Sunday, March 7, 2010

my hot date

friday night was amazing! i had such a good time and so much was done and said. i thoroughly enjoyed my time and im very glad i went...

on the drive back from st george i realized there are some things that were just special and lovely and that they were moments for you wont get much or you wont get details but hopefully the way ill tell it will suffice for you. (it will have to regardless).

woody had slept all day so we left a little later then we had wanted to. (we had been planning on playing glow golf happy gilmore style (and that was mandatory). its a nice, oh 45 min drive?, to st george from cedar. for it being so close, the weather is so much nicer. on average about 10-15 degrees warmer since its further south but also because its 3000ft lower in elevation. we had some nice conversations on the way down...we talked about some things. (i admitted why i had text him that first night..thankfully didnt think it was weird). he asked if i was glad i had followed the prompting and my answer was a resounding and immediate yes.. we got to his house...met (in order) the two dogs, his dad, his sister, his mom, and briefly saw his brother. we changed to get ready for the concert (jenny oaks baker, the violinist..and president oaks' daughter) into nicer clothes than jeans. chatted some with his dad...his mom also came to the concert. it was at the heritage center i believe on dixie campus. it was a spectacular performance! she is so talented..graduate of julliard. when woody was on his mission in virginia he had been in the same ward as her and her after the performance was over his mom got some of her cd's for her to sign and then handed them to us to since she had to get home to take care of things. when we got to her...they chatted some. when that was done, we headed back to the house. while woody was changing back to street clothes, i chatted with his mom some and then woody gave me a tour of his room and told me the plans they had for his room. (they built the house from the ground up and built it like how they wanted it...its a spectacular home).
woody had brought some laundry since he was coming home...(i wish i could do that...dear mom, you live too far away). once the next load was in the washer we got on his motorcycle (after borrowing a jacket from his mom) and grabbing gloves and putting helmets on...its not required in utah but he had a helmet and i had the full-blown cover the head type..(im at a loss for words now k?) we went on his favorite night go through i guess you would call it and then you come over this rise and you see the lights of st george stretched out in front of you. there is the place to pull off so we did and got off the bike. he wanted to take me to see the "ocean" so we head down this trail. we climb up these rocks and cross this bridge and head to the edge of the cliffs. he told me what we had to do to see this "ocean" and when he told me...i could already see the ocean. in order to see it you lay down on your back and hang your head (up-side down) over the edge of the cliff...the lights from the city look like stars and the stars in the sky are reflections of the "stars" in the "ocean." it was way cool...he got up and helped me to my feet and when i stood up...i could picture the ocean better right side up...weird i know. oh well. so while we were up there we looked out over the city...its such a nice town. you remember when i went to iceberg after the temple trip? well i had sent a text to woody a while back saying i had gone to glacier...and yes i had the cup with me which has its name on he makes fun of me for that. so forever onward iceberg shall be called glacier. we could see the temple amazing. i said that the temple could be the moon in the sea of stars. so we headed back down the rocks...across the bridge...hopped on the bike again and decided to head over to the D on the hill. we crossed town and got to this parking area half-way up the hill. we climbed the rest of the way and went to the top of the D...then we looked out over the city really is beautiful. apparently the temple lights go out at 11 at night...there werent on anymore...they are building an international airport in st george....ah. i cant wait. that will be so much better than driving to vegas...even if vegas will prolly be cheaper. he told me there was more town on the other side of the hill so we climbed to the top, crossed the top, and looked out again. went back to the D and then tried to find a way down without killing ourselves (not to mention the D was blinding lights up). we get back down in one piece and get back on the bike and head back to the house. by now his parents and sister have left to drive to vegas to hop on a plane to get to hawaii...oh ya. way jealous.
we get back, he works on laundry and we decide to hop in the hot tub...we had planned on it..just not at his parents house. we get in our bathing suits and head out to the back patio...uncover the hot tub and climb in....ahhhh. it felt amazing! so we sat in there and just talked. told stories and experiences. played never have i ever...once again losing. we got out of the hot tub to work on laundry and cause we had turned into prunes. headed inside to change loads and then we changed out of the bathing suits and scrounged for food. ok technically didnt have to scrounge...its 3 in the morning and we have two bowls of apple sauce and some chips with salsa and cream cheese...yum! i love mixing it like that. laundry gets done...we pack up and head back to cedar. before we leave town we stop at maverick and he grabs a fruit drink to keep him awake...we crank the country music and sing...all the way home. we get back to his place, bring everything inside, talk about the hawaii trip and look at ticket prices...(since he had invited me to join them)...i mull it over...i really wanna go but mom doesnt want me to...rather she doesnt want me spending the money to get out there. we decide no movie (i mean it is almost 6 in the morning). we fall straight to sleep and well i didnt wake up til noon i think? then we lay there talking again while drifting in and out of sleep until a little after 2 when he absolutely had to get up to get ready for the formal he was attending that night..while he got ready i slept some more...then we had some breakfast..only cereal this time. nothing fancy. we walked outside...and it was hot for cedar! it was amazing..he drove me home, walked me to the door, said goodbye and left.
