at school in utah, attending southern utah university in cedar city. currently am a bio major, but i think that will end up changing soon. my mom is awesome and my siblings are the best. i have 3 roommates, that at times range from bugging me to making my day. my bf proposed last semester. this semester he told my goodbye. ive found great people in this school and in the church. yes...its weird to be able to walk to church but feels weird when im back home now. (hence why i dont go its costly to fly home). since getting here, nail polish has become a popular accessory for me along with scarves, long socks, and boots. forget shoes. i can live without makeup. most days i choose to at least go for eyeliner and mascara, a necklace, at least one ring, and earrings. ive adjusted to mormon ways out here...i take paper to firesides for notes, i know the slang, i talk to my institute teachers, missionary is a common noun and verb on campus. premie refers to pre-missionary. i bike to walmart or smiths when i need something...(with my bike basket). there are quotes that range from movies, personal, and scriptural all over my friends' walls. scriptures are the last thing read at night. yes i do homework in the institute building to run into mormon guys. every thursday i have to clean my boots of mud from my horsemanship class. if you wanted to be technical, i have been on 3 dates in the last week. one to a play. one to dinner. and one i never want to repeat. enough said lol. i will be heading to bar lazy j guest ranch once this semester is over. will be there all summer. when school starts back up, ill be here in cedar once again. its a neat little town. i like it. its pretty here. and i think for the most part, ive hit the important pieces of the last little while.