Friday, February 5, 2010

the start of 19 is this?

can i start my bday over? please? (i am going to be blunt in my have been forewarned.) i did my math homework last night...set my the scriptures...and then went to sleep praying as usual. my alarm does not go off. i miss my math class. i was just gonna get ready for the day and such when i go to the bathroom and get the first present. dearest mother nature had stopped by...argh!! how come the weather or something didnt slow her down? this is ridiculous...i have the luck of a fly trying to cross the interstate. doesnt happen. i also have been blessed with cramps that are near debilitating. i can barely walk sometimes. this day better start moving on the up and up...

its supposed to snow/rain today. snow is fine. rain? no thanks. its been overcast all day...cold and windy. yes i wore my queen crown i have...yes i wore my magenta cowboy boots (that were brown from horsemanship class yesterday). i also figured i would have some real fruit today. (with MY luck i should have died). maybe there is something for me lol. i ate a whole orange..besides that one piece that hit the floor...i was perfectly fine, except since i didnt take the body got drowsy anyways (from the fruit i think) and so...made bio class interesting.

the girlys are planning on possibly dinner out tonight and then on to see dear john in theaters tonight. oh! speaking of the girlys, i was eating lunch with them today and kayla goes..."im not mature...i mean, wait...crap." ...shortly after, kenzie was stretching and had a black coat on...kayla proceeded to grab the jacket and flap the sides...
kenzie: "what are you doing?"
kayla: "it reminded me of wings so i was flapping them for you..."
ah...such entertaining friends.

well im tired, i shall temporarily take to crown off, take a nap, and see how the rest of the night unfolds. ill fill ya in later ;)