Sunday, February 14, 2010

a 24 hr tale

i am currently listening to my amazing sound system shake the walls and floor of my entire dorm suite....gotta love the subs + tweeters.

so a lot has happened in the last 24 hours....and this will only include the last 24 hours. be prepared to be awed. (ok not really but its an interesting time).

i woke up at 1.30 yesterday afternoon. had a bowl of cereal since i had missed the school brunch. threw baby powder in the hair to make it not look so greasy (blondes can do this...not recommended for darker colors). straightened the hair up and then put it half up in a clip, threw a dress on, heels, makeup, purse. hopped in the car with mols, ginny, and tyler to head over to the was a multi-ward temple trip. we split for the ride down to st. george and people that have recommends go in for baptisms...i wander the grounds, take some pictures, and head to the visitors center. pretty amazing. there was a brand new exhibit-the mormon tabernacle had clothing and conductor's wands (one of which was made from a fallen tree from the sacred grove). well once everyone was done and ready to go, our ward headed to this restaurant called Iceberg. i wish i could upload pics from my phone...the shakes are ginormous! a mini? think like 7in tall....and a regular? they fill the mini, stick it in a bigger cup and then fill that up and have 3in visible above the top rim of the second cup. HUGE! they have three columns of flavors and i choose clue why but it was yummy. the tables? there were booths along the walls but in the center was this huge wavy U-shaped table that had stools. pull up a stool and hang with was cool. well mols only wanted a shake from here...but she wanted a burger from in-n-out. so we went on an adventure to find this infamous in-n-out. when we finally found was what i would consider packed. ...not so. it was calm for in-n-out on a saturday night. holy crap! that was crazy! apparently thats the place to be and since its the only one around for 200miles it gets popular. they have THE best fries ever. everything is so fresh and yummy...the place was super clean and the workers were super happy...weird. i wonder...nah.

so we get back to cedar and i change into baggy basketball shorts and a tank top and just chill in the room. well i get a message asking if i wanna see a movie...well since it seems the party feel through for camping instead i agree....throw on my fleece jacket, plaid keds, and mols homemade valentines day crown...with my shake from iceberg still. so since nothing that interests us at the theater is going to start anytime soon, we head to blockbuster or whatever its called here. we wander forever trying to figure out what we wanna super hyper....remember ive only been awake for about 9 hours and had practically nothing but sugar...we mock movies and ask the workers if they have a few movies...they dont. blast! so then we see this trailer for District we grab that movie and head to his place to grab the dvd player so we can hook it up to the tv in the dorm lounge. once its hooked up in the dorm lounge some friends come in and watch the movie with we get half way through the movie when we realize...oh! there ARE subtitles for for the alien speech...drats. so we fix it and watch the last half of the movie with the subtitles...then once its over...we decide to watch the entire first half again just so we can see what they said...ya. good movie though. i really liked it.

so while the movie was going on i was texting two people...i know rude, but the guy that i was watching the movie with...well actually the group are just friends and arent that peeved by it. anyways so the friend that was in reno had just gotten back in town and he told me that after the fireside if i wanted to hang out then he would like to do that...and that he has "a little vday surprise" for stoked. the other person i was texting was the one that had invited me to the party that was supposed to be going on that night. well he said it was back on if i was up for after saying bye to the movie friend i headed to the back of the parking lot to meet him in the alley...already sounds bad doesnt it...stupid stupid me. i walked with him back to his place and found out that by then all the other partiers had headed home...great. get to his of guys. and all the roomies are not home. you would think i would just turn around and leave. nope. im stupid and stubborn. figured i got this...ill be cool and ill be in control of anything that happens to me. fail. when he walks into the kitchen he goes...k all i got to drink is water and beer. peeeerrrrfect. glad id brought my water bottle. so i finish my water bottle and we chill on separate couches watching war of the worlds. interesting movie....bad ending. had some interesting convos during the a mustang is in the movie..
i was that a '67?
him- nah thats a '69 shelby...GT
me- arent all shelby's GTs? (man im good...)
then we talk about his truck and all he was doing to it before it gotten taken away, starters on the cars in the movie, and philosophical ideas that would arise from this movie...anyways he downs three beers and falls asleep. i should have pulled a houdini and scrammed but i didnt wanna have to explain to the cops my state and why i was walking home at 5 in the morning...anyway...i text a friend in the morning to play a concerned roomie thats wondering where i am and if im going to church. thats the break i need to get out of there. he calls a buddy to come on over and celebrate his bday (yup valentines day...along with mi madre's bday today) and then he walks me back towards the dorms. run into bday boy on the way there...i know him and he has that look of "what the..." but i keep walking. i get back in the dorms and explain to carlie what had happened last night after i answered yes, i had just gotten home ...i take a shower and then head to brunch.

and here is the end of my 24hr tale. and i have yet to clean my room, do laundry, sleep, and read my overdue library books...sigh. good thing i have no school gonna need a day just to relax from my weekend cause i still have many hours in this day and no clue what it holds. peace.