Sunday, March 14, 2010

happy Pi day!

yes it is march 14th...or 3.14. thereby it is Pi day!! (which just made me think of the math teachers all had shirts made that said included (groan)...

its been a long week...but at the same time the time has flown by!

for the weather? it snowed sunday. it snowed tuesday. it snowed wednesday. it snowed saturday. im so ready for a nice warm beach...rather just warmth in general.

classes, goodnight from woody. things have been way busy for him this week. sooo....i had some plans for him..hehe.
last time i had been over to his place i had seen that he had a crock-pot. i knew what times he got home at night (way to late for him to feel like making dinner..and often too busy to grab dinner). you know where this is going huh? wheels were turning and i plannned getting over to his place, making him dinner in the crock-pot and then vamooshing before he got back and he would have a warm, ready to eat meal when he got back.'s how it actually went.
i asked a friend if i could borrow his jeep. he agreed to let me borrow while he was in one of his upon having the steering wheel in my hands i headed to woodys place to figure out if he already had some of the ingredients i would need for had emailed me some recipes i could do in the crock-pot...and one of the recipes, he had all the ingredients except for the i head to lin's grocery store (think kroger or food lion for those back east). i grab some meat and was gonna grab a few last things for the break trip...get to the check out and apparently my cards were acting up so it didnt work. (dang it...why didnt i just write a check? ugh! ...of course now i think of that...) so i had this gift card from ..well someone in the family for christmas and it would only take 5 bucks from it...well they bagged the stuff and i drove to the bank. apparently there is nothing they could do...because its a minor's account?!?! so i drive back to lin's and the only thing i can walk out the door with is the meat. at least i could get that. well i take the meat to woodys...put it in the fridge and drove to campus to pick the guy up that i was borrowing the jeep from. drove him to his place and since woody wanted to come over and see me i just headed to the dorms and parked. went and ate dinner...met woody...we chilled for a bit and then after he left for his next class i went to his place. got there and thought id left the recipe at the dorm. drove back. not there. i get back in the jeep and there it was in the drivers seat....ugh.

i get to his place and get straight to work browning the meat. dinner gets all made and is cooking away so i sit to do some of my math test review. ...not in the mood for that. so i head to the bathroom with the rags i had brought...and yes i cleaned the bathroom. i know, i know. first off i get in cleaning moods and this was one of them. second i knew it needed it. third he would appreciate it...he has no time to sit and scrub the bathroom like i did. fourth...i wanted to do. he never asked me fact he told me not to..oh well. i would stop now and then check on dinner (btw it was bbq pork...yum!) and then go back to the time the bathroom was done...dinner was almost ready. so i got back to the dreaded math. he came home and we started to eat...the bathroom was mentioned...he looked over. you should have seen his face! lol.

now ill have you know i never did any of this for my mom voluntarily sadly. i never did this for boyfriends past. never did this for the ex-fiance ever. .......this felt right. i had thought it up. i had done it and i had wanted to every step of the way. it wasnt for my sake i would make him dinner. it was all for him. so that he would have a good warm meal when he came home and so he could have leftovers for the next night. i wanted to do all this. not to be rewarded but for the sake of doing it. im not sure ive ever truly wanted to serve so much for someone for the sheer sake of doing it. because it feels so right. so natural...and that in itself is not like me i dont think. (can i frankly say i think he brings the absolute best out of me? even feeling hormonal i havent snapped at people...i just havent had it in my heart to do that..) here's a thought..his spirit and actions bring out my best and bring me even closer to the spirit. k ill get off my box now...

so he does some things around the place and i clean up the dishes (i even openly admitted i enjoy doing the dishes..weird.) shouldve seen the look i got after saying that out well i leave and (dont tell the owner of the but i drove around town for a bit just for the sake of soaking in the pleasantness of the sub in the was nice to have some bass for a bit...but i got to his place..he got in and i drove me back to my place. i want to state here that forwardness is nice at times. to be always forward and somewhat pushy about it...i dislike. severely. im sure punching him in the face crossed my mind...sadly i didnt do it. (now that wouldve been a great story!) promptly walked away from him and got in the dorms.

all week i just enjoyed the day as it was and enjoyed the small amount of time i had with woody. enjoyed my classes and the weather even tho its severely bi-polar. i began packing for warm weather...i stayed up late. thursday night was adventure night with woody...oh fun times. laughing is so natural...tag teaming again to get things done. get back to my dorm and bed time for sure.

horsemanship? i didnt get my trusty steed...someone else had beaten me to the puch but i did get the saddle i wanted. apparently this one will do just about anything for carrots...including pushing things out of his way to follow me out the gate...i had to be the boss (as usual lol) to walk him back in...and i made him back up and didnt touch him to do it. ah well...he was a good horse. i think my trusty steed is gonna be retired real soon tho...he's so thin and old. the professor was looking him over...looking at the lean haunches...sad.

mom says i gotta start looking for storage units to store stuff in when i head off to work...not in the mood to do that just yet. even if there is only 4? more weeks of school left. crazy!! i also need to figure out who im gonna room staying in cedar hall and i can pick my room, bed and roommates...its just that all the friends are moving out of the dorms to get apartments or moving up to eccles (like apartments only on campus and part of suu housing). true its cheaper to live off campus...i just dont believe the parents want me off campus. and there is really no point to moving to eccles to pay more money when ill still be on a meal plan. oh well.

woody left friday for st george to get to vegas so he could fly to hawaii...and john bytheway came to suu to speak. heck yes! he was way good as usual. oh the jokes....ill have to put em up later...the institute building was packed to see him. (yes im sure i was not the only one to skip class to see him). whats that one story of the one that sat and listened to Jesus Christ instead of doing chores? i feel my skipping class was justified lol. went and took the biology test and then just chilled in the room. ...ended up falling asleep watching gone with the wind (which i had decided i was gonna watch for the first time ever over the weekend) at 8 friday night...woke up at 5 something and stayed awake til oh....almost seven in the morning? ya. thanks lovely time change. it was funny cause twon had locked himself out of the room he was supposed to be taking care of and had to climb up, pop the screen out, open the window and climb through it. (now i know why they climb on the rock wall so im slow). anyways the window is on the second floor...its snowing and took a good 40 mins for him to get up and in the window.

found a lovely cereal mix...ive got peach fruit cups and had some cereal (like honey bunches of outs...its all gone now tho)...pour that on the cereal and add milk...viola! its yummy.

well gone with the wind is over...not like how i thought it would be...not a terrible movie tho. oh well. oh! and dear mother nature has stopped by...just in time for bathing suits and least its here i spose. now on to dance, clean, eat some food, do laundry, and pack. and im thinking i may have found a few free sources to get me to vegas by tuesday afternoon which is plenty of time to go through all the airport stuff...wish me luck!