Friday, March 5, 2010

a tale to tell...and all before mols finishes the shower

well the test run for the horses? didnt happen. they were a bit preoccupied burying one of them (spook). apparently he had something akin to a stroke? anyways...that just means monday was pretty uneventful. woody came to say goodnight i believe...yes. (see i just do so much now i cant remember what i do on a day to day basis!) oh! now i remember. so i hung out with t*mills a bit watching him skateboard in his room...he wanted me to try. i did after taking the cowgirl boots off...still didnt work out for me too well. he wanted me to go swimming with the group but i declined. woody came over for a bit and said goodnight. headed to the kitchen to find anthony cooking! it was a delicious steak, bacon, egg burrito. then after that he made spicy shrimp...that stuff was hot!...but very yummy. headed down the hall and walked in to find individuals playing beer pong. (i officially claim i know nothing of illicit activities on campus or walmart). sat in there just watching. some people left, i helped clean up a little bit. went and watched the food network channel with him upon leaving that room...and fell asleep sometime after that. upon waking up in the morning i got ready for my classes.

i asked a friend to borrow the car to pick up a prescription at walmart. it was such a nice day, i was wearing shorts and tee with wavy hair (this is important later). i head to the bank and then to walmart. so i drop off the order and head straight to the spray paint...(i miss doing my projects ok? i wish i had my spray paint here and my plexi-glass). from there i move to home wiring, and then to the ammo aisle. country much? so i call mom to announce my hick-ness...she laughs and then i realize...there are racks for $3 and $5 clothes. so i take a look. sadly the shirts that caught my eye? boys button up shirts. i grab 4 plus a girls' top. grab the pills and head back. since i got back late i didnt go to psych class.
kevin up and he said we could go ride. so he picks me up. since they pretty much buried spook where he lie, they had to let the other horses out in the main pasture. ...which meant a good 20 mins of chasing them around trying to get them where we could pen em in the feeding corral... took FOREVER! finally happened and we brushed em up and hopped on blankets. now the one i ride is spider (brother to spook). well he is also old and therefore very bony. not pleasant. after a while kevin and i traded horses and let me just say rita? she was heaven after being on spider. much younger and fatter. nice long ride and we decided that for the double date that we would trailer the horses out to three peaks. we get back, put the horses back out, and leave.
i go to dinner as is...including the very dirty pants and muck. woody had left early tuesday morning for vegas for more recruiting for the school so no goodnight in person (he had fun in vegas with the guys tho).

woke up, got ready for classes. biology class is a class that usually makes me laugh (weird huh?). its cause of the professor, i swear. (insert convo later when i get the gumption to get up and get it from where i copied it down). end up going with the car dealership guy to the gas station cause i need quarters for laundry...i buy a lighter to get a roll of quarters....(i know, but you never know and plus it was just right there!) i get the roll....its a roll of mint america samoa quarters...from the gas station. crazy! from there we go to a bike shop on south another bike shop just a few doors away. (btw? i drove from walmart to the bike shop). oh ya :) i get back and work on some hw and such, take a shower, and head to dinner. well they had put all the food up except for the a bowl of lucky charms for dinner it was...ah well. get back and start sorting out laundry. let me just say that those washers were full. woody came over once he got back in town and just hung out with me while i took care of folding stuff from the dryer. helped me carry it all back and then we said our goodbyes. since i was hungry i had two cups (i have no bowl) of cereal while watching the sound of music with some friends in the lounge. put all the clothes away, made the bed, and crashed to a grinding halt once my head hit the pillow.

woke up early today, got ready...i was planning on doing a little something extra to look cute today until i looked out the window. it was starting to flurry...well the top stayed the same (one of the flannel tops from walmart) and just traded the cowgirl boots for my winter boots. put waterproof mascara and a hat on and marched onward to institute. after institute i watched as the snow was not falling anymore, but rather zooming sideways! i couldnt see across the street (its only two lanes people!) it was a blizzard for a good hour. i was afraid i would be blown away! and a hat? only works when snow is falling straight down...not sideways. so i proceeded to cross the road and the parking lot without bumping into anything. had a rib sandwich for lunch with mashed potatoes and gravy...and sweet tea...cough. made my way through the several inch white drifts and then worked on fixing the hair and layering on a jacket and scarf. managed to still be cute...phew! went to psych class...learned a lot about freud, you, me, and things that arent even true. while i was heading back to the dorms i text woody and he called saying i needed to come over to the rotunda i did. it was funny watching the pledges sing and such. i only had a little bit before kevin would pick me up for class but i went with woody to the sig house to drop some things off and then park back on campus. ...walking on campus and holding hands in public...big step. :) woody stops to chat with one of the guys running for political office on campus and then after that we run into a friend (who was happy to see us together) lol. ah well. i was already late as it was and said bye and changed shoes for class and grabbed my winter coat, gloves, and a beanie. got my trusty steed, didnt get my saddle...trail ride at a walk and some very interesting convos (again will be added later). get back to campus, change shoes, go to dinner...get back to the room and catch up with some songs, talk to madre. watch some csi and ncis and debate whether i should shower now or in the morning...well since its already 215 in the morning...i think ill just take a shower now.

id love to tell you whats on my plate for tomorrow but ill let that be a surprise for after the fact ;) not to mention the fact that woody just text me so im either shower now or in a little bit...fin.