Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a realization

first...this blog is my journaling. sure i could use pen and paper and have a book to write in...but thats reserved for much more personal things and thoughts. this? its easy and i dont mind doing journaling this way. whether people read it all or not...or even care doesnt really bug me. this is what works for me. im walking behind this one girl through the snow. she's someone i see often and its always in the same style clothes it seems. so here are some pet peeves...(just fyi).

muffin tops-its obvious its the wrong size and that goes for bras too
skanky points- pull the pants up or push the string down...pull the shirt up so the ta-tas dont freeze and booty shorts are not for winter time or showing off the who-ha or tramp stamp
make-up lines-on faces or anywhere else people deem its necessary to apply it
a pound of make-up on a face...or eyes for that matter. (i understand there are times to glam up or you wanna wear more...i do that too...however, when its caked onto a face? thats ridiculous and no you dont look good).
not being able to walk in heels-if you cant do it and you gallumph when you walk or have hunched shoulders...please. take the heels off or go somewhere and practice the proper way to walk in them.
large women that wear mini-skirts and short-shorts-its not attractive. youre embarrassing yourself and well im sorry. its just plain gross.
hair in the sink or stuck to shower walls-sadly this comes to play daily living with roommates. i understand some people shed more then others, however, once done curling, combing, brushing, or cleaning hair it would be considerate of you to others and to the plumbing if you put the hair in the trash.
interrupting while talking-a couple of times is ok if its me personally youre interrupting. if it is a habit or a consistent thing please shut your mouth when im talking. i WILL get mad.
talking bad about where i come from-im from the south. yes there are many stereotypes. im sure i fit in quite a few but to me its where im from, what i love, and just a part of me. diss the south and i feel you diss me. now, i am a jokester and take teasing and jokes in stride and can give them right back if im so inclined. if you are dead serious about what youre saying, ill blow it off at first. if you keep going and i cant leave? itll get to me. i may not show it but itll rub raw for a while.
talking bad about my family-if anyone is to mock or diss my family it will be me. no one else will be tolerated to seriously diss anything about them. if you wanna joke or tease thats fine as long as you dont cross certain lines. ive accepted guys comments on my mom (in fact i tell her what they say and we have a good laugh about it). regarding siblings? my brother is my brother and as annoying as he the only one allowed to beat him up. im the only one allowed to pin him until he calms down. my sister? yes she's different. she's also the only thing that kept me going for years. she has quirks. we all do but when people comment on hers or ask whats wrong with her give me a second to find inner peace before i tell you a word. my older siblings?theyre cool. do i know much about each of them? no. they create laughs and such. they give guidance and are there if i need them. cant get any better then that. so my stepdad looks like hitler...and i have blonde hair and blue all works out. my father? if i say something, i say something. youre not allowed to. cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents? dont say a word. capiche?
not listening to me when i know what im talking about-im sure i could take this piece to heart a little more, but this is one of those things that really bugs me unless i force myself to not let it. in general im well rounded on many different topics. if you ask for help, especially something i know a lot about please dont blow me off. its courtesy.
manners-there are certain words that have special purpose when in the presence of others such as: please, thank you, excuse me...use them. if someone is behind you, hold the door open. when someone sneezes say SOMETHING.
grammar and punctuation-now if someone were to read this, they would probably have something to say about my punctuation skills...well if you ever read a proper paper or something of mine i promise it looks nothing like this. my grandmother and 10th grade english teacher would likely have heart attacks if they saw this. ramsay taught me much and my mother pounded grammar into my head even after i left for college is sinking in now. however, there are those in the world that use the wrong word, too many or too few commas, put the apostrophe in the wrong place, use the wrong there, they're, their, you're, your, etc, spell things tragically wrong, speak grammatically incorrect, have hideous handwriting (by no means saying mine is perfect script), or many other things.

i, by no means intend to point out individuals by this post and that these are my personal thoughts and feelings. i am also no angel and am sure i do things that perturb others. for that i apologize. i know i have made some of these mistakes listed in the past and am human and may make some of them again. if i do? forgive me. we all make mistakes. if you feel i do some of my own pet peeves to others, again im sorry. im sure you do it too.