Friday, February 19, 2010

a lovely week (recap)

ok. i know its been a while. im sorry. i honestly have been so busy, busy, busy ..(or when not busy, trying to catch up on the lost sleep) that i just havent had the time to sit down and share everything. this one will be a general overview of the past week. (if i can even remember everything!)

had classes and then i was supposed to get ready for the superhero dance institute was putting together. (grant will henceforth be referred to as what i call him and what the world knows him by...woody). woody and i were supposed to be going together. so he came over to help me figure out what in the world im going to wear. i have no superhero outfits. tragic, i know. anyways, so we throw stuff was awesome. then we get a shirt from his "big bro" (sigma chi) and we head to woody's place. he was gonna be wolverine. he pulled it off...even without the crazy sideburns/beard thing he does. after getting ready, we head over to the institute since he is on the committee to help setup. we head to the sig chi house (thats prolly the longest youll ever see me say the frat name from now on), meet two of the guys. going to pause here and say that the guys were mormon, watching the olypmics (ice dancing specifically), and one was sorting casings from a tumbler...yup. after that we grabbed arby's and went to the sig house to eat...watching ice dancing of course. ...did anyone else notice the russians' outfits? the girl was wearing a skirt. nothing abnormal there right? well the top? it was a blazer on backwards. kid you not. it didnt fit right the way she had it on and there were legit pockets on it...on the front of the blazer which was on her back...awkward. after that we headed to the dance. why in the world did i not go to an institute dance before this?! it was Awesome! granted woody and i were tired so we didnt stay that long but we did get a dance or two in between socializing with the other superheros. headed back to his place cause we had planned on watching a movie at his place again. i changed into some of his gym shorts rather then stay in tights and daisy dukes (it was part of the costume k?) the movie was "all about steve" and i thought for sure i would fall asleep since i was so tired, but he and i both stayed awake for the whole thing. when it was over it was a little past 1 in the morning...

he asked if i wanted him to take me back to my place...i told him i wouldnt get to sleep for another 2 hours if i got back to my place and i would get more sleep if i stayed at his place and crashed on the couch again. (we share the couch so no its not like he gets the bed and i get the couch). we both fell asleep fairly soon after. we both wake up later and just lay there talking about stuff. mom 8 in the morning...on a saturday. what was she thinking?! lol. i ignore it and we keep talking and drifting in and out of sleep. finally around a little later in the morning he makes breakfast and i call mom back. breakfast was yummy and we got ready for sledding like he had planned earlier that week. there is this place up the canyon that is an awesome place to go sledding and such. this was no hill. this was like a small mountain. the sleds? he had rented two of the new airboards (inflated and steerable) from the outdoor rec center at school...first time down? we both wiped out completely. he flipped headfirst down the hill...i proceeded to fly through the air, hit my knee and flip onto my back and slide down the hill on my was AWESOME! we had tons of fun up there sledding, wrestling, snowball fights, and exploring of the already made igloos. it didnt even occur to me that i was standing on a good..oh..6-10ft of snow (depending on where it was). ya. sweetness...we were up there for hours...headed to my place, got some hot chocolate, and then we each got ready at our own places to go see a ballet. my roomie carlie was in it and i had gotten a ticket to see it while woody had gotten a ticket earlier cause a sig brother was in it and he was going to support him. the roomies, woody, and i all sat together. the roomies and i headed to dq for some ice some food and ice cream time was time for bed.

i hurt from my crash down the hill. i hadnt even thought about the fact that ive had more gentle car accidents and my back hurts from those and that just maybe i should take aspirin (which technically im allergic too..ugh) and my hot pad and just be still. i was out cold and when i did wake up i couldnt sit took a while (around 4 pm) to finally get up and out of bed. got ready for the fireside which starts at 6...a nice man in a pick-up heading to the fireside picked me up and drove me the rest of the way (woody was busy as a greeter). i found him and we sat together. met some of his friends and then we headed to ward prayer. he made sure i had a ride before he left since i had to stay behind to rehearse with the RS for the bishop rap. (to be expounded on later). said a proper goodbye and after getting back to the dorms, it was bed time.

after classes, woody and i ran some errands...even ended up driving his truck cause he had to get a school vehicle for the trip he was gonna take. later he and i worked on hw in the library before he had a meeting...briefly saw some of the sig guys...after his meeting he had to leave for SLC so we said goodbye and i asked that he just let me know they got there safe. i headed back to my room after getting a bunch of hw done (amazing that i get more work done hanging out with someone then when i was actually "with" someone). its nice. he let me know they got there in one piece...i went to bed.

classes. chilled until a friend took me out to ice cream as ordered by sgt lasson in rotc upon finding out i was single. yup professors do that. we went to maggie moo' was yummy. mint ice cream with marshmellows and oreo chunks in it...yup. delicioso. we caught up since we hadnt really talked much in a while. ...speaking of which condie still owes me a lunch. hm.. anyways. got back and woody told me he was leaving SLC and if i was still awake when he got back would like to stop by and say when he got back in town he came by and we chilled in my room for a bit (the roomies were in the other room and my door was open thank you). talked, listened to music, and just silently enjoyed some moments. at one *cough* moment mols walks in and woody and i end up mols puts it? "i ruin all romantic moments." thanks mols. you didnt ruin anything was funny. tam? he's heard some of your songs. and after listening to some of my music, listening to me talk, seeing things in my room, and even seeing some words i type when i text..he came out and said "you really are a southern girl." he also wanted to borrow my cheri magill cd so he could make a copy since he liked what he heard in that ringtone i made from one of her songs. (he has let it ring and ring when i call him just so he can listen to it) ...i think that means its a hit. after another hour or more of trying to say never happens...we just cant say bye...its weird. he finally gets out the door and leaves...he forgot the cd...i wish i could say i planned that so i would see him again, but no..we both just forgot about the cd. off to bed.

