Saturday, January 29, 2011

to celebrate or not celebrate?

ok. here is it week until im no longer a teenager...(woody and my mom are not so secretly jumping for joy at this thought) because 1 down 2 to go...and woody? because he wont be dating a teenager anymore lol...and because we'll only be 6 yrs apart and not 7 (if you go strictly by numbers) this all is only slightly relevent to anything that has happened in the last few weeks tho.

in case we forgot who i live with....
(new roomie) from tooele and taller than me and frankly is just like alexis (my last roomie) just cleaner and neater (by house standards) but is just like alexis in the boy way. she cant not flirt or bring boys home to hang out until 2 in the morning. she says she has been in several movies and for those that have seen forever strong (the movie) she kissed the main character on the cheek (because she asked him is she could).

remember her from last year? from grand junction and is waiting for her prince to sweep her off her feet...and waiting for her missionary at the same time. she is smaller than me...but apt life is starting to kick in the sophmore 15

also from last year. from vegas and has not really tried to even try on the glass slippers in the hopes of finding her prince. she says she simply wants someone to love her but she has no desire to love someone back right now. eats nothing but junk food....and is the reason i would much rather not eat taquitos ;)

from alaska but her family moved over by moab when she came here. smart girl. on the deans list. good girl and actually cooks. has a solid bf from st george and we all basically have guesses as to when he will propose ...(sort of) has consistent head splitting migraines (and yes many of us think bad things will happen down the road because of them)

from gusher (so named because of the oil fields) and wants to find a prince but has no guts in the dating scene. interesting individual...

anyways...back to the bday thing...because i am basically the black sheep in the apt i am either the last one to know about things the girls are doing or i am never told. sad huh? not too bad because i usually do productive things or i hang out with woody anyways....however when eliza started dating brad she was left out of many things ans so i wasnt the only one in that particular we sat the girls down one night and expressed our feelings of how we wished they wouldnt treat us the way they did...well things got better for eliza but im still left out of many things.

my dilemma comes now from...they somewhat celebrated kayla's bday....they celebrated 2 of our neighbors bday and they went down to stg to celebrates eliza's bday. sometime last week they asked what kind of cake i wanted...yes woody, the way i responded was not with finesse... i feel like why include me on my day when they dont on a daily basis already? half of me wants to have them do what they want for my bday...however the other half doesnt want to have them included on my birthday. i want to celebrate it with those that care on a daily basis... is that too much to ask?

of things for a college student to ask for for a birthday....i asked woody for a living green thing (a plant) lol. perhaps ill push my bday off a day for it to be on super bowl night instead....cause i think woody and i were planning on simply hangin at the sig house (im sure they wont mind the fact that im planning on making a pizza or 2 ;) ....(i swore last year that i would have a super bowl party...)

either way, i simply want my bday to be with people that know me, care about me, and love me. is that too much to ask?