Sunday, February 7, 2010

off to get twinkies and kill zombies!!

first delete button is acting if anything is wonky on here...sorry.

also im sorry this is super long...i have a feeling most of my blogs will be long so sorry...

last night was an interesting night.
after eating dinner, i straighten my hair and put on some makeup to go to the gymnastics competition against kent state (we won of course). headed back to the dorms with kayla and kenzie and then went up to my room...carlie and molly had also gone to the comp and got back at the same time i did. we all wanted popcorn so we all got a bag and headed to the kitchen. well since the 2nd floor was dark cause people were watching a movie we headed upstairs and watched the movie while eating popcorn over the rail (and dropping an occasional piece below us on people on the couch). as i was eating my bag, this girl walks into the lounge/kitchen area and introduced us to her brother and her cousin...(they were cute). so the entire time im eating my popcorn, trying not to drop anymore on people and eyeing this cousin of hers. the movie that was on was zombieland and it was towards the end.

so as we're watching the movie carlie goes "oh!! we didnt get the twinkies! ...i dont want popcorn, i want to go get some twinkies! can we go get some tonight please?" so unfortunately i had to leave the cute guy upstairs and go to the gas station to get granted just getting to the car was another adventure. so as we head down the hall to the elevator, we run into nick...he wants to get twinkies too. now nick....he is super freaking tall. me standing next to him, i come up to his lower ribcage...ya. lol and he is on the baseball team and has no problems with picking us up and moving us if we are in the way or something. so molly calls shotgun in the doesnt have to be outside to call it. so molly, nick, and i are shoving and fighting to get out of the elevator first, then through the door to the entryway and i run to the wrong door....ugh. so molly and nick are fighting for shotgun out the door. ....but then they have to find the car cause if one beats the other they can lock the door and claim the seat. molly sees the car first and runs for it...nick takes like 5 strides and catches up...i see a scuffle over shotgun...and molly on the outside of the car. she and i get the back and we head to maverick.

im sure the poor cashier there sees lots of college kids late at night (its after 10). the stack of beer cases was taller then me. nick handed molly a case and ...well it was just priceless. molly called shotgun and beat nick to the car and locked herself in. poor giant nick is scrunched in the back seat and im just laughing at him the entire time back to the dorms. in the elevator, nick tries to steal the twinkies from carlie and she freaked out...priceless.

so we get back in our room and then i head back to the lounge to see if the cousin was still there....he wasnt but i sat and watched shawn of the dead (i think there was a theme of movies last night). then some commotion in the hall and we run out to see what it is. the hall is full of smoke...and someone says someone set off a smoke bomb....doesnt smell like a fire so its believable. well its trippy and so we decide to run through it...and then the RA walks out to see the smoke....its so hard to breathe the stuff and it kinda hurts the lungs and throat...katie (the RA) tells us to get in our rooms and shut the doors...there is dust all over the floor and its hard to see and breathe to get to my room. so i get in and shut the door...catch up on some tv, and after a while the vacuuming stops (they had to clean up the dust and hoped it would suck the smoke out of the air) so i head out to the one there.

i spot a spotlight outside and some car just sitting in the parking lot with lights on. well i head outside for a late night walk....its almost midnight now. i walk out the front door right in front of the guys in the car outside....and i hear bass. i seriously consider turning around to ask them what kind of subs they have in the car.....but i dont. i walk alone in the the cold and snow...i head back to the dorm and look around. still no cousin. walk back in the room and mess around on fb. ...walk into carlie's room to see what her and mols are watching...and there are guys in there! nick and rich...oh dear. and they're watching nacho libre!! awesome! only im burning up and hyper...but i chill and watch it and eat some red vines compliments of mols.

oh!! sidenote- please watch "im self smarted" will make things so much clearer for us. wait lets see if i can put it up...

and now you know...books will kill ya!

went for a walk later...think it was like 2 in the morning...carlie disappeared upstairs...i watched more tv to fall asleep to...and then miss church in the morning...its snowing again and i kinda wish it would stick...but its not that cold so its not too bad.

and now its superbowl afternoon...and i have church and a fireside to go to...but i wanna see the game! ugh...decisions, decisions...and i wouldnt mind if the colts won but then i also like the underdog...ive finally gotten around to cleaning my room...and now? time for more cleaning and music listening...and then off to church choir at least...