classes. history class we discussed the civil war. the question was asked of the class "what do you think of when you think of the south/north." the responses? let me just say there was not a positive, nice one. if we were to be asked what we thought of when we thought of the west...i can honestly say i know the response wouldnt be that bad. ugh. whatever. they just dont know. oh and the fact that my professors precious texas wouldnt be around if it hadnt been for the volunteer state...aka tennesee. hmph. anyways...woody is super busy. the bishop rap is tonight and so i go buy some school sweatpants from the bookstore and borrow a hat from a friend and have the ultimate gangster getup. ...too bad it had snowed and im sagging. ...ya. so i head to the library to get some stuff done before i head to dinner...i love getting odd looks when im ghetto-ed up. i was wearing red k.e.d. knock-offs, black school embellished baggy sweatpants, green boys basketball shorts, volleyball shorts, tanktop, a wifebeater, a big and tall white tee, a red bandanna around my head with a flatbill, gangster hat with some serious bling for earrings. hair in a bun smushed between the hat and bandanna. and yes i was doing the legit serious sagging with holding the pants up by the crotch (it was necessary with the snow and ice anyways but they dont have to know that). oh ya, you know everyone was jealous of my ghetto-ness. headed to church looking like that...i had completely forgotten that they had said come in church clothes so you can change in and out for your performance. ours was the best of course. once i get a copy of the rap ill put it up here and on fb. i had tons of fun like that. got back to the dorms and find out...i lost my tcard...which is how i get in the dorms, in my room, and how i eat... its kinda important. so i find a friend and end up with him and another of his friends to take me to the church and try and get my key cause i thought i had left it there. (by this time i had taken the huge shirt off and was just wearing everything else i told you about earlier). it wasnt there. drats. then i find out we are heading to walmart. ...ill skip the illicit, illegal acts commited (i mean...nothing happened). i was not involved. fyi. get back to the dorms and woody shows up. he asks if i want to go on a short adventure with him...i was in an adventurous mood and said yes id like to go. so he picks me up and we head over to the gym building parking lot...let me just say- one. he can drive. no fears and you know me and cars. i was laughing...all is well with him. ok ya i just said that but w/e. two. that was super duper fun! drifting and turning in his truck on the was all fresh snow so it was sweet! we did donuts and such...and coming from the south? thats something i havent done. it was so much fun and i thoroughly enjoyed the short adventure. got back to the dorms and he walked me up to my room again. said the usual extended, hard to do goodbye and once he got on the elevator i ran to my he walked by i opened my window and whistled at him...we had a nice little convo acting like we had never met was nice (oddly) lol. so he finally leaves and i head down the hall to give the guy his hat back. well since illicit things were being done, i text ahead of time to let 'em know its cool and its me knocking. i walk in and hand the hat over, but i dont leave. one thing after another and...i relapse. ya i know. i kick myself for it. thanks k? (its just a reminder that its not something i want in my life. i have better things and better people and that is what i want). at one certain point i know its getting to me and the roomies tell me they are shutting and locking the door..and since i have no key i would be locked out. after another certain benchmark i know that im losing my mind but at that point i didnt care. so after 5 i was certainly gone. thats all i will say about the state i was in. i remember everything. i know i fell asleep on the chairs and that i was moved to the floor to sleep.

the roomies text me saying they are leavin for class and that if i want in the room i should get my butt back to the room. i did just that, popped a bag of popcorn for the munchies (not that kind of munchy thanks). walked to the library where kenz was who said she had my tcard. went straight to rotc and chilled there for a few hours and then headed back to the room to finally clean up. finally got some food in my stomach...i had been pouring dry fruity dino flakes in my mug and eating em out of there dry...not doing so much for me...after eating at the caf i came back and took a nice hour nap til horsemanship. kev picked me up and we headed to class. i got my loyal steed...he's loyal only cause i bring carrots...but still. grabbed the tiny saddle i had discovered and all we did we ride trail at a was bitter out there. its usually at least a good 10 degrees colder out there at the farm cause there are no hills blocking the wind like on campus. ...sidenote-there was this amazing black gelding that this girl has up for sale. looks like a fresian/draft mix...or maybe just a large fresian (16.3 hands)...handsome looking thing, good natured and was drooling. anyways, class over. i get back to the dorms and i call up woody...he was across campus and was about to go shopping for stuff for the sig thing tonight and asks if i wanna come with...i do, so he comes and gets me. im so glad he doesnt mind muddy, mucky boots and me smelling like a horse...especially when he holds my hand, kisses it, and its still dirty from the horses and smells like em...we head to the grocery store and get some stuff and then since i have never had pita he grabs some but there is no pita we shall have to save the trying new foods for another day once he finds some pita bread. as we head to his place he asks what im doing next weekend...ends up that he and i are heading to st george for a violist's performance (president oaks daughter) next friday. and then also it appears next saturday he and i are having a dinner date...we are making dinner together and are gonna watch a movie...sounds like fun! and then while im sitting at the kitchen table we get talking about guns and he asks if i like shooting. ......*duh!* "yes i do like shooting" he points out the full box of skeet sitting there and a mostly full box of shells and says "well we'll have to go do that sometime"...heck yes! im super excited. i seriously cant wait. doing all this stuff is gonna be a blast and i so look forward to doing stuff with him. as i write all of this, im simply killing time til i get a message from him saying the sig chi thing is over and they're all heading to denny's. he invited me along as well as one our mutual friends so that if things were busy with the guys still she and i could chill together and i wouldnt be alone. if the denny's run doesnt happen, he said he'd still stop by...either way? win-win situation. maybe this time the cd wont be forgotten ;) no guarantee though...well goodnight.