Wednesday, January 12, 2011

...back to school. it sucks.

sunday didnt go like i had thought it would. at all. woody and i wrote down our goals for the semester. for about a week now when i say my prayers i have been almost asking for patience but halfway through the word i stop myself because i know you shouldnt pray for patience...sunday night i realized i need it. i realized there must be some reason that i almost slip night after night... monday i didnt even have a class until 1 pm. it was absolutely divine. i will say though that even though i was given the chance to sleep in since i hadnt set an alarm...i woke up at 9 am. got ready for the day and got to actually make breakfast for myself. woody came over so we could go ahead and read for the day and so that he wouldnt have to worry about trying to fit in homework and scripture time after his sig meetings. we headed off to campus and we signed up for institute class together...the writings of john. i also signed up for old testament part 2 and preparing for a temple marriage.

...let me pause here to explain why i am taking the temple marriage class. no i wont predict that i will be married soon. i could always take this class later however part of my personal goals and goals that woody and i have together is as simple as going and doing baptisms for the dead together when i have my recommend in my hand. this class isnt about finding that one person and marrying them straight off. its emphasized that all things that we work for in life should be within our eternal perspective. since my biggest goal right now in life is to walk into the st george temple really soon. since that and other goals i have do regard eternal perspective, i figured a class that can remind me of my goals and make me think even deeper about things is a class worth taking. enough said right? so if another person asks me when a ring is showing up on my ring finger...i just wont say a word.

after all that we headed off to our respective classes and then after my math class...i went and payed for the locker for my p.e. class. im not gonna lie. i need easy a classes for a gpa boost....and i wanna get in shape once again.

after working out i went and met with woody out at his truck only to find out that it wont run. it sucks for both of us. he has so much stuff he needs his truck for just regarding school not to mention work. i am TAing for a horsemanship class out at the farm this semester and i need to get out there somehow. regarding the wasnt towed into a shop until tuesday night and woody said that the shop said it should be all good by friday (cross fingers). had a friend up take up to lin's and we were given 10 mins to get everything we about crunch time!!! hard to compare shop when you have a time limit and you have hardly any food that you can cook in your possession at the apartment.

tuesday my roommate eliza and i woke up and did the insanity workout...ok. it wasnt even the workout. it was simply the fit test to see where you stood and so that you could see your improvement. we practically died and never in my life...ok not quite...have i felt so fat and gross. its just one of those things that wow...really wakes you up. went to math class and then off to dropping off socks at the gym...where woody followed me out and called me to make sure it was sure enough it was. we headed to my place so that my roommates boyfriend could drive woody home that night. it was an interesting night and woody found one textbook so riveting that he fell asleep. after the boys were gone us girls went through and threw old food away and organized what we wanted to keep. reorganized the fridge and freezer and tried that good old australian beer bridget and i got up in north utah...its non-alcoholic ginger beer...wasnt bad and so it got passed around the apartment so that everyone could try it.

wednesday i caught a ride to campus so i could talk to some of my teachers and so i could sit and read for class. basically after institute with woody i didnt do the old testament class and instead went a worked out with woody...more like we talked while stretching and then ran for our time and then talked while stretching again. it was good though. i had kind of been in a sour mood and i just havent explained why yet but i felt so much better after running. i headed off to my eternal marriage class and then barely made it to my math class in time...and then hitched a ride to the farm for my other class...only to find out he wanted me to TA for the 4 o'clock class and not the 2 o'clock after doing dishes at the apt i got another ride to the library to meet up with woody so that we could read scriptures earlier rather than later and not be able to do it all...after taking care of some things we got reading and then when we were done i called my roommate that was supposed to drive me out to the farm again...straight to voicemail. so i tried again. same thing. sent a text. no response. called again. nada. tried another roomie. same ordeal. i then proceeded to call every person i have in my phone that goes to suu. same thing. no one answered. woody tried some of his people...either they couldnt help for some reason or another or they didnt answer. finally one of the brothers he called was able to help and i was 15 mins late to my class. awesome. hitched a ride back to campus and then met up with woody and bill so that i could help them set up for the club fair. grabbed some pancakes for the mand and then went and read. came back and got a heapin plate of buffalo wings for him and then help pack up and put things away... and now im sitting here writing all this and hopefully my blogging will be consistently consistent this year. hopefully you guys can keep me on track with this...