Thursday, February 18, 2010

my cheeks hurt from smiling

i know its been a while since ive updated this...ive honestly just been so busy with ...well having fun that i havent had a moment to really even get on my computer that much!

ill pick up where my amazing time left off...
after getting back from grants place i got on the computer, tried to nap, and just chilled in my room. i knew i had nothing else planned for the day so no stress. i go to dinner and then grant texts me...short story to that is, he picks me up to get quarters so i could do my laundry...he was gonna do his at the laundromat but when i found out its cheaper to do it in the dorms, i invited him over to do his laundry with me. so he did. while that was going on we sat in the study room...him doing some homework, me coloring a coloring book. yup. we both had little sleep to be running on and he started falling asleep while i made him some popcorn, gave him the bag of mixed nuts i had gotten for my bday...his laundry was done but i had a few more loads...(found one of his socks still in the washer so he told me to throw it in with my stuff, so i did). i was after midnight when he left...and i still had his sock. (i had actually remembered i had it before he left, but since he didnt ask for it, i kept it as a reason i would have to see him again) ...i smart lol. he got home safe, i finished my laundry, and went to bed.

tuesday. mom calls to wake me up cause i asked her to...kinda. didnt get out of bed anyways. what got me out of bed though is a crime. the fire alarm went off again. UGH! only the second floor. again. none of the roommates were here so i threw on my boots, grabbed the fleece and headed downstairs. none of us even went outside. we sat on the first floor lounge. nothing wrong with that. there is no fire. this is actually the 4th time its gone off in the last few days...(the other times i wasnt in the dorms). thought about going to institute just as i snow boots, shorts, tanktop, and fleece. didnt though. after the maintenance guys announced that the system was inoperable...they said we were able to go back to our rooms. so up we went, and since i was very awake now...i decided i would get ready for class. scrunched the hair and put some stuff knew i looked good in on...all modest of course and included my magenta cowgirl boots. i didnt even think to do it cause i would see grant on campus (because i never Do see him on campus). funny though cause i walked down to the rotc rooms which are in the basement of the engineering one there so i left. as i was walking out, grant was just pulling in to the engineering building parking lot. so i stopped and talked to him for a second...reminded him that i still had his sock (he said i could use it as insurance to see him later) why hadnt i thought of that? talk for a bit, have a goodbye hug and he leaves to do his thing while i head over to institute to work on some homework and sign the contract for the ranch. finished with that...mailed the contract back out. that evening, im talking to grant and he stops by...mols was walking in the same time as him so she let him in and followed her up to our room (yes the roomies have seen him). he comes in, i give him his sock, we talk about ringtones, hw, stuff. after a little while he leaves. shortly after that i get a call from him. he says he has a task for me but i have to agree to it before he can tell me what it is. i agree to whatever it is and then he says he wants me to find a ringtone that I thinks fits me and that i like and to send it to him so that he can put it as my ringtone. (what he doesnt know is that i also found one as his song for my phone). anyways...didnt find it that night. bedtime.

wednesday. i had an idea for the ringtone. there is this song by cheri magill called typical girl and ive always loved it...thought it fit me well and most people dont know it. (i found the cd at the temple bookstore next to the temple after christy's wedding) lol. now im even more glad i went ;) so i upload the song, make it into a ringtone and send it to him. he likes it. yes! well during biology a friend who has skipped the class for what...3 weeks? finally comes again. he sits next to me. finds out im single. (i wish i could record peoples faces here when i say im single...its that good.) class was hilarious. im in a hyper mood. somehow cars are brought up. he asks what im doing after class...
me: nothing...why?
him: wanna go around town to all the dealerships and drool over sexy cars after class?
me: SURE!!
so we do lol...after stopping to look at motorcycles. now let me stop here to somewhat tell you what i was wearing. an awesome shirt...and a chevy hat and wavy hair in a side pony tail...yup. so we cruise around town looking at camaros and the 2010 mustang. discuss the bullitt, engines, body, mpg, tail fins, everything lol. yup. i hold my own. :) he takes me back to the dorms and drop me off. i finish off my huge box of nerds. eat dinner. head to church. we get the lyrics printed up for the rap next week. grant was doing homework and asked if i would stop by if i wasnt i did. short of that story? while he was doing his calculus homework, i redid his powerpoint presentation cause his flashdrive had corrupted the one he had put on there. i didnt mind. short and simple. when he was done in there i walked with him back to his truck and he drove me to the dorms and once again walked me to my bedroom...a nice long hug. then bed.

(there is a pause here as he comes over to watch the olympics with me) k im back...