Friday, February 12, 2010

fire alarms, singing grams, and epic olympics

not much worthy of mention for thursday...except that i did miss that math test and did not attend a single class that day. yup. thats right. i slept through all my classes except for the one i missed a few minutes of and then and there decided i had other things that had to be done before horsemanship. (i guess that counts as a class but...i dont really).

i asked a friend if i could borrow his car to run a few quick errands...he said yes. so i got the keys from him and found his small task when its a common car and a college campus. (yes i know technically i shouldnt drive. my luck plus the fact that im no longer covered by any vehicular insurance...and i know exactly who is going to freak out about im sorry but i still trust my driving over anyone else's.) id brought a pillow with me so i could sit higher in the situated...and then remembered id forgotten the check i was gonna take to the bank. drove to the dorm, ran in, got the check, ran out and drove to smith's cause they have my bank inside. took care of that and then i was gonna try and find an el cheapo pair of boots for horsemanship...i succeed with the first pair i picked up. laredo boots for $8. im awesome once again. got the car back to him in time to go where he needed to go.

my horsemanship class was really good for me. kevin was a little late picking me up so we had to find the horses...i found mine hiding behind a feeding trough while everyone else passed him by. i had grabbed some carrots and gave one to him after i walked up and haltered him. took him back, cleaned him up, cleaned the hooves (this class is the first place ive ever cared for hooves), tacked him up and we all headed to the arena. for most of the class we trotted. here comes my dilemma-being short, i simply grabbed a saddle that i could reach that i could tell would have short enough luck i had grabbed a huge seat. so learning to keep heels down while trotting is something im working on...especially when i have to deal with other horses in a foul mood and trying to make sure i kept my horse away from them, a large seat that i have to deal with, and posting properly...timing i have no problem with for posting (the instructor even said so. he says he can tell im a great rider i just have to fix and polish a few things...phew). the result of the class? i have bruises the size of fists on the inside of my knees...excruciating. and i honestly think they are swollen...and what did i want to do? go practice the next day...yup. call me crazy but i enjoy it. as i turned my horse back out to the pasture another horse actually walked up to be talked to and petted....lovely feeling it is. well after class kevin had to feed the cattle and horses out at his place so i went with him and just stood in the pasture with the horses til they decided they wanted to walk up to me...had all three which is definitely an accomplishment. get back to the dorms and go straight to dinner covered in muck, hair, dirt, and slobber im sure.

talked to the guy friend thats in reno...hes there for a national construction management competition. went to sleep. and now the story gets interesting.

my alarm goes off for me to go to my 8 o'clock class. i hop out of bed prolly twice to shut it up before finally shutting it off. mom called to make sure i was out of bed and gonna go to class (i swear thats not a usual thing). i fall back asleep. i then wake up to the loudest thing ive ever heard in my life. the fire alarm is going off. there is a siren right outside my door which is open...(its not the typical dorm setup but its hard to explain...just know that i have to walk through two doors to get to the dorm hallway from my room). this thing is way loud and way obnoxious. i threw some windbreakers over the shorts i had, grabbed a scarf and jacket and put my snow boots on...we walked out into the hall and everyone on the floor was wondering if it was real or just a drill...we headed down the stairs and out the door and stood in front of the building. i noticed i wasnt the only one to be dragged out of bed by the alarms...there we others in shorts, barefoot, and one even in legit pajamas with button up top and everything. let me explain how loud this alarm is. now the alarm was only going off on the 2nd floor (my floor). for only one floor's alarms and with doors and windows shut...we could hear it outside and across a parking lot. when the police got there (the firemen never came because their sensors hadnt detected anything so it wasnt up to them apparently) they finally got the entire alarm system to go off...for about 5 seconds. within the 5 seconds the fire systems went off on the outside of the building including the strobe lights...and was probably heard loud and clear a block away. you remember when in elementary school the alarms would go off and you didnt need to cover your ears? my ears are still ringing many hours later and it was painful to hear it. well after the entire system stopped freaking guessed it. the 2nd floor alarms were still going off. so a friend and i decided to go get breakfast dressed as we were (she was the one in the legit pjs and barefoot). when we came back, the alarms were off and we were allowed back inside.

now the mystery is...why did only the 2nd floor alarms go off? we may never know. but at least we know that they have to fix it so the entire building evacuates instead of a single floor inthe building (ya...we were the only floor to exit the building).

went and took my biology test. think i did pretty well. went to history. went and took my math test (a make-up one). came back to the dorm and waited for my singing gram. ...knock knock. i open the door and there is a circle of guys outside my they make me stand in the middle of them and they sing...very well i might little calendar girl. and one of the guys i knew from rotc last semester...weird. it was super cute, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and people would peer down the hall to see what was going on. so i walk back in, tell the friend thanks for the song and that it was awesome...

eat dinner with mols and head back to the dorms and set the tvs up for the olympics....watched the entire thing...let me just stop here for a second and say that it was an interesting opening ceremony. anyone else notice the punk rock, violin playing, kilt wearing, tattooed men wearing tap shoes? and the guys with sparklers attached to their shoes? or the kid they found in the circus to fly around? or the poet from youtube? or the epic fail (technical difficulties) of raising the cauldron for the torch? man. in all seriousness the best parts were the "aboriginal people" and watching the athletes walk in...ya. that was the best parts. after it was over mols and i went to walmart...then headed to taco a text inviting me to a party tomorrow. we shall see if i want to go...and if i do? i wont do a thing i dont want to do. lol...maybe ill be the DD. such a good me. ...and the party will be after the temple trip (ok rather a trip to the visitor center and grounds but itll be nice to get to st george and see the temple)...and THAT will be after i clean my room and participate in the chalk day...woohoo!

i knew i kept my sidewalk chalk around for some good reason.