walked into my room, called the bank to sort some things out and figure out how much money i have. bought tickets to hawaii. (i had actually decided i was going if i had the money, cause i could die tomorrow. i could be paralyzed tomorrow. ive never seen the pacific and so have never been to hawaii. thats something on my bucket list (yes i have one) and im going to live somewhat in the moment and enjoy my spring break. (mom- im not going to cancun. im not going to florida or texas or cali to party it up which i could do much more easily. im going with someone i trust and i am careful. ill come home in one piece just as happy and whole as when i left. the fact that im going with woody is just a small part..(dont take that wrong cause thats a plus) its an opportunity to go and if it was the same deal and just a group of girls id go then too) got cleaned up, had dinner in the dining hall and ran into the gals kenz and kay. they said they were planning on seeing alice in wonderland and since they each owe me movie tickets and i knew woody was outa town i planned on going with them. we were gonna go to the new theater by walmart but all the tickets were sold out so we headed to the old one on the outskirts of town...and then sat for 45 mins in the lobby cause we were so early. saw shurtz while i was there...he was leaving while we were standing in line to have the tickets ripped. it was a group of us...what maybe 12 people? and why in the world did we not go to this theater in the first place? freak! it bigger inside plus the chairs are way more comfy and they move!
the movie was had a story line unlike the original version. i have never liked alice in wonderland, but this was likable. it wasnt creepy or disturbing people...chill out. well while the movie was going on woody had text me cause he wanted to say goodnight in person, but the movie took too long and he need to catch some sleep...for some reason i ended up staying up til oh..4ish in the morning that night? set the alarm to wake up for church.
i didnt even hear the sucker til..well never. i woke up at some semblance of ready for the day and walked with painters tape in hand to find woody's truck. found it and taped a caramel to the underside of the drivers door handle...(thought that would be a nice surprise). walking back i ran into a stray yorkie...such a sweetheart she was. well anyways i just kinda walked around for a bit (i love my comfy gladiator heels...honestly most comfy heels i own). the entire time i was talking to mi madre....that ended up being a straight 3 hour convo. i like talking to mom. i do miss her and its just nice chatting. since ive grown up (compared to what i used to be) we have gotten along sooo much better then we used to. for that im grateful. head to dinner and wouldnt you know it...everyone has vanilla ice cream with the blueberry crisp for dessert and when i go to get the same...the ice cream machine doesnt work. ugh. oh well. walk to church...johanna had saved me a seat (woody couldnt make it...sig chi thing). it was a CES broadcast and it was good. stood and socialized for a bit and made it just in time to ward prayer for the prayer and food....too bad it was donuts. gross! so i just had a cup of apple juice...talked with one of the sisters and rode back with kay and kenz (dont you love how names keep getting shorter and shorter?) anyways, i get a call from woody and he wanted to stop by real fast before he had another he did. he called and when i went downstairs to let him in, he had snuck in with a group and so while i was in the entry lobby...he was standing in my room. i walk in and get a nice hug from him. he shows me the sites online for me to use a shuttle to get to vegas, we talk about the hawaii trip, about what i was wearing...(sidenote: he doesnt call me hot or cute, beautiful, look amazing...etc and its lovely.) so i had an idea to make dinner for crockpot wise so he could get a good meal since he's gonna be crazy busy this week. he couldnt believe i wanted to do that....but i do! lol. so he'll have a nice homecooked meal for when he gets home one night this week. im super excited to do that im also super excited to go to hawaii.
so a little earlier tonight, quinn was in the jane and carlies room and said quite loudly "how do i get you out so i can get me in?" ...that was an epic thats what she said comment...just wanted to share that lol ;) ...well molly and car are asleep...jane just went to bed...and im sitting here talking to aaron...reminiscing i spose. also plans are being made for him to head out on a day off to visit while im alone in cedar over spring break. on that note...matt leaves for afghan saturday. i hope my friend doesnt come home in a bodybag...sigh. oh the stress of having military friends in front lines...guess ill just have to pray a little harder before i fall asleep...and with that..its bedtime. goodnight...or rather good morning. sweet dreams.