Thursday, February 4, 2010

the start of a blogger

welcome. this should be an experience for me...and an interesting view into my life on a regular basis... (and i often use several periods as punctuation)

to catch up to my current state i will cover a lot right now.
im at school in utah, attending southern utah university in cedar city. currently am a bio major, but i think that will end up changing soon. my mom is awesome and my siblings are the best. i have 3 roommates, that at times range from bugging me to making my day. my bf proposed last semester. this semester he told my goodbye. ive found great people in this school and in the church. yes...its weird to be able to walk to church but feels weird when im back home now. (hence why i dont go its costly to fly home). since getting here, nail polish has become a popular accessory for me along with scarves, long socks, and boots. forget shoes. i can live without makeup. most days i choose to at least go for eyeliner and mascara, a necklace, at least one ring, and earrings. ive adjusted to mormon ways out here...i take paper to firesides for notes, i know the slang, i talk to my institute teachers, missionary is a common noun and verb on campus. premie refers to pre-missionary. i bike to walmart or smiths when i need something...(with my bike basket). there are quotes that range from movies, personal, and scriptural all over my friends' walls. scriptures are the last thing read at night. yes i do homework in the institute building to run into mormon guys. every thursday i have to clean my boots of mud from my horsemanship class. if you wanted to be technical, i have been on 3 dates in the last week. one to a play. one to dinner. and one i never want to repeat. enough said lol. i will be heading to bar lazy j guest ranch once this semester is over. will be there all summer. when school starts back up, ill be here in cedar once again. its a neat little town. i like it. its pretty here. and i think for the most part, ive hit the important pieces of the last little while.