Monday, April 19, 2010

the great double date (HA!)

i had lots of things i wanted to get done saturday. it was my luck that i would get the stupid kidney stones before exams and moving...i literally stayed in bed from the time i got home from the hospital until i went with mols to walmart to fill out the prescription (ibuprofen and lortabs). once i got back, took a dose and hit the bed again. woody called and i hopped in the shower since i knew i was gross. he stopped by once i was ready we headed over to his place so he could take a shower...while he was doing that i made us some sandwiches and we ate an entire jar of peaches (which were delicious by the way). i took another dose of pills so i wouldnt hurt on the ride.

we pulled up to kevins place with the horses and he and i headed out to grab the horses. took a lil while but one they were cornered we caught em and just threw them in the trailer...grabbed blankets and bridles. loaded the dog in the truck bed and the four of us piled in the truck. once getting to three peaks, we unloaded the horses, threw blankets on em and hopped on. woosy was behind me on spider (the old skinny gelding) and kevin and his date (hollie from our horsemanship class) rode rose the young qh. we stayed together for the most part on the ride out. we headed towards the sunset in the hopes of seeing it, but after crossing hill after hill after hill...that didnt happen...especially when climbing up one certain hill both kevin and hollie fell off the horse. woody hopped down to make sure they were ok while i tried to grab rose and make sure she didnt run off.

upon failure of seeing a nice sunset from horseback (there was just another hill in the way....) we started heading back. well spider just wanted to get back to the trailer and honestly trotting was not something either woody or i wanted to do even with a blanket on his bony withers. well kev and hollie didnt stick around for us and since they were in front of us and he is native to cedar we figured they would be can tell from that simple line that was nowhere near how it went huh? good job.

it was about an hour after sunset when woody and i made it back to the truck and trailer. (i had been fighting an anxious, spooked, and head tossing horse the entire time back). there was no horse in the trailer and no people in the truck. great. i dont have my phone and woody doesnt have either of their phone numbers. we head back down some of the dirt road a bit...just to see if we can hear them...we cant. we turn around and at this point im worried something couldve happened to spooked, one of them hurt...anything. its dark and its getting cold fast. woody looked in the truck for a flashlight...nothing. while he was looking around he heard a buzzing sound. hollie had left her phone in the truck and kevin was calling it. after talking for a sec on the phone...everyone was just fine and they should meet us soon back where we were. load up spider in the trailer and he starts freakin out. woody and i sit in the truck just waiting.

....k so woody says this just has to be put in here. as we were sitting in the truck waiting..i farted. he heard it. hey it happens ok? its a natural bodily function lol. we all do it, just most of the time we keep it quiet right? well this one slipped under the radar and was heard. he just laughed and said "well i guess we just reached a whole new level in our relationship! (some laughing and then...) this has got to go in the blog!!" i think its kinda funny that he tels me to put things in sometimes.....i prolly would anyways but its just cute....or how he quotes me. yup. he does. i swear lol.

back to the story after many frustrating convos on the phone to figure out where in the world they were to no avail i asked woody if he wanted to talk to kevin since i apparently had no clue about anything. short part to this section that in real life hour and a half to finally get everyone in one place...kevin had no clue where he was. his directions were abominable. his manners to both me and woody, but to me especially were severely lacking and i honestly? i wanted to punch him in the face and leave him on the side of the road by the end of the night. when it was all figured out....he had left hollie with his dog and the horse blanket on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere at 10 at night. he was running with the horse to some main road so that we could be told to drive some road in the hopes that we saw him.

left his date. in the dark on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. his dog? a coward. one he hopped in the drivers seat he started driving like a mad man. we actually slid across the road towards the ditch with a horse trailer (that had no lights on it). by this point my pain meds had worn off and well....i wanted to get away from stupid people. the ride back woody said i "disappeared." im sure i did. it took more than just a second to throw a smile on and move on from that while still sitting in that truck. finally threw one on tho and things were just....well much better.