Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 hours of sleep is....annoying

well, the saints won. pretty nice game. good commercials. then and there while i was watching the game, i decided no matter what, im throwing a super bowl party...ill make the food and get the chips, drinks and such. it was super annoying not having anything to eat...the guys all left at half time to get mickey d's and i went to get a bowl of cereal...and then i found out my milk had gone horribly horribly bad....went to bed late as per the norm now. i did do my math hw and was going to go to my class in the morning...but the alarm not getting me out of bed killed that idea. luckily tho, i did wake up in time for history (as im the official note taker for that class) i have to be there lol.

well after biology class, kevin picked me after i took a baggie of carrots from the cafeteria. we headed over to the farm to go ride cause i wanted to be on a horse. well the pasture was gross from melted snow and muck...finally caught spider (the one i ride) and brushed him out...all the while im brushing him, he's trying to steal the carrots out of my back pocket...silly horse. then as im brushing his neck spider would hug me and slobber all over my jacket...

well finally both horses are caught, cleaned, and tacked, we head for a long ride.

now let me stop here to tell you what i was wearing at this point...rubber and leather l.l.bean fleece lined boots covered in muck and snow, jeans, a tie-dye tank top, a wife beater, a nice fleece jacket, pearl necklace, pearl earrings, and a red viscose scarf with hair in a bun. sexy.

spider was a butt on the ride...so we danced in circles til he decided to listen. i think most of the ride we ended up trotting (which i enjoyed but kevin? not so much) i just laughed at him not riding properly and kept trotting. we were going to cross main street but once again spider freaked out and this time i wasnt gonna push it so we headed back. gave the last of the carrots to spider and rita (the qh kevin rides) and it was funny...i call the horses and they come to me, not the people that own and care for them :) yup. im just that good lol.

he took me home, tried to kiss me goodbye and i was like..."no. bye" then i went straight to dinner smelling of horse and muck...(and with hay, horse hair, dirt, and slobber all over me) and ended up sitting with a guy that used to live upstairs for dinner. had a nice little chat, found out he had been kicked out of the dorms and slowed down partying. i asked if he still had my number and if he even remembered the name...he knew the name, but had lost the number so i gave it to him and said to ever let me know if he was gonna go party and if he wanted to take me...(we will see how that goes). headed back to the dorms, and eventually after watching some tv went to bed.

set the alarm to go to class...that was another epic fail. missed math. missed institute. slept til 1...and i have psych class at 1...perfect. so i throw some clothes on grab my stuff and walk to class. (i actually enjoy that class). this is like the 5th day in a row ive slept so long. i dont know whats wrong with me...and no im NOT growing. its starting to snow again and in a matter of 2 mins the flakes went from teeny tiny to as big as my thumb. its funny to be walking around and blowing snowflakes off your nose and having em land on your eyelashes...

run into kayla and eliza on the way into the dorms, they mention a haircut so i agree to come...(my hair hasnt been cut since march of last year i think). so we head to the beauty college, theres a wait so we head to walmart (walmart IS always the answer). they grab some stuff and we head back. for $4 i got a shampoo and a cut...about 2 inches gone and some layers now. we head back...i head upstairs to blowdry the hair and then im sitting there going...crap. i havent gotten mom's present yet...so i text a friend and ask him what he's doing...so he picks me up, takes me to deseret books and then we stop at panda express for some food, head back to the dorms to eat it...and i get a text.

...a text from justin. just writing his name still gives me the fuzzies and makes my heart pound...sigh. well he and i text for a bit. i go from annoyed, to bawling in my room, to chill. ...and then mols hears me crying through a shut door...she comes in after a while and stands there after she shut the door behind her. she stares at me. ...i turn my music off and she asks what happened. i tell her and she just stands and listens. when im all done, she asks where my mug is and she takes it off to go make me double hot chocolate...delicious and best roommate ever. just her listening makes things better...she always knows what to say and i know she and many others are there for me. always.

math homework and books to read before i have to turn em back in this weekend. speaking of this weekend....so i found out the harlem globetrotters were going to perform at my school tonight, so i was gonna grab tickets. too bad im flat broke. so didnt get to see em. argh. so then im looking at this site and i see all the stuff going on in utah in the next few days....and there is a ufc thing in SLC this weekend...interesting and would be cool to go see....until...i saw IT. monster truck show!!! in SLC this weekend!! alas...no way to get there...or buy tickets. ah well.

ill be here for the weekend.