Saturday, May 29, 2010

ranch adventures

aka...nights at the bar. saloon girl nights. boots 24/7. drama drama drama. no water. no hot water. laughs. jokes. hanging with drowsy water folks. bleach water. lemon oil. runaway jeeps with no brakes thats 80 years old. getting excited over rodeo night. falling in love with big bertha (the dryer). knives in back pockets. toothpicks always needed.

quote of the day:
--"if you too could just have a pillow fight and then kiss after that...that would be awesome!"
--"if you can get me some chocolate pie and then have chocolate chip cookies for me tomorrow u can be my new ex-wife!"
--"this here is miss tennessee" "really?!" "...yes" "thats so awesome! thats such an accomplishment!! what was your talent?" "...singing" (yes the person believed me...)
--"snow rain" aka sleet
--"need help getting it up there?"

people here at the ranch working:
brandon-texas...wrangler, maintenance
alex (girl)- oklahoma...wrangler
jared-indiana...asst chef
denton (D or Double D)- new mexico...wrangler
emily k (EM)- michigan...crew
JR- wrangler
will- south counselor
maya- wisconsin...wrangler
emily n- north carolina...lodge hostess
corrine- pennsylvania and colorado...crew and my roomie
kirsten- wisconsin...wrangler
jerymiah- idaho...head wrangler
shilo- idaho...head kids coordinator (and married to jerymiah)
alex (guy)- colorado/texas...maintenance
eddie- south carolina?...head chef

and em and i are off...we have to go but real adventures shall be in store lol...and pictures will be added to. i promise. take care and ill be back maybe sometime next week with hopefully lots more time