Monday, March 1, 2010

stake conference and onions...

so denny's didnt happen thursday night but he did come over and say goodnight...and yes the cd was remembered this time lol.

class and then met up with woody in the tbird circle by the pool table and when he was done with what he was doing he and i walked back to my place for a short nap before my next class...i think i got more sleep then him but then i headed to bio class and he went off to do what he needed to. he had an activity that night so it was girl time...went to dinner and sat with some friends and head to the gymnastics meet vs boise state in the centrum...unfortunately we lost (by one point). it was a rough night for our girls and wouldve won for sure if they had been on their game...good job though! so after that i just chilled at my place...figured id work on the nails and just watch a movie on the comp...apparently i was in a weird movie funk and ended up watching a low-budget/ homemade movie online called "fuel." (i use i wont ruin the movie for ya in case you ever get in a movie funk. wasnt a bad movie but...well its an interesting plot line. then after that one i watched "the boy in the striped pyjamas" was a good movie but yes the end is sad...but no i didnt cry. after that i got ready for bed and watched an episode of "burn notice." sleep.

woody stopped by on the way to his place...napped again...and then he took off to go study for a mid-term. i pretty well just chilled the rest of the day until i get a call from him asking if i wanted to come to the basketball game that he and some sig bros were i did. we won that game! go boys! i headed back to my place and he headed to an activity. plans for a movie after that. ...he came by, picked me up, and we watched the x-men wolverine movie...fell asleep after that.

neither of us had set an alarm and so we missed some of the stake conference but we finally got there and heard ...elder gong? speak a little bit and what he said was really good. he talked about love. falling in love. falling out of love and how the gospel and its principles can play a huge role in that and how relationships are made easier through outlook and attitude. great messages. woody and i headed back to my place to grab some things (toothbrush, garlic clove, and hair dryer...odd mix i know) and then headed to the grocery store (a sin we know but we wanted to cook dinner). he hadnt been able to find beer brats in cedar...i found them lol (brush the shoulder). so we get back and put the stuff away before his home teacher comes over. laundry time...with an interesting convo about how we tell others after we do stupid stuff (like he fact that i pushed on a pull door) ...and then i explained that i prefer snapping turtle to squirrel for a meal. talked about how when you sit and hear what i did as a kid i really am a southern kid.
example: my eighth bday i got a bow and arrows...i have a .22, a .38, a 9mm, and a .45. ive been taught to draw from a holster. ive been timed for drawing, timed for a shot from a relaxed state, and double tapping. tromping is a word in my vocabulary (and for those that dont know) its like exploring and going through the woods. i drove a truck and changed my own oil and filter on my truck. ive got connections to get you legit moonshine (and thats how nascar started). i ride horses, know where the good muddin spots are, know where the tobacco barns are and dont freak out when a barn is smoking (to me its normal). i get down and dirty but i clean up real well. i can have as much or as little of an accent as you want. dixie is something serious back home and not a region in utah. i have a horseshoe hanging in my room and i have a blanket on my bed with john deere on it. barefoot walks were common for me...and going through the woods like that was done several times. i know when to stay out of the woods (hunting season) and when at the grandparents? sitting on the back porch was not a rocking chair, but rather a table in which to sit and shoot the targets behind the barn. heading to the pond to feed the fish or playing on the swings are the highlights of the day. and i could go on and on...but i think you get the picture.
after that we start working on dinner. we made brats and cooked up some onions with butter and a clove of garlic...delicious! the amount of meat i get from the dining hall is nothing like what i got when i was back home....and we always had meat at dinner so when he ate 1.5 brats....well i ate 2.5. i just think its funny. yay onion and garlic breath...hence why i had brought the toothbrush. headed to the great seats and listened to elder gong and his wife speak...ward prayer and then back to his place. tag team-he works on the windows while i clan the kitchen...(yes i like cooking and i love good food but honestly? i love cleaning a kitchen dishes? ya i like doing that...weird i know). plans are made to go glow golfing after watching happy gilmore...(and rules will be we have to putt like happy...this should be interesting)... got back to my place and bed time...

it was a good weekend.

called madre after i woke up and now i also have the local radio stations programmed on my stereo (finally). told mom she should mail me a roll of oreos...guess thats just something i miss lol. i was my dessert after dinner pretty much every night....ah well. i got class in a few so im off to get ready for the day...which today has the feel of an interesting day...hope it is (im in an adventurous, energy burning mood)...maybe ill try and go ride later. see how rita does bareback for a test run before the double date...sounds good. peace.