Thursday, February 4, 2010

birthday. now 19...(and yes i did type 18 at first). feel different? actually, yes. im a day and a year older all at once. ya thisll prolly get published before the 5th, but right now i dont care all that much. where i am in the us, i was born 2 hours ago. im sitting here, my back hurts. i blame the car accidents i have accumulated over my life time and i see this as a perfect time to look back over my 19 years and remember them all.

1. dad totalled the car we were in on the way to the grandparents. spike was in my lap. i had no seatbelt on. as i went forward, the scriptures came out of the back window sill and landed on my prone back. (the word of God has never hit me as hard as that day).

2. mom hit a deer on the way home. yes i had the seatbelt this time

hm...these next few are kinda jumbled. they were all really close together.

3. lets see...i had moms car, (she doesnt know this...well at least not the truth). i rear-ended the guy in front of me...did nothing to his, he said all was good so i took off. that was valentines day last year..her bday. see why i lied?

4. about a week later i was almost to school when a guy in a brand new pickup rear-ended me...karma i guess. i was fine. hooray for sturdy metal bumpers. i let him go. in memory of the kind sir that did the same for me.

5. i totalled my truck...a mere week after graduation. it was fantastic. i meet some lovely good samaritans and EMTs. i also ran into a few docs from the poison ivy from that wreck too...and when they had to take the staple out of my head two weeks later. took out some trees and have a bump on the head and scars on the arm and an ankle that acts up now and then from that lovely day. but thanks to those sturdy metal bumpers im still here and in one piece.

6. a week before i leave for college a co-worker asked me to drive his car home for him. justin (my then bf) was gonna pick me up from work that day so he followed me to the guys house. ...he totalled the car i was in. yes that was him. (no most people dont know that). the car in front of me slammed the breaks. i had time and justin slowed down. the car hit the gas again and so did me in the car and justin in his truck. again the brakes were applied in front of me and i stopped again...justin didnt. i ended up hitting the car in front of me. (did i mention i was wearing the EXACT same outfit i had totalled my truck in?) well i was able to drive the car to the co-workers house and justin took me to his house, where he promptly burned my tie-dye shirt. (no more tie-dye shirts for me).

7. home for christmas and justin was taking me home (at this point he was fiance). we were stopped and he wanted to take a shortcut...(its a fun road). well this car on the bypass didnt stop and rear-ended us. totalled his car. (we were within 500 feet of where justin had rear-ended me). all that happened to justins truck was a bent tailpipe and a dented bumper.

8. just about a week ago my friends (the dears) didnt want me to walk to church in the dark and cold alone so one offered to drive. when she remembered she had a meeting, she let her roommate borrow her car. now there is ice and snow on the road. the driver was from vegas. BAD mix. we didnt get 100 feet and we were in the gutter on the side of the road with a guy pulling us out and some guys pushing the front end out. well thankfully the car was ok, just a scratched and dented bumper. the friend from alaska drove us back from church.

do you see why i dont like to drive or sit in the front seat? i hate it. id rather walk. or bike. or just get a horse and use that as my mode of transportation. ...sigh. i wish. ah well. goodnight. and happy birthday to me.