Monday, February 15, 2010

what a perfect time consists of :)

got ready for the fireside last night since (lol ill call him grant for now) was back from reno and we had said we would save a seat for the other...depending on who got there first. i got there first and saved him a spot on the bench...a ton of girls decided to it on the same bench as at that point i was just trying to save enough room for "grant." he showed up just in time and we sat and listened to the was a different type of talk...she sang and played the guitar and it was amazing. so talented and gave me the goosebumps...that good. i told grant that he could come to the ward prayer with he did. that being over he and i walked into the gym (as all churches have)...talked about his trip to reno, his shoes (dont ask), guys, dates. he asked if i wanted to play a game or do something he drove me to my dorm, parked his truck, and came inside with me. head to my room and grab some of mols' games...operation and jenga.

head to the lounge...we play operation first...laughs were numerous. time for jenga. honestly i dont do well with this game so i hoped for the best...45 mins later the same game was still going! we were laughing so hard, making fun of each other...all in all marvelous times...he got the last 30ish mins of the game on his phone...and who was the one that lost? ...him :) was an epic back and forth game...we had literally gotten it to the point were there were no more pieces you could have taken out...either it was a single piece per layer or it was the two side pieces...he flicked the piece out and it stayed for 2 seconds...and then it came crashing down...towards me! at the point when it fell it was taller then him sitting in the chair...crazy!

we put the games up and then watched the incredibles with some other people in the lounge. thats always a good movie. well movie gets over and its ...midnight-ish? everyone that watched the movie just sites and chills...talking or looking through stuff on laptops...we watch the shorts and then the movie and the player and most of the other people left. grant and i are still in the lounge looking up stuff on my comp. laughing over videos...finding each other on facebook and looking at pics. i think every hour he was like...well i need to go home and get to bed...all of which didnt happen that hour...then the infomercials came on....the first one was that ab thingamabob...funny to watch...and then....the fein multipurpose tool. we were both astounded by this tool and i was sitting thinking i wished i had had that tool last summer while working and thinking how handy that would be...grant? he really wanted it lol. he's a handyman and renovator and such...he knew that tool would be amazing to yes, we talked about this mulitporpose tool and watched the entire infomercial. after it was over we finally turned the off tv and he walked me to my room. he handed me my comp while i handed his suit coat he had laid on my bed earlier. hugged, said bye and he left. i get ready for bed and then i get a text from im hungry. i laughed and text back...that convo ended in him driving back to the dorms and picking me up (at 430ish in the morning). took me back to his apartment so he could make some pancakes for us to eat.

while we wait for pancakes, we talk about some of the stuff in his room, his mission, trips...we share stories and about the competition he was at in reno...a lot of things were talked about. we eat the pancakes...they were yummy...he restrings his guitar while i try to make a four-leaf clover out of the old the first time but the second time was better. look through some pics on his computer...look at the photographs on his watching was suggested and so then we had to pick one out...Oscar (with Sylvester Stallone) was finally chosen. ill pause here to say, i trust him. he's a great guy and at no point did i worry or have a lurking feeling of worry or warning. so he sets the movie up, i plop down on the couch and he throws a blanket to me, sits down next to me and the movie starts. ...eventually we both fall asleep watching the movie and cuddling. the sun was already coming up and my alarm on my phone had gone off at the time it would to go to class (good thing no school yesterday). wake up and fall back asleep still cuddling. when we are both awake we just lay there talking for hours until he remembers he has other things to do. he drives me back to my place and walks me to my bedroom (not just the door of the dorm building). talk another minute or two, hug, and then he leaves and i walk in my room.

while not technically a was the best time of my life. the most fun, the most laughs, everything... sidenote (when im in the truck with him...i dont get worked up about being in a vehicle. i dont tense up, i dont worry. its a lovely respite for me.)

i hope for many more times like this